OctoTools™ Suite

OctoTools™ Suite

OctoTools JBM Systems, Inc 4 Bald Hill Lane Peabody, MA 01960 978-535-7676 [email protected] Copyright 2004-2006 JBM Systems, Inc 1 OctoTools Outline Since I am not presenting to you in person and people that read this document may have varying degrees of knowledge, I

may have some concepts and pages that you are already aware of, I apologize. My goals are: Provide some general background about technologies that OctoTools incorporates like Electronic Forms and archiving. Provide overview of OctoTools features. Provide some ideas about financial justification. Skip to Sample forms and reports 2 OctoTools Multi-Function Software Solution

OctoTools is Multi-Function Software to complement your Multi-Function Printers(MFP)s and printers. Just like Burger King has its large share of the market my meeting customer needs with its Have it your way approach, using OctoTools and its companion products you can: Meet many more customer requirements with out of the box software Differentiate yourselves by providing solutions that include MFPs, printers, workstations, servers, storage systems, service and consulting. Allow you to provide total solutions.

3 Thinking outside the box and Selling Solutions Imaging & Document Archiving Report Distribution Printers Archiving Systems Copiers & MFPs

MICR Check Solutions Preprinted checks 4 All rights acknowledged to the trademark owners OctoTools is a Multi-Function Document System

Legacy Report Enhancement Without Program Changes Add Barcodes most common 1D & 2D Webification of Applications Electronic Forms Document Archiving

Report to PDF Report Bursting Document Distribution Variable Data Printing (VDP) Act as a feeder system for content managers MICR Check Printing Report to Excel (CSV) JBM Systems, Inc 978-535-7676 www.octotools.com [email protected] 5 OctoTools Data Flow

i/Series (AS400) Designer - Build a One Time Design Z/OS AIX, SCO, HP/UX Linux any flavor OctoTools RunTime (ORN) Run Time OctoTools

Template(OTP) Output Profile Data from RPM/FTP or WATCHER Checks and reports Outputs PCL/PS/MFP/ Digital copier

E-mail PDF Fax Xerox DT180 6 Why Electronics Forms ? Electronic Forms supported by OctoTools are pre-designed images of a desired PDF or paper

form (to be printed). Electronic forms are not preprinted, they are printed on demand. No inventory is required When forms are changed, there is nothing to be discarded. No degradation in copies verses a multipart form. Each form may be electronically altered based on input data. Inexpensive production and merging with data, without reentering. Inexpensive storage. Instant disaster recovery vs. preprinted forms 7

Why Document Archiving ? You may ask, Why should I make document archiving available to my clients, it will reduce business? There are many reasons it is required and should not decrease revenue. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 requires records (report retention) and prohibits destruction thereof. Paper reports take lots of space and are difficult to store and retrieve. Archiving to disk or DVD solves those problems. Online retrieval of documents such as invoices are major part a CRM application, they save time and improve productivity.

These days all customers are looking to save money. Printing paper can be a big target. If you supply the document archiving solution you can tackle the problem and still retain the account. Very few accounts have gone entirely paperless. 8 Why PDF ?

PDF is a Portable Document Format that was created by Adobe to allow a document to be created on one system and viewed or printed on any other. For example, you can design a document on a Mac and view on Windows or Linux and print on any printer including HP, Dell, Xerox, Canon, Ricoh. It is universally accepted document medium across all major software platforms. The Adobe reader is freely available. Documents are saved and transmitted to the reader in compressed format. This saved

bandwidth and disk space. Documents may be encrypted and electronically signed. PDF documents are completely searchable as opposed to TIFF and many other imaging formats. 9 OctoTools Saves Money & Trees

The economics of print elimination is compelling. Customers are aware of this, so why not provide a solution that can meet all the customers requirements: print, server and storage? OctoTools can provide the software solutions. Depending on the reduction of your print output volume, you can save thousands of dollars per day in paper, supplies, labor and overhead costs. The data recorded on a single CDROM can save a minimum of $1570 and storage space for almost 1000 pounds of paper. A common 100 gb hard disk can save an organization over $875,000 and storage space for more than 25

million pages, 480,000 pounds of paper. The costs for small and departmental lasers can be 5-6 cents, large quarter million dollar enterprise 2-3 cents. Compute your own savings http://www.jbmsystems.com/avalanche-of-savings.xls 10 OctoTools Payback

At a very conservative rate of 3.5 cents per page, OctoTools will pay itself off in under 150,000 pages or just 30 cases of print being eliminated. After this time, OctoTools will continue to accrue savings. Your ROI may be less than 4 weeks. Other areas for potential savings: Elimination of preprinted forms. Improvements in productivity. Better records retention. Elimination of distribution time and costs

11 Actual Saving Examples BJs Wholesale as used OctoTools to convert from microfiche. Their savings as been in excess of $125,000 per year. Productivity has jumped due the a tripling of usage vs fiche. http://www.jbmsystems.com/case4.html Alaska Department of Labor saved 90,000 pages

in just weeks when distributing to 30 offices. The monthly savings were in excess of $3,200, the ROI was less than one month. The productivity and time gains were even more important than the dollar savings. http://www.jbmsystems.com/case20.html Congressional Budget Office (CBO) saved over one million pages of printing within the first 18 months using JBM Systems technology. http://www.jbmsystems.com/case14.html

Curtis1000 reduced access to customer invoices from 10 minutes to 2 seconds. http://www.jbmsystems.com/case18.html Credibom, a credit union based in Portugal archived over 2.5 million pages in their second month of usage. http://www.jbmsystems.com/case16.html 12 How Can You Benefit ? OctoTools is a versatile low cost Variable Data Printing (VDP) package that can help sell

solutions at higher profit margin. Many clients require interfacing between copiers/MFPs and host computers. Host computers from many platforms contain valuable data that must be printed.

Many Information Technology (IT) shops use proprietary printing systems like Xerox, IBM 3900 and Oce for legacy. IT shops traditionally have end of month/quarter peaks where they must have expensive capacity that remains unused at other periods. You can replace a Xerox DT 6180 with 5 50ppm printers, can provide more print speed and provide fallback capability that a single Xerox print cannot provide. Each printer costs about $2,000-$2,500 with expanded input, duplexer and output trays. Your solution provides about the same 1.2 million pages per month at a total cost of less than $10,000-$12,500. Add on OctoTools and a small workstation/server and you have an incredible printing system.

If more capacity is required, just add another printer. OctoTools provides a low cost alternative to the other packages since it does not charge for speed nor number of attached printers. Report archiving and retieval is integrated in OctoTools at no addition cost as an extra bonus. 13 How can OctoTools help ?

OctoTools is multipurpose VDP printing/archiving software that has most of the features of other VDP programs but at lower cost. Justify technology upgrades in existing clients for color printers. Color output can improve looks and can increase customer response. There are no charges for additional printers or for the speed of the printer. Many competitors charge up to $15,000 for high speed printers. A lower cost basis allows you to build in more

profit margin, add more professional services or just win bids that you could not otherwise have done due to price. OctoTools support all platforms, you dont need one system for AS/400 and another for Unix. OctoTools is feature rich and continues to add more capabilities. Print, PDF archiving, email, fax are all supported for one price and without changing a single line of source code. OctoTools has one low price without charging for number or speed of printers 14 15

16 Octotools Capabilities

Fully Unattended Operation Create Electronic Forms Replace Pre-printed forms Print to any Windows printer- PCL, PS, GDI, Digital Copiers Reformatting Legacy Applications to be Web Accessible Enhance Text Reports to User Friendly Format Bursting/Splitting/Distributing Reports as PDF Archiving Reports for LAN/WAN/Internet access, as PDF Archive reports can eliminate or replace sensitive fields as desired. An example is, removing the signature and MICR characters from an archived check.

Option to create/copy a form under MS Word using RTF Mail merge Automatic Emailing and faxing of report 128 bit Encryption of PDFs that are archived and/or emailed. This allows sending documents securely by email. Act as a feeder system for content managers like Xeroxs DocuShare, Filenet, IBMs Content Manager and Documentum. 17 Additional OctoTools Capabilities

GUI based design environment Built-in Post Script and PCL printer output Drag and Drop placement of all elements Automatic dynamic text and forms merge Text boxes for dynamic and static text & Data Design elements, objects, images & text boxes User defined "green bar" type striping "Watched" directory support

Conditioned based data formatting Dynamic switch of overlays based on data Barcodes including 2D PDF417 & Postnet Email URL or whole file Bookmarks Multiprocessor support Variable opacity of elements and backgrounds Multiple counters for page/line Convert GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG to PDF

Conditional formatting changing format and values based in input Conditional paper control including duplexing and paper source selection Automatic Text to PDF generation Dynamic line and character position indicator Report bursting and drill down Specify paper orientation & size

Generate file name based on data in the file Select from any true-type font and size Immediate visual results Color JPG, TIFF, GIF, BNP, PNG image import Automatic email and report distribution Searchable PDF Watermarking Acrobat compatible encryption Accounting statistics Non-stop operatorless

conversion CSV Input Go To Sample forms and reports 18 Hardware/Software Platforms OctoTools is Windows based but supports virtually all hardware platforms that have TCP/IP

i/Series(AS400) Unix, Linux, AIX, HP/UX, SCO zSeries (Z/OS, OS/390, VM, VSE) Windows (all versions) MSDOS Open VMS Tandem HP3000 19

OctoTools Customer Base OctoTools customer base is composed of 50% iSeries (AS400) 35% Unix/Linux/Aix etc 15 % Windows, Open VMS, zSeries, HP3000 Applications 60% Invoicing 30% Financial GL, AP, AR and other Reporting 10% Other

20 Hardware/Software OctoTools was built using the .NET Framework 1.1 using C# OctoTools runs with Windows XP/2003/2000/NT4 on server, professional or home editions. OctoTools has been certified by Veritest to run 2003 server OctoTools has run on 4 way servers without any problems and will support multiple streams being

processed simultaneously. Minimum Configuration Any x86 system that supports .NET 1 GHZ and 256MB for light print loads Recommended Configuration 2.8+ Celeron, Pentium, Athlon or equivalent

512-1024MB depending on OS and concurrent processing streams A $300-$700 PC can perform the job for most users, big industrial strength servers are not required. 21 OctoTools Recently Added Features We Listen To Our Customers. Many new features have been added to meet customer needs.

Provide security by allowing sensitive information to reside offline on a flash memory key ring. 1. 2. Some output must use preprinted forms, but if that data is stored in archives it is useless. OctoTools will be able to suppress fixed test for preprinted forms, yet provide the full for

PDF. Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Right to Left character sets Excel/CSV extraction when a report is created ODBC Database Input Turnkey, high performance Enterprise Level upgrade codename Turbo, extra cost module. 22 How Will OctoTools Affect Your Expenses and Productivity Save by switching to improved

technology. Many people are still using dot-matrix, line printers and multipart paper forms. The forms are expensive, and bottom copies may be difficult to read. Laser printers and Multi Function Printers (MFP). OctoTools also provides a side benefit of a report archive. The archive is complementary to the printing and will improve access to documents and customer satisfaction. Report Archiving is being deployed in many companies to save money and space. Larger more expensive systems are being put in. You do not have to

spend large sums of money to do this with OctoTools. In most cases OctoTools pays for itself in under 1-2 months. A lower cost system should allow you to win more bids. 23 OctoTools Guarantee JBM Systems believes in customer satisfaction. We have two policies in place in order to meet that goal. OctoTools is downloadable and is always available for a 21 day test drive. We strongly believe in Proof of Concept and provide OctoTools at no charge to carry it

out. There is no obligation and we provide presales support as needed. We usually defer issuing the permanent product license key until 30 days after customer acceptance and payment of invoice. If OctoTools has not met the customers expectations and we cannot solve it, the product will be deinstalled and a refund issued (if the invoice was paid). We have never had anyone invoke these terms. 24 Summary Reasons for installing OctoTools:

Companies can save money and improve productivity. OctoTools can be cost justified very quickly Easy to use, changes can be made by IT staff or end users without requiring expensive consulting time. Windows based, will service multiple platforms and applications. Charges are not affected by mainframe and server sizes. There are no charges for number and size of printers. Capabilities that meet the clients needs. We listen to our clients needs and

continually enhance Octotools to support their requirements. Excellent support OctoTools guarantee 25 Sample Input/Output Enhance Your Legacy Output With Minimal Time & Effort 26 Text invoice from AS/400. Note the corvette red

27 Invoice reformatted using OctoTools 28 A return causing a credit to be issued. Note yellow A negative balance is really a credit 29 30

Dynamically added signature and date received from external file Scanned image 31 32 33 ADP Auto Dealer Customer Invoice Data From Unix 34 ADP Auto Dealer Customer Invoice Data From Unix

Can print on any printer or PDF !!! 35 Note the Continues 36 37 38 39

Mail Merge Example Text from Unix 40 OctoTools supports RTF for design input. Microsoft Word was used to design the letter and was copied/pasted to OctoTools. This is the resulting merged letter. 41 Inserted Form Created Using Microsoft Word 42 Inserted form Created Using Microsoft Word

43 Data formatted for CMS1500 HHS1500 form 44 CMS1500 can print to form or PDF 45 Accounts payable check that would be sent to a preprinted form 46

OctoTools has a Security Feature for Check Printing. MICR Fonts, Signatures and Logos will not be stored on the computer. A Check will be Voided, as shown below, without a required USB Key. 47 Checks Printed with the Security Key Carried by Authorized Personnel 48 Multi-language including Chinese/Korean/Japanese 49

OctoTools ODBC Database Selection OctoTools is able to select input from ODBC databases including Microsoft Access, MS-SQL, MY-SQL. More databases including Oracle will be forthcoming 50 To select an element, just click the column heading 51 Generated Using OctoTools ODBC Drag and Drop Interface

52 53 Notice how easy it is to follow columns and rows 54 Commission report from Z/OS 55 Z/OS commission report striped yellow/white 1x1 lines 56

Automatically Numbered try to loose your place ! 57 Stripped Data with Automatic Line Numbering with Exception Checking Note that if total dollars base < 500 the line to made red 58 Z/OS commission report striped alternating 1 line 4 colors. I picked Easter Colors, it is easy to pick any one you wish. It is very difficult to lose your place when following across.

59 Z/OS commission report striped green/white 1x1 lines 60 Z/OS commission report striped green/white 3x3 lines 61 Quick Questions Or Focus for Live Demo

Create Corvette invoice Demo OctoTools EE with Turbo OctoSign Example 62 JBM Systems, Inc Contact Information Sales and Technical Support Telephone 978-535-7676 [email protected] Primary contact for medium-large deals Murray Bob

We can customize Private label Create forms as part of professional services 63 OctoTools JBM Systems, Inc 4 Bald Hill Lane Peabody, MA 01960 978-535-7676 [email protected] 64

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