Office of Business Development

Office of Business Development

Office of Business Development Effective Engagement with Government Department of Administration Joe Knilans Director Nancy Mistele Director Who are we? Office of Business Development Business Ombudsman and so much more! Advocate for business interests within government; Troubleshoot, problem solve, get answers & solutions for you from state agencies; Gather your ideas on how to support your business, improve process and reduce the regulatory burden Share information and ideas on how to effectively engage with government officials Navigator to State (and other) resources

Success comes from being known . Outreach with business owners, trade associations, Chambers of Commerce, etc. Presented at > 1000* events in all 72 Wisconsin Counties Met with over 20,000* business owners > 1000* requests for assistance from Wisconsin businesses Received 75* regulatory reform ideas; currently under review * CRM statistics: 12/31/2016 What is our Role? Introduce Support you to our services & Promote The Small Business Regulatory Review Board

Share our experience & knowledge of government with an eye toward helping you interact more confidently with government. Encourage Advance Action: you have a very important role in regulatory form. your ideas to improve procedures, rules and statute enlighten : The action or state of being enlightened. synonyms: insight, understanding, awareness, wisdom,, broad-mindedness; empower : give (someone) the authority or power to do something. synonyms: authorize, permit, allow, enable, equip, emancipate, unshackle, set free, liberate made stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

Small Business Regulatory Review Board est.2003 Empowered to review existing rules and propose changes to reduce burden on business Encourage partnership between small business and state agencies; advocate for realistic rules & regulations Agencies required to submit economic impact analysis of all proposed rules on small business. Enforce agency compliance with Regulatory Flexibility Act

For too long, the overregulation of business has stifled job growth within our state and repelled job creators from others. The common sense reforms contained in our proposal will take the power of regulating. and put it back where it belongs in the hands of the people. - Governor Scott Walker Agencies have Regulatory Flexibility Act-296 was passed in 2013 giving State Agencies flexibility with minor violations. Minor Violations refers to:

Violation does not cause serious harm to the public Violation Is committed by a small business Violation is not willful Violation is not likely to be repeated There is a history of compliance by the violator The small business has voluntarily disclosed the violation The Legislature passes the laws Civics 101: Laws & Rules The Agencies write the rules. May take months or years. The Walker Administration requires new rules be reviewed and compared with statute to ensure original intent is clearly defined Many laws & rules (on the books for years) are in need of reform Ultimately, from our vantage point, its the interpretation of rules that generate problems; there isnt always a single, definitive interpretation that is easy to apply, follow or understand.

Guidance Documents are not rule or law. Why Participate in Rule Making & Hearings? Guide the Development of Smart Regulation that doesnt burden business or come with significant costs & barriers Avoid unintended consequences.. engage at the front end of the process (before drafting) and the product will be better. Review draft (again) before adoption to tweak as necessary. Your input will help the Legislature and agencies understand the cause and effect of their work.

Understand the process for adopting Rules and Regulations Know how, when and where to engage! Know why its important Know what to do and when to do it for maximum effect How have we been effective? Assist Industry in getting to the Rule Making Table The WACO example Assistance with permitting, prompt response; audits, meetings, etc. Act as a navigator to state agency resources

2nd set of eyes to review current rule interpretation: secured change of outcome Provide information to agency leadership for their review of current practice Provided analysis / developed proposal to improve public access to comment on rules underway Assisted in the development of online public access to review and comment on rules being drafted and information on upcoming public hearings Enlightenment is a 2-way street:

Your Knowledge & Experience enlightens others Dont assume the Agencies or Legislature know where the current problems are in rules and regulations; often the issue is interpretation. Who better to provide input on how to guide regulation? Those who walk the walk. Thats you! Know your legislators offer your opinions and suggestions Present your reform ideas & suggestions (online option.)

Avoid unintended consequences - Its easier to guide language and make adjustments before rules are adopted Know whats happening that affects your industry. Comment on proposals; attend public hearings; voice your opinion and/or opposition on proposed rules before they become final. Top Business Concerns in Wisconsin Labor Shortage / Lack of qualified applicants Health Care Costs Excessive Regulation

Taxes Transportation Infrastructure Funding 90% of CEOs surveyed said Wisconsin is headed in the right direction 89% of the Business leaders rate Wisconsins economy as moderate to strong Reduce/Reform regulation was the #1 answer as the most significant thing state government could do to help (owners) business Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Semi-annual survey Dec 2016 Governors Initiatives to support business, provide education & skills training to expand the workforce Eliminate rules, regulations & red tape

Efficient resources for local schools to help students develop skills needed for college, career and life; career oriented training to open doors to good jobs Move people from government dependence to true independence; help people get training & skills for their career and eliminate barriers between good people and good jobs Make services we depend on more efficient & reliable Connect rural communities (Broadband Expansion Grants)

End one-size-fits-all Washington mandates I believe that smaller government is better government.. in the areas where government does play a legitimate role, we should demand that it I s done better. - Governor Scott Walker Wisconsin is Working (#WIWorking) Legislative Initiatives Red Tape Review & Right the Rules Started in 2013-2014 and continuing in the 2015-2016 Session: The Assembly has reviewed 25% of the administrative code, working to remove unnecessary, burdensome, and outdated regulations. Public input has been gathered at roundtable events across the state. Members of the public can submit comments and suggestions

on at ( or on Twitter ( With her years of experience in the Assembly, the agricultural industry and local government, I cannot imagine a person better suited to lead this project than Rep. Joan Ballweg, said Speaker Vos, I want to thank her for heading up this initiative. Swiss Cheese The importance of industry knowledge. Regulate the hole size really? Input from those essential to good rule making. Comments help guide us to an administrative code that truly works! Enlightened, empowered, now what? Confidently interact with state agents

Engage with authority Recognize you have something to offer Ask questions and provide solutions Know theres room for interpretations There are others who can help Confidently Engage with State Agents When you see the written language within code as it relates to the interpretation made in any given situation, it is easier to understand the requirements as presented, seek alternate and satisfactory solutions and make adjustments to be in compliance. Have agent cite the rule requirements (specifically) Put the requirements in writing Ask if other parts of code come into play Ask to see any guidance documents on the issue Dont be a spectator be a participant!

Submit your ideas for reform. A truly effective administrative code depends on input from those with firsthand experience of the problems in current laws & rules! Request Help (Call or online) Recommend a Rule Change (call or online) Make referrals of OBD.. Office of Business Development Joe Knilans Director Office of Business Development WI Dept. of Administration Phone: (608) 267-7394 E-mail: [email protected] Nancy Mistele Director Office of Business Development Wisconsin Dept. of Administration Phone: (608) 267-7873

Email: [email protected] OBD Request for Help Recommend a Rule Change Small Business Regulatory Review Board Members Steve Davis Co-owner of Ardy & Eds Drive-in, Oshkosh Erich Korth Vice President of Transport Repair Specialists Inc., New London Pravin RaikarPresident Lockstep Solutions LLC, Brookfield Jim Ring President/CEO of Park Towne Development Corp., Madison Melissa Remis Premier Solutions; Independent Associate ofLegalShield, Onalaska Guy Wood Tender Care Transport, Inc., Eau Claire-Chippewa Falls Connie Smith Ward-Brodt Music; Madison Adam Neylon State Representative and Chairman Howard Marklein State Senator and Vice Chairman Website: smallbusiness.wi.govEmail: [email protected]

State Government Resources Remaining slides are links to various government programs of interest. This is not intended to be inclusive but represents previous requests for information. Contact us in the event you cannot find what youre looking for at any state agency website. Directories to the Legislature Assembly Member Directory Assembly Committees Senate Member Directory Senate Committees

Online Rule Draft Review & Comment One-Stop location to view rules that are open for comment go to Wisconsin Legislature Home Page ( Improved online access to rules being drafted (Centralized site / no longer need to watch individual agency websites.) Review or print this how-to (guide) to provide comments online (comments go directly to state agency that drafted the rules.)

Find information on upcoming public hearings Your comments may help improve rules before they are adopted. DOA Resources Inter-governmental Relations Procurement Desk Guide Energy, Housing and Community Development Dept. of Administration Supplier Diversity Programs (business Certification) Vendornet Doing business with Wisconsin

Wisbuild State construction project Job Opportunities Wisconsin Economic Development Corp Select Wisconsin Entrepreneur Assistance Business Growth Assistance

Export Assistance Community Development Assistance Community Account Managers Investment Opportunities; Angel Investors One Stop Business Portal The Wisconsin One Stop Business Portal creates an easy step-through process where Wisconsin's businesses can

find the requirements and tools they need to start a business in Wisconsin. Made in Wisconsin Proclaim your Wisconsin origin: The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) created a clean, modern logo for companies to use that complements the Wisconsin Department of Trade, Agriculture and Consumer Protections Something Special From Wisconsin Program. The Made In Wisconsin logo can be adapted to reflect your production processes. There is no cost to use the certification mark. Upon application

approval users can download high-resolution image files. Follow this link to join the Made In Wisconsin Program. Something Special from Wisconsin The program logo provides a quick and reliable way to identify genuine Wisconsin products and services at grocery stores, retail outlets, farmers' markets and restaurants throughout the state, nationally and internationally. Any business can participate in the program if at least 50 percent of the value of its product or service is attributable to Wisconsin ingredients, production or processing activities. Program

members benefit from having a Wisconsin brand identity that consumers recognize as top quality and high value. Surveys indicate that >70% of Wisconsin consumers are more likely to purchase a commodity made or grown in Wisconsin than one from outside the state. Info at DATCP WEBSITE Veterans Services Wisconsin proudly leads the nation in providing education benefits to those who have served, as well as to their family members. The WDVA provides a number of educational programs for state veterans such as the Wisconsin GI Bill - that are in addition to any federal Veterans educational benefits that may be available. Link:

The WDVA is dedicated to assisting veterans in transitioning to a civilian career through resources such as its Retraining Grant or easing the process for Professional Occupation licensure. Link: The WDVA provides resources for employers who are seeking skilled and talented veterans to join their workforce. For instance, the Veteran Employment Grant supports businesses that hire veterans. Link: Veterans interested in learning about the benefits available to them should visit myWisVets, the State of Wisconsins tool for expedited eligibility processing. Link: Entrepreneurship Grant Program: The WDVA awards grants to non-profit organizations that provide entrepreneurship training, or technical, business or other assistance to veteran

entrepreneurs in order to improve employment incomes. Link: CONTACT INFORMATION: ANGIE DICKISON STATE BROADBAND DIRECTOR [email protected] CONSIN.GOV 608-267-9138 WWW.PSC.WI.GOV WWW.LINK.WISCO READI Program

nt/READI-Program/ For more information contact David Pawlisch at (608) 261-7538 READI Program Summary Supports Units of General Local Government that are not HUD entitlement communities (Excludes Milwaukee, Waukesha, Dane Counties and municipalities with pop. > 50,000.) Applicants must grant the award funds to Community Development Organizations (CDO). A DOA-certified CDO must be identified in the READI application.

READI uses CDBG funding to provide targeted economic development investment in a single unit of general local government, or a rural region. 2016: $10 million allocated to capitalize the READI program. Projects must include economic development and housing. Individual grants up to $1Million. Total of ($500K for Economic Development, $300K for Housing, and $200K for training.) READI PROJECTS must benefit persons of low and moderate income. READI Program Summary

READIs Focus: - Economic Development (Job Creation) - Workforce Housing - Job Training What sets READI apart from existing DEHCR-CDBG programs is that once all repayments and reporting from the original loan have satisfied HUD requirements, the State will send a letter to the UGLG/CDO confirming the CDO may use the repayments for a new activity. Repayments to a CDO are not subject to reporting as CDBG Program Income. Reuse of the funds need not meet all of HUDs rigorous reporting requirements.

Use of repayments must be used for: - Neighborhood revitalization, - Community economic development, or - Energy conservation projects WI Workforce Incentives WISCONSIN FAST FORWARD (Law effective March 2013) Implement an enhanced Labor Market Information System (LMIS). Address Wisconsins skills gap through employer grants for customized skills training to fill current job openings and ongoing skill requirements. VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION

OJT: Custom work / training program; DVR pays 50% of salary/fringe 90 days TWE: Work experience; DVR pays wages for 90 days LTE Program: For public agencies; DVR pays wages for 6 months Place and train: customized (business designed) training Workers Compensation & Unemployment Insurance WI: $1.8 billion-dollar-a-year system, frequently recognized as a national model. Workers Compensation: Submit suggested law change: [email protected] Info on WC Advisory Council UI benefits intended for employees who lose employment through no fault of their own. To receive benefits, claimants must have a proven work history

with a UI employer. Up to 26 weeks/benefit yr. Min $54/Max $370. Submit law change ideas: [email protected] UI Advisory Council Unemployment Benefit Fraud: What is the SBEAP? Small Business Environmental Assistance Program is a non-regulatory program providing small businesses with information and connections, helping them do the right thing for the environment and their business. Assistance with business start-up, permitting, compliance, understanding of state & federal environmental regulations, and sustainable practices. (855) 889-3021 OR [email protected] Website: Wisconsin Works (W-2)

Department of Children and Families The Wisconsin Works (W-2) program is available to parents of minor children: family income below 115% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Each W-2 eligible participant meets with a Planner who helps the individual develop an employability plan. To qualify for assistance, participants must meet program requirements. Participants have a lifetime limit of forty-eight months in the program Wisconsin Works (W-2)

Department of Children and Families HOW DOES W-2 WORK? W-2 is a time-limited program that provides temporary cash assistance and case management services to low-income parents and pregnant women. W-2 is a work program for adults willing to engage in work activities; it is not an entitlement. Low-income parents and pregnant women may participate in W-2. Both parents may be eligible for W-2, even if the child only lives with one. W-2 can help participant gain the skills needed to get a job. For those with a disability, a worker at a W-2 agency will help with applying. Pregnant women may receive cash assistance and case management. W-2 PROVIDES: Case management services; Vocational education and training; Assistance with searching for housing, child care, and employment; Assistance applying for SSI/SSDI; and Work experience, through supervised worksites. To receive assistance, participants are required to work, or take part in activities helping them get ready to work. Wisconsin Works (W-2) Department of Children and Families

Milwaukee Response Initiative (MRI) Transform Milwaukee Jobs (TMJ) Transitional Jobs (TJ) Job Access Loans Trial Employment Match Program (W-2 TEMP) SUBSIDIZED EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMS SERVICE DELIVERY MODELS Matching Model Matches individuals to available subsidized jobs that require specific sets of skills, abilities, and aptitudes.

Based on comprehensive assessment of the individuals skills, abilities, and aptitudes in addition to an assessment of the subsidized job requirements to assure a good match between them. Sector Model Provides sector-specific training that prepares individuals for subsidized jobs in those sector. Sector or sectors served by a subsidized employment program in a given area will depend on partnerships with subsidized employer and training providers developed by the contractor. Summary of Subsidized Employment $13,7000,000 annual funding Estimated 1,387 enrollments for up to 1040 hours of subsidized employment Target groups for all programs include o o

o o o NCPs who owe child support Long-term unemployed Ex-offenders Family reunification plans Former foster Primary services o o o o Subsidized employment Training and education Case management Substance abuse screening and treatment

Piloting alternative service models to determine what works best Transitional Jobs (TJ) July 1, 2016 implementation date Pilot locations: o Urban areas: City of Beloit and Racine County o Rural areas: Forest, Langlade, Menominee, Florence, Ashland, Bayfield, Iron, Sawyer, Rusk, and Taylor Counties $2,000,000 annual funding Estimated 209 enrollments Target population:

o Unemployed offenders, unemployed parents who owe child support, unemployed parents of children in child welfare system, and unemployed youth aging out of out-of-home care Service delivery models: o Urban areas: Sector o Rural areas: Matching Employment-focused Trial Employment Match Program (W-2 TEMP)

March 1, 2016 implementation date Pilot locations: o Custodial Parent (CP) TEMP: City of Beloit and Dane, Kenosha, Milwaukee, and Racine Counties o Noncustodial Parent (NCP) TEMP: Dane, Marathon, and Milwaukee Counties $5,200,000 annual funding Estimated 236 CP enrollments and 252 NCP enrollments Target population: o

Unemployed CPs who have received W-2 in the last 12 months and been in a CSJ or W-2T for at least six months o Unemployed NCPs who are cooperating with child support and whose CP is participating in W-2 or receiving Wisconsin Shares Service delivery models: Matching and Sector Employment-focused o Expand NCP services to include stipends for educating and training Transform Milwaukee Jobs (TMJ)

January 1, 2016 contract renewal date Geographically limited $5,000,000 annual funding Estimated 530 annual enrollments Target populations: o Unemployed ex-offenders, unemployed parents who owe child support, unemployed parents of children in child welfare system o Unemployed youth aging out of out-of-home care Service delivery model: Matching

Employment-focused o Expand services to include education and vocational training in 2016 contract Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Division of Agricultural Development What We Do: Farm business support: Financial analysis and consultation Farm ownership transition planning Conflict mediation Business plan review and analysis\Transitioning to organics/value-added Beginning farmer and minority farmer support and consultation Agribusiness support:

(processing, marketing) Financial planning/Business ownership transitions Market and business expansion planning Where to find funding (grants, commercial lending, etc.) Regulatory requirements Something Special From Wisconsin branding program

International trade: Am I ready to export my product? Exporting regulations and permits Where are my global customers? How do I reach them? Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Bureau of Consumer Protection The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection is

the states primary consumer protection agency. The Bureau of Consumer Protection has broad authority to regulate unfair business practices. What We Do: Operate the Consumer Protection Hotline; Email: [email protected] or call (800) 422-7128 Regulate unfair and deceptive business practices Administer Wisconsins telemarketing Do Not Call Law Educate consumers on best practices to combat and avoid identity theft Regulate hazardous consumer products Enforce environmental regulations related to consumer products Provide informational brochures on specific consumer protection-related topics Academic & Career Planning The vehicle for connecting college & career readiness Right Time, Right Fit, No Dead Ends

Academic and Career Planning, (ACP) is a student-driven, adult-supported process in which students create and cultivate their own unique and information-based visions for post secondary success, obtained through selfexploration, career exploration, and the development of career management and planning skills. Wisconsin Tech Connect SBDC (FREE) Business Answerline Wisconsin Business Answerline (800) 940-7232 M-Th. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. REAL LIVE PERSON! SBA Mentor/Support Map SBA District Office (WI) SBA Region 5 Office of Advocacy Apply to Serve on Council or Commission

Wisconsin Community Action Program Assn Jobs and Business Development programs provide local support throughout Wisconsin Dedicated to helping low and moderate income individuals and families start or expand their small businesses. Since its inception in 1989, the JBD program has given birth to more than 1,900 new businesses and created 5,610 new jobs. Office of Business Development

Contact us if we can be of assistance. Nancy & Joe Directors Office of Business Development

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