National Women's Law Center Progressive Leadership and ...

National Women's Law Center Progressive Leadership and ...

National Womens Law Center Progressive Leadership and Advocacy Network October 12, 2011 Crafting Your Message & Getting It Heard Stephanie Drahan Outreach Associate National Womens Law Center Crafting Your Message & Getting It Heard I.

II. III. IV. Effective Messages Creating a Message Delivering a Message Questions & Answers EFFECTIVE MESSAGES Lay the Groundwork Create

Goals Target Audiences Research Develop a Message Produce Background Materials Timing What is an Effective Message? Effective messages are short, simple and

clear. Effective messages are easily understood. Effective messages are compelling. Effective messages are consistent. Message The Basic Rules Messages should support your main goals.

Messages take time to create. You shouldnt rush the process. Messages should not change frequently. To have impact, they must be repeated over and over again. Stay on point. Message The Basic Rules (contd)

Less is more. Dont have more than 3 or 4 messages. More is too confusing and wont get heard. Keep it short. Messages should be conveyed in a sentence or two. If it takes a paragraph, keep working. Make it understandable. Use plain language and avoid specialized vocabulary or acronyms. Make it memorable. Use soundbites, statistics and anecdotes.

CREATING A MESSAGE Key Questions to Help Develop Your Message What do people need to know, believe or care about to support and engage with your organization or issue? What obstacles or misconceptions do you need to overcome to get people engaged? What needs to happen, or what do people

need to do, to meet your organizations goals or have an impact on your issue? Creating a Message Box A Message Box helps you hone in on the key points of

your campaign Messages dont always need to be delivered in a vertical order your presentation depends on your audience Write in the main points Fill in with anecdotes, statistics, and soundbites that reinforce this message. Example Message Box Prevention

Non-partisan panel of experts using their medical and scientific knowledge determined contraception to be preventive health care for women Multi-use: health benefits, prevent unintended pregnancies, plan timing and spacing of families Affordable Care Act Affordability Uncertain economic times 99% of women use birth control at some

point in their lives, regardless of religious beliefs Contraceptive Coverage The ACA made preventive care available at no additional cost to the consumer Tangible benefit of how the law works to advance

womens health NWLC Signature Issue The National Womens Law Center has been working for many years to get contraception covered in all health insurance plans DELIVERING A MESSAGE Delivering the Message Remember the audience.

What questions will likely be asked? Have your key message points ready. Know your opponents viewpoints and have counterpoints ready. Dont make things up and never lie. Delivering the Message (contd) Dont use jargon or acronyms. Follow up with additional information. Use off-message questions to bridge to

your point. The best way to answer that is to look at the broader issue Whats really at issue here Dont repeat negative questions or accept the frame. Be succinct and persuasive. Nuts & Bolts Be a reliable, helpful source of information.

Return calls promptly.

Only use facts you can back up. Be able to translate language into every day terms. Help with background information. Know your audience. Localize. Make a clear ask. Say thank you. Follow up. STAY ON MESSAGE! QUESTIONS

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