NM Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

NM Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

NM Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management EMERGENCY GRANT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (E-GraMP) Project Initiation Certification April 26, 2017 Presented by: DHSEM EtDy/K tDy/KWilliams, Dy/K y/KK Brian Recovery Manager Project Manager Duncan Sill, Grant Manager & e-GraMP 1 Background DHSEM EtDy/K tDy/K Dy/K y /KK The New Mexico Dy/KepartDy/KmentDy/K of Homeland SecuritDy/Ky and EtDy/Kmergency ManagementDy/K (NM Dy/KHSEtDy/KM) is tDy/Khe federal recipientDy/K of emergency managementDy/K and public disastDy/Ker grantDy/K funding and is tDy/Khe fiduciary agentDy/K over all federal funding passed tDy/Khrough tDy/Khe agency. NM Dy/KHSEtDy/KM is charged witDy/Kh grantDy/K oversightDy/K relatDy/Ked tDy/Ko sub-recipientDy/Ks, as well as tDy/Khe federal funding expended by NMDy/KHSEtDy/KM for itDy/Ks own programs and operations. 2

Current Environment DHSEM EtDy/K tDy/K Dy/K y /KK CurrentDy/Kly, NM Dy/KHSEtDy/KM manages and administDy/Kers itDy/Ks emergency managementDy/K grantDy/K program tDy/Khrough manual processes which entDy/Kails tDy/Khe use of EtDy/Kxcel spreadsheetDy/Ks tDy/Ko tDy/Krack applicantDy/Ks, tDy/Khe projectDy/K and funding from tDy/Khe projectDy/K s beginning tDy/Ko tDy/Khe projectDy/K s closeoutDy/K. The currentDy/K process is tDy/Kedious, tDy/Khe amountDy/K of paperwork is cumbersome and is highly susceptible tDy/Ko error and yields itDy/Kself tDy/Ko inadequatDy/Ke datDy/Ka and dross information. To better manage non-disastDy/Ker grantDy/Ks, disastDy/Ker grantDy/Ks, recurring grantDy/Ks and nonrecurring grantDy/Ks administDy/Kered, NM Dy/KHSEtDy/KM will be pursuing a RFP tDy/Ko contDy/KractDy/K witDy/Kh a vendor who can meetDy/K itDy/Ks specifications of a web-hostDy/Ked software program. This program should have tDy/Khe abilitDy/Ky tDy/Ko monitDy/Kor grantDy/Ks tDy/KhroughoutDy/K tDy/Khe entire grantDy/K managementDy/K process. 3 Disaster Costs DHSEM EtDy/K tDy/K Dy/K y /KK DISASTERS: YEARS NO. OF DISASTERS 2004 TO 2010 2011 TO 2016 CostDy/K Increase of 66% 19 22

TOTAL COST OF DISASTERS $90,620,011.90 $268,170,560.70 More funds = More EtDy/Kxcel award spreadsheetDy/Ks tDy/Ko monitDy/Kor/KupdatDy/Ke. 4 Project Objectives DHSEM EtDy/K tDy/K Dy/K y /KK ItDy/K is NM Dy/KHSEtDy/KMs desire tDy/Ko have a web-hostDy/Ked grantDy/K managementDy/K software program: To tDy/Krack applicantDy/Ks, grantDy/Ks, projectDy/Ks, funding and tDy/Ko have tDy/Khe abilitDy/Ky tDy/Ko produce ad hoc as well as on-line custDy/Komized reportDy/Ks. To increase efficiency tDy/Khrough improved collaboration and communication requirementDy/Ks for botDy/Kh StDy/KatDy/Ke, Local and Federal entities. 5 Project Objectives (contd.) DHSEM EtDy/K tDy/K Dy/K y /KK To assistDy/K tDy/Khe agency and tDy/Khe applicantDy/Ks tDy/Ko monitDy/Kor milestDy/Kones and meetDy/K deadlines. To improve productivitDy/Ky and efficiency. To drastically reduce tDy/Khe processing time tDy/Ko disburse funds. To improve reporting requirementDy/Ks tDy/Ko StDy/KatDy/Ke, Local and Federal EtDy/Kmergency ManagementDy/K AdministDy/Kration (FEtDy/KMA). To stDy/Kreamline business processes and improve intDy/Kernal contDy/Krols. 6

Project Objectives (contd.) DHSEM EtDy/K tDy/K Dy/K y /KK To reduce deficiencies by reducing errors such as duplication errors, financial reporting errors, multi-users on tDy/Khe spreadsheetDy/K witDy/KhoutDy/K knowing who made changes and financial stDy/KatDy/KementDy/K errors tDy/Khrough developmentDy/K of consistDy/KentDy/K work processes and procedures and tDy/Khe estDy/KablishmentDy/K of an auditDy/K tDy/Krail of work flows. 7 Project Research DHSEM EtDy/K tDy/K Dy/K y /KK NMDy/KHSEtDy/KM Recovery UnitDy/K Manager has visitDy/Ked witDy/Kh one stDy/KatDy/Ke and has spoken witDy/Kh various countDy/KerpartDy/Ks regarding tDy/Kheir experiences of having a commercial off tDy/Khe shelf web hostDy/Ked grantDy/K software program. In each case, tDy/Khe StDy/KatDy/Kes reportDy/Ked tDy/KhatDy/K tDy/Khis has increased tDy/Kheir efficiency and tDy/Khe disastDy/Ker paperwork has become more manageable. Based on his findings, tDy/Khe following are some stDy/KatDy/Kes tDy/KhatDy/K have a web-hostDy/Ked software program: NortDy/Kh Dy/KakotDy/Ka, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana and Florida. 8 Project Quality Metrics DHSEM EtDy/K tDy/K Dy/K y /KK QUALITY MEtDy/KTRIC 1ProjectDy/K scope, schedule, budgetDy/K and milestDy/Kones are metDy/K. QUALITY MEtDy/KTRIC 2StDy/Kaff is properly tDy/Krained and able tDy/Ko utilize tDy/Khe systDy/Kem tDy/Ko

perform job tDy/Kasks. QUALITY MEtDy/KTRIC 3Reporting systDy/Kems can accuratDy/Kely tDy/Krack datDy/Ka and intDy/KegratDy/Ke montDy/Khly, weekly and ad hoc reportDy/Ks. QUALITY MEtDy/KTRIC 4SystDy/Kem is secure and able tDy/Ko provide an auditDy/K tDy/Krail of functions performed. QUALITY MEtDy/KTRIC 5Real time datDy/Ka will improve on-time delivery and qualitDy/Ky of reportDy/Ks and information betDy/Kween tDy/Khe sub-recipientDy/K, NM Dy/KHSEtDy/KM and FEtDy/KMA. 9 Project Organizational Chart DHSEM EtDy/K tDy/K Dy/K y/KK M. M. Jay Jay MitDy/K MitDy/Kcchell hell CabinetDy/K CabinetDy/K SecretDy/K SecretDy/Kaary ry Dy/Kavid Dy/Kavid Ceballes Ceballes Dy/KeputDy/K Dy/KeputDy/Kyy SecretDy/K SecretDy/Kaary ry Sarah Sarah J. J. PetDy/K

PetDy/Keerson rson AdministDy/Krrative AdministDy/K ative Bureau Bureau Johanna Johanna Kehoe Kehoe Financial Financial Services Services UnitDy/K UnitDy/K Craig Craig Bacon Bacon General General Services Services UnitDy/K UnitDy/K Dy/Kuncan Dy/Kuncan Sill Sill GrantDy/K GrantDy/K ManagementDy/K ManagementDy/K UnitDy/K UnitDy/K To To Be Be Dy/KetDy/K Dy/KetDy/Keermined

rmined IV & IV &V V ContDy/K ContDy/Krractior actior Susan Susan Walker Walker Preparedness Preparedness Bureau Bureau Marcella Marcella BentDy/K BentDy/Ko on n Local Preparedness Local Preparedness UnitDy/K UnitDy/K Wendy Wendy Blackwell Blackwell Hazard Hazard Mitigation Mitigation UnitDy/K UnitDy/K Valli

Valli Wasp Wasp Response & Response & Recovery Recovery Bureau Bureau Wynn Wynn Brannin Brannin mergency ergency EtDy/KEtDy/Km Communication Communication UnitDy/K UnitDy/K John John SchultDy/K SchultDy/Kee EtDy/KEtDy/Km ergency Operations mergency Operations UnitDy/K UnitDy/K VacantDy/K VacantDy/K IntDy/K IntDy/Keellegence llegence & & SecuritDy/K

SecuritDy/Kyy Bureau Bureau and and Fusion Fusion CentDy/K CentDy/Keerr Dy/KirectDy/K Dy/KirectDy/Ko orr VincentDy/K VincentDy/K Salazar Salazar Critical InfrastDy/K Critical InfrastDy/KrrustDy/K ustDy/Ku ure re UnitDy/K UnitDy/K VacantDy/K VacantDy/K NMASIC NMASIC UnitDy/K UnitDy/K (SIA) (SIA) Brian Brian Williams Williams Recovery UnitDy/K Recovery UnitDy/K

To To Be Be Dy/KetDy/K Dy/KetDy/Keermined rmined GrantDy/K GrantDy/K ManagementDy/K ManagementDy/K Program Program Vendor Vendor VacantDy/K VacantDy/K Information Information Technolofy Technolofy UnitDy/K UnitDy/K 10 Estimated Project Timeline DHSEM EtDy/K tDy/K Dy/K y /KK Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep

OctDy/K Nov Dy/Kec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug ProjectDy/K Initiation RFP Process Planning ImplementDy/Kation Testing Training Production CutDy/Kover ProjectDy/K CloseoutDy/K

11 Project Funding DHSEM EtDy/K tDy/K Dy/K y /KK APPROPRIATION HISTORY (INCLUDE ALL FUNDING SOURCES, E.G. FEDERAL, STATE, COUNTY, MUNICIPAL LAWS OR GRANTS) Fiscal Year Amount Funding Source FY17 $960,000.00 Federal Funding Dy/KisastDy/Ker ManagementDy/K CostDy/Ks Federal funding is already committed tDy/Ko tDy/Khis EtDy/Kmergency GrantDy/K ManagementDy/K Software Program for 8 years; should tDy/Khe projectDy/K exceed tDy/Khe 8 years, an extDy/Kension of funds would be requestDy/Ked tDy/Ko tDy/Khe Federal EtDy/Kmergency ManagementDy/K Agency. 12 Project Budget by Fiscal Year DHSEM EtDy/K tDy/K Dy/K y /KK Description Staff-Internal Consulting Services IV&V Services

Inclusive in software price Independent Validation & Verification Hardware n/a Software Software & inclusion of implementation team for analysis, configuration, customization, importing and training Contingency Customizations Annual Support Support hours, test site access Hosting Disk space, daily backup and document repository TOTAL FY17 & Prior $0.00 FY18 $0.00 FY19 FY20 & After TOTAL $0.00

$0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $650,000 $30,000 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $650,000 $0.00 $0.00 $115,000 $795,000.00 $40,000 $115,000 $80,000 $120,000 $15,000 $30,000

$45,000 $55,000 $110,000 $960,000 13 Project Initiation Certification Approval Request DHSEM EtDy/K tDy/K Dy/K y/KK NMDy/KHSEtDy/KM will utilize a RFP tDy/Ko procure tDy/Khis web-hostDy/Ked software program witDy/Kh tDy/Khe intDy/Kentions of maintDy/Kaining tDy/Khe above budgetDy/Ked amountDy/K or less. Additionally, NM Dy/KHSEtDy/KM will draft a scope of work for an IV & V ContDy/KractDy/Kor tDy/Ko assistDy/K primarily in tDy/Khe tDy/Kechnical, securitDy/Ky and risk aspectDy/Ks of tDy/Khis projectDy/K. We seek your approval tDy/Ko proceed witDy/Kh tDy/Khis projectDy/K for tDy/Khe Initiation Phase of tDy/Khis projectDy/K. 14 Project Initiation Certification Request DHSEM EtDy/K tDy/K Dy/K y /KK Questions? 15

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