OCR AS Level ICT - Paul Long

OCR AS Level ICT - Paul Long

Menu OCR A2 Level ICT G063 Revision paullong.net Training paullong.net 2013 1 Menu Agenda 12:00 Discussion Questions with AS Group 13:00 Break 13:10 Break

15:30 Finish paullong.net 2013 2 Menu Aims of today Understand how to answer different types of exam questions know what key words mean Know how to respond to different styles of question Have an insight into what examiners are looking for Improve essay writing technique Revise some popular exam topics paullong.net 2013 3

Menu Who am I? Who are you? Paul Long Text book author Former principal examiner/moderator ICT Teacher of 15 years Now self-employed Resources for schools Revision sessions Training for teachers Freelance training Home teaching for James Brindley School Two interesting things about me: Christian at Real Life Church Married to Catherine

You Name One thing thats interesting about you paullong.net 2013 4 Menu Resources to help you www.ocrict.com (www.paullong.net/ocr) G063 Online Text Book G063 Presentations G063 Exam frameworks and grids AS resources

http://cnettv.cnet.com/ www.bbc.co.uk/click follow @paullongnet #alevelict paullong.net 2013 5 Menu Exciting or revising? Revision is not fun Weve all been there Today you will learn to be SMART but we dont have time for lots of fun paullong.net 2013 6 Menu How to ace your exams by spending less time revising!

Organising your material Plan your time and the topics Dont rewrite everything Put post-it notes everywhere demote them! REDUCE YOUR REVISION Know it done ? Not sure need to revise What? need to learn again paullong.net 2013 7 Menu Exam paper tips See hand out Read questions and instructions carefully Dont panic Look at marks available Avoid easier, faster, more efficient, better Give full answers

Include extra information if time Give examples related to the scenario Draw diagrams if appropriate NEVER leave answers blank unless you run out of time Revise and prepare paullong.net 2013 8 Menu Starter Complete this quick quiz paullong.net 2013 9 Menu G063 exam paper 2 hours (120 marks) 1 minute per mark

Section A (40 marks) around 7 short questions uses style of the AS paper approximately 25 minutes Section B (80 marks) mainly essay-style questions apply skills to scenarios approximately 1 hour 35 minutes paullong.net 2013 Synoptic questions covering AS Level not restricted to terminology from AS Level Will include a discussion question at the end and probably a long-answer explain question NOT in order of easy to hard 10

Menu A2 Revision - MENU Revision Games Revision Tasks Characteristic Characteristic Distribute Databases Verbal Tennis Gantt Describe Purpose

Maintenance Maintenance & & Changeover Changeover Hot Seat CPA Explain Use Networks Spot Spot the the Mistake Mistake (networks) (networks)

Flow Chart Evaluate Limitation (operating (operating systems) systems) Spot Spot the the Mistake Mistake DFD Justify Advantages Advantages & & Disadvantages Disadvantages

Spot Spot the the Mistake Mistake (Blank) (Blank) Process Venn Diagrams ERD Question Styles Key words Identify Discuss paullong.net 2013

Diagramming 11 Menu Question Styles paullong.net 2013 12 Menu Hierarchy paullong.net 2013 13 Menu Identify, state, give

List your knowledge Sentences, statements or single words One mark per point made Individual exercises: 1. Identify three methods of database distribution [3] 2. For each of the symptoms below, state the health problem and state the possible cause: chronic pain experienced in the arms, shoulder or back [2] b) blood clot found in the leg [2] c) pressure on the median nerve in the wrist producing numbness in the hand [2] Q14 June 2012 a) 3. Give four reasons why batch processing is used to process employees salaries. [4] Q3b June 2012 paullong.net 2013 14 Menu Sample papers - identify G063 June 2011 1 design specification

3 operating systems 14a expert systems Group exercise Mark each of these answers on the 3 scripts what is right/wrong with each answer identify any shortcomings for each answer make corrections to answers come up with additional answers send out one negotiator to trade more answers paullong.net 2013 15 Menu

Key word: characteristic Distinguishing part, function or feature of a system NOT uses Identify three characteristics of a wide area network (WAN). [3] Q2a Jan 10 connected devices are geographically remote uses an external communication system / connected by third-party cables requires a router paullong.net 2013 16 Menu Characteristics Whole group exercise Identify four characteristics of a satellite navigation system. [4] paullong.net 2013 17

Menu Spot the mistake - networks ADSL lines have contention ratios Satellites require line of sight Infrared does not require line of sight Leased lines do not have contention ratios 4G has a higher bandwidth than satellite Leased lines have a higher bandwidth than 4G Fibre optic cables suffer less interference than copper cables Unshielded Twisted Pair cables have a maximum length of 1000m paullong.net 2013 18 Menu

Spot the mistake operating systems Interactive processing requires user interaction Batch processing requires user interaction Real-time processing requires user interaction Single-user operating systems can only be used by one user at once Multi-user operating systems can run many tasks at once Multi-tasking operating systems can run many tasks at once An operating system manages the hardware on a computer An operating system allocates memory to tasks An operating system is a Graphical User Interface paullong.net 2013 19

Menu Key word: use How a system can be used What it can be used for EXAMPLES Identify three uses of an expert system. mobile phone problem diagnosis car engine fault diagnosis medical condition diagnosis Alternative wording: Identify three ways an expert system could be used Whole group exercise Give four uses of an extranet for a school. [4] paullong.net 2013 20 Menu Describe

One mark per description Describe rapid application development (RAD). [2] Q1 Jun 12 Describe how interactive processing could be used to prevent the double booking of theatre tickets. [2] Q1 Jun 12 OR two marks per description Describe three applications of an expert system. [6] Q8 Jun 12 OR banded response Describe the services available to the individual that are offered by digital television networks. [6] Q6 Jun 12 If no number of responses is specified give more answers than you think are required eg 3 full descriptions for 4 marks Describe using examples must be related to scenario paullong.net 2013 21

Menu Describe banded response Max marks: Three descriptions Two descriptions will need to include more information or example paullong.net 2013 22 Menu Describe how to answer Describe the role of a personnel system in a company. [4] Q1a Jan 11 Identify Points Describe

Example Stores employee contact details including next of kin details mobile phone number of spouse in case 23 employee is injured at work. Stores attendance details including when each so that salaries can be calculated correctly employee was at work and absences monitored and reasons for absence Try answering the describe questions on your hand out

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