Envs333: East Asia Human Environment CHINA THE SETTING

Envs333: East Asia Human Environment CHINA THE SETTING

Envs333: East Asia Human Environment CHINA THE SETTING Part 3: Anthropogenic Regional Impacts and Environmental Policies and Impacts China Geography & Envr 1 Part 3

Historical Expansion Minority Areas Transportation Resource Base Industry China Geography & Envr 2 Historical Pattern of Expansion over

centuries shortages and political pressures have caused the growth of China Starts in North on Plains surrounding Huang He River -- Northern Inland foundation Gradually move South and from Inland areas to sea and also west & a bit north China Geography & Envr 3

Historical Growth of China China Geography & Envr 4 2 A.D. China Geography & Envr

5 Compared to TODAY China Geography & Envr 6 Chinese Language evolution and current distribution in China

China Geography & Envr 7 Chinese Empire at its 19th Century Height China Geography & Envr 8

A very brief historical background 2500 BC Yellow Emperor Han People start 551-479 BC Confucius, philosopher 221-206 BC first true emperor Qin Shi Huang start of unified CHINA 206 BC -220 AD Han Dynasty first great Chinese Dynasty 1911 End of Imperial China 1949 Peoples Republic of China established

China Geography & Envr 9 Yellow Emperor From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Yellow Emperor The Yellow Emperor or Huang Di (Chinese: ,

Simplified Chinese: , pnyn: hungd) is a legendary Chinese sovereign and cultural hero who is said to be the ancestor of all Han Chinese. One of the Five Emperors, the Yellow Emperor is said by tradition to have reigned from 2698 BCE to 2599 BCE. The legend of his retreat to west in the war against the eastern Emperor Chi You at the Battle of Zhuolu ( ) is seen as the establishment of the Han Chinese nationality. China Geography & Envr 10

Pre-Historic Five Emporers All these "emperors" were only people with great contributions or famous rulers of tribal unions. From the Bamboo Annals and Classic of History, their positions are known to have been attained by election by other chiefs in the tribal unions. When they die, their children may succeed the positions of the ruler of their own tribe, but not the position of the ruler of the tribal union. Their power is much less than the historical Chinese emperors,

China Geography & Envr 11 First Historic Emperor of China The first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang ( ) 259-210bce, coined a new term for "Emperor" (huangdi ) combined the titles of "sovereign" (huang ) and " god-king" (di ) -- which is homophonic with the

name of the "Yellow Emperor" first traditional emperor ( ),) who had absolute power over the people. China Geography & Envr 12 First Historical Emperor of China http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/greatwall/Emperor.html

China Geography & Envr 13 Qinshihuangdi Desperate For Longevity Qinshihuangdi, the first emperor who unified China in 221 B.C., desperate in searching elixir of life, and even sent

Taoists overseas for it. He died of illness at 49 in 210B.C., four years before his dynasty's collapse. When Qinshihuangdi was still alive, he began to build his mausoleum with terracotta warrior pits Qinshihuang Mausoleum is located 30 km east to Xi'an, Qinshihuang is still buried there. China Geography & Envr 14

Summary Chinese people (Han) are almost 5,000 years old China as a unified state is about 2,000 years old In 1911 the Imperial system ended In 1949 the current system began China Geography & Envr

15 Geographic Keys Points EXTERNAL: Barriers, Invasions, & Isolationism Sinocentric isolation Middle Kingdom Mongolian/Turkic peoples (labeled as barbarians) & reactions (over past 5,000 years) China attempts isolation, walls, xenophobia Europeans 18th century labeled as barbarians from the south

China Attempts isolation, exclusion Opium wars force open markets of country Imperialism & quasi colonialism from West Period of humiliation China Geography & Envr 16 Geographic Keys Points INTERNAL: Long historical spatial pattern Joining country into empire under new

dynasties Fragmenting into separate kingdoms under declining dynasties Refer to Wang et. al article for the a listing of this activity & possible tie to environment China Geography & Envr 17 Chinas

Four Ethno/ Historic Regions 1. 2. 3. 4. China Proper Inner Mongolia

Xinjiang Tibet l ongo M r Inne ia

TIBET China Geography & Envr 18 China Proper: The East

China Geography & Envr 19 Border and Minority Areas Xinjiang

Inner Mongolia Tibet Relationship to Minority Ethno-Linguistic Regions China Geography & Envr 20 Current Minority Tension

https://www.vox.com/2018/8/15/17684226/uighur-china-camps-united-nations China Geography & Envr https://www.wsj.com/video/why-china-is-worried-about-rising-ethnic-tensions/3EA80651-AE13-45ED-BBBD2BFF4D134D6D.html 21 A slogan painted on the wall reads: All ethnic groups should be like the pods of a pomegranate, tightly wrapped together. China Geography & Envr

https://www.vox.com/2018/8/15/17684226/uighur-china-camps-united-nations 22 Recent TikTok Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa7Ysf8HXDE China Geography & Envr 23

The West China Geography & Envr 24 Ethno-Linguistic Patters China Geography & Envr

25 Ethno-Linguistic Patters China Geography & Envr 26 Xinjiang to Nei (Inner) Mongolia China Geography & Envr

27 Tibet China Geography & Envr 28 Plus Two Xinjiang

Tibet China Geography & Envr 29

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