Examples of Questions Asked During an Evaluation Initial

Examples of Questions Asked During an Evaluation Initial

Examples of Questions Asked During an Evaluation Initial Questions Information You Need to Evaluate a Task: Scope (How Often? / How Many? / How Long?). Quality / Complexity (How Precise? / How Difficult?). Answers to Initial Questions May Drive Follow-On Questions Many Task Estimates Can Be Reduced to an Equation For Example: 4 Meetings X 6 Hrs Per Mtg. (4 X 6 = 24). 4 Men for 6 Mths @ 150 Hrs Per Mth (4 X 6 X 150 = 3,600). 6,300 Lines of Code @ 4 Hrs Per LOC (6,300 X 4 = 25,200). Sample Task Estimate

WBS TASK Develop software for new Trainer ESTIMATE 27,875 HRS CATEGORY SR Programmer Fact-finding Question Tree

Q: How Was Estimate of 27,875 Hrs Derived? A: It Was Based on 11,150 LOC (Lines Of Code) @ 2.50 Hrs Per LOC Q: What Is the Basis for the Number of LOC? A: There Are 9,900 LOC in the Existing Trainer. The New Trainer Will Need 1,250 Additional LOC to Handle the Increased Capabilities of the New Trainer. Q: Will the Existing Code Be Scrapped and Replaced by New Code? A: No, Some Existing Code Will Be Modified but a Significant Amount of New Code Will Also Be Needed. Q: How Many New Vs Modified LOC in the 11,150 Total? A: The Estimate Is Based on 7,250 New and 3,900 Modified LOC. Fact-finding Question Tree Continued Q: Was the 2.50 Hrs Per LOC Applied to All LOC? A: Yes

Q: What Is the 2.50 Hrs Per LOC Based on? A: It Is Based on Experience From Other Programs. Q: What Specific Programs Were Used? A: Experience From the Have-Bucks Program and the Need-More Follow-on Program Was Used. Fact-finding Question Tree Continued Q: Please Provide the Data From Those Programs That Supports the 2.50 Hrs/LOC Metric. A: PROGRAM LOC

HOURS HAVE-BUCKS 50,000 134,000 NEED-MORE 12,000 21,000 TOTAL 62,000 155,000 HRS/LOC 2.50*

*155,000 HRS / 62,000 LOC = 2.50 HRS PER LOC Fact-finding Question Tree Continued Q: How Many New & Modified LOC Were in Each Program? A: Have-Bucks Program Had 50,000 New LOC; NEED-MORE Program Had 8,000 New & 4,000 Modified. Based on This Last Answer , the Need-More Program Looks More Like Ours. We Need to Re-look at the Data Used by the Contractor. PROGRAM LOC HOURS AVG HAVE-BUCKS NEED-MORE

50,000 12,000 134,500 21,000 2.68 1.75 TOTAL 62,000 155,000 2.50 Since the Need-More Code Mix Appears Closer to Our Task, the 1.75 Hrs/LOC May Be the Right Metric for Our Effort. Objective = 1.75 hours x 11,150 = 19,512.5 hours versus 27,875 proposed

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