Warm up Describe some of the characteristics of people who are grieving. Try to give reasons for their attitudes or actions. Agenda

Warm Up Vocabulary Squares Elizabethan and Tragedy Notes-- Quiz next week!

Hamlet Act 1- scenes 1, 2, and 3? w/ guided questions Start character analysis with movie Analyze Hamlets first soliloquy...hes sad More movie? I can analyze the characters and action in Shakespeares Hamlet. (RL.12.1 and RL.12.4)

Vocabulary Day 2 Vocabulary List: Act 1 apparition [ap rish n] n. ghost; spirit calumnious [k lum ne s] adj. slanderous canon [kan n] n. church law countenance [koun t nns] n. face; expression discourse [dis kors] n. conversation

imminent [im nnt] adj. ready to happen; inevitable perilous [per ls] adj. dangerous portentous [por ten ts] adj. threatening prodigal [prod i l] adj. wasteful; extravagant sullied [sul ed] adj. tarnished NEW WORDS:

CALUMNIOUS, SULLIED, PORTENTOUS, and COUNTENANCE Vocabulary Squares Rules: Create 3 three-word phrases that describe/define the word. You may not use the same word more than once in a 3x3 block.

You may not use the vocabulary word in the 3x3 block. More Notes Please add to your notes from last time! Please keep these notes safe with the notes from last class. YOU WILL HAVE A

QUIZ NEXT WEEK! A- day quiz: 10/13 B-day quiz: 10/14 The celestial chain topped the social order

The Divine Order or The Great Chain of Being Example of the Divine Order (Most Amount of Spirit/Highest on the Divine Order)

God Angels (seraphim, cherubim) Humans (kings, merchants, men women, etc.) Animals (mouse, dogs, lions, etc.) Plants (grass, trees, etc.) Nonliving Objects (rocks, metals, etc.) (Least Amount of Spirit/ Lowest on the Divine Order)

Example of Divine order of Humans (Most Amount of Spirit/Highest on the Divine Order) Kings Queens Nobles Merchants

Peasants (Least Amount of Spirit/ Lowest on the Divine Order) Divine Order within Families (Most Amount of Spirit/Highest on the Divine Order) Father

Mothers Sons Daughters Servants (Least Amount of Spirit/ Lowest on the Divine Order) What does all of this mean?

People in Elizabethan England believed: The more "spirit" the person or object was thought to have had, the more power it had in its interactions with people or things below in the order. People in Elizabethan England believed:

God set up this order and wanted it to be followed. If someone or something were to break the Divine Order by not being obedient to whatever was above it, the person or thing that went against the God's will would be punished. Examples: If a noble overthrew a king, Elizabethan people thought that a natural disaster (an earthquake, a hurricane,

etc.) would strike. If a daughter disobeyed her father, Elizabethan people believed the daughter might fall ill. This was a very convenient way for people higher in the Divine Order to maintain their power. Over Reachers People who committed these crimes were called

over-reachers (like Lucifer & Adam/Eve from the Bible) In tragedy, result of over-reaching is SOCIAL CHAOS (We will see in Hamlet) Elizabethan people believed in the Divine Right kings were God-chosen spokesmen; this deterred rebellion Elizabethan people believed in the

Doctrine of Infallibility. That means that the monarch was incapable of doing wrong; if the King was wrong, it was because of wicked counselors who misled him. How does it connect to Shakespeare? Shakespeare

sincerely believed in the Divine Order, and many of his plays are just a few of the plays that reflect Shakespeare's belief in the Great Chain of Being and his desire to maintain God's Order. Macbeth Taming of the Shrew

Romeo and Juliet Hamlet We talked about REVENGE tragedies, now here are some elements of the

tragedy genre Fall of a Regal Person (Royalty) Sudden Fall Social and Cosmological

Consequences People believed that bad things would happen in a country or even in the universe. (earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural catastrophes might accompany tragic events) see teacher notes on Google

Determinism vs. Autonomy (in other words: fate vs. free will) External (often supernatural) Influences

These, often supernatural influences, will often signify the role of FATE Multiple Deaths so many deaths

Tragic Nobility The hero MUST accept some measure of responsibility and need SOME sense of a dignified ending. This means no begging, groveling, etc. The hero needs a dignified death.

Tragedy Terms Catharsis The purging of emotions or relieving of emotional tensions (through art or music) Purging of pity and fear by the audience Fear comes from the justice that was

carried out Pity comes from the fact that those who died deserved it. Anagnorisis The critical moment of recognition or discovery Otherwise known as tragic

enlightenment Its when the character realizes their part in the downfall Hamartia Tragic flaw The quality that will bring about ruin

Hubris Overreaching pride Pride that rivals the gods Now, well transition... Notes are done! Again, KEEP THEM

SAFE! Lets catch up in the reading and the movie Take out your guided questions Questions? Begin. Act 1, scene 2, Claudius speech

Analyzing Hamlets Soliloquy Get a book. Work on the worksheet in front of you. You may work with a partner for these questions. Please look up vocabulary you do not know on your phone or in a

dictionary. Ask me if you have any questions! If time, continue movie

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