Multicultural Issues in Disability Studies

Multicultural Issues in Disability Studies

Cultural Diversity & Disability Studies What We Have Learned at the University of Hawaii MEGAN A. CONWAY, PH.D. CENTER ON DISABILITY STUDIES UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII AT MNOA [email protected] Key Points

1. There is a need for the integration of multicultural studies and disability studies. 2. Graduate coursework in DS should include multicultural perspectives. perspectives 3. Faculty development should include disability as a component of diversity. diversity

Integration of Disability Studies & Multicultural Studies SECTION ONE Consider the Relationship Definition of Culture SYSTEM of learned and shared standards for

perceiving, interpreting and behaving in interactions with others and with the environment Cultural system components include: Behaviour

Communication Knowledge Relationships

Transmission of culture Is There a Disability Culture? Cultural Assumptions Cultural Assumptions

Graduate Course in Multiculturalism and Disability SECTION TWO Course Description Context: One of a 5-course series for the Graduate Certificate in Disability and Diversity Studies at UHM. Goal: Provide background and understanding of

various cultures in the conceptualization and treatment of persons with disabilities. Course Objectives 1. Understand ones own cultural values. 2. Understand history and values of other cultures. 3. Understand impact of culture on research practices. 4. Increase intercultural communication skills. 5. Develop ethnic-sensitive approach to professional and

scholarly interactions. Course Content Readings reflect both scholarly and personal accounts of cultural issues. Introductory sessions in meaning of culture, cultural

assumptions. Guest speakers with intimate understanding of specific culture AND disability. Topics vary by cultural makeup of region. Faculty Professional

Development Series SECTION THREE Need for Training Increasing number of students with disabilities in higher education. Students have diverse identities and backgrounds

that impact their learning. Many faculty unsure how to address the needs of diverse student body. Professional Development Topics at UHM 1. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) 2. Multicultural Awareness 3. Mentoring 4. Disability Awareness

Rights and Responsibilities Hidden Disabilities Assistive Technology Accessible Online Instruction

More Information Students with Disabilities as Diverse Learners Project Certificate in Disability and Diversity Studies at University of Hawaii at Mnoa (now offered via distance education) Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal

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