Modern Art 109 From mid-19th century to mid-20th century

Modern Art 109 From mid-19th century to mid-20th century

Modern Art 109 From late 19th century to mid-20th Century (left) Paul Czanne, Self Portrait, 1878-80 (middle) Diego Rivera, The History of Mexico - The Ancient Indian World. 1929-35. Fresco. North wall, National Palace, Mexico City, Mexico. (right) Jackson Pollock (American Action painter, 1949 Life magazine photo for article, Is He the Greatest Living Painter in the United States? Vincent Van Gogh, Dutch Post-Impressionist Painter, 1853-1890 (37 years)

Paul Gauguin, French Post-Impressionist Painter, 1848-1903 (55 years) Vincent Van Gogh, Self-Portrait Dedicated to Paul Gauguin, 1888 (artist is 35 years old) Paul Gauguin, Self Portrait Dedicated to Vincent, Les Misrables, 1888 (artist is 40 years old)

Self-defined artistes maudits self-exiled from conventional urban, middle-class modernity scorned for their non-conformism. The heroic avant-garde TOKYO-PARIS Japanism and Occidentalism (left) Ando Hiroshige, Kameido Ume (Japanese apricot) Garden, woodcut, ink on paper, 1857, from the series, One Hundred Famous Views of Edo (right) Vincent Van Gogh, Plum Tree in Bloom (after Hiroshige), oil on canvas,1887

FAUVISM (left) Henri Matisse, Woman with a Hat (Madame Matisse), 1904-5 (below) Matisse, The Green Stripe (Madame Matisse), 1905 CUBISM (left) Georges Braque, French, Homage to J. S. Bach, oil on canvas, 21 x 28, Cret, Winter 1911-12. First use of trompe loeil wood grain created with housepainters combs

(right) Pablo Picasso, Spanish,The Poet, summer 1912, oil on canvas, 23 x 19 Picasso, instructed by Braque, uses housepainters combs for the hair, adding an element of wit. Almost every evening, either I went to Braques studio or Braque came to mine. Each of us had to see what the other had done during the day. - Picasso (recalling 1910-12)

Duchamp, L.H.O.O.Q, 1919, reproduction of the Mona Lisa with hand drawn mustache and goatee, and added iconoclastic inscription. Readymade Assisted Hannah Hch (German, 1889 -1978), Cut With the Kitchen Knife Dada through the Last Weimar Beer Belly Cultural Epoch of Germany, 1919 (right, below) Raoul Hausmann & Hannah Hch at 1920 Berlin Dada Fair

Hch in 1917 Lszl Moholy-Nagy (Hungarian photographer, typographer, sculptor, painter, printmaker, and industrial designer, 1895-1946) BAUHAUS (left) Balance study, 1924, wood and metal (center) Lszl Moholy-Nagy and Lucia Moholy, Portrait of Moholy-Nagy, 1932 (right) Moholy-Nagy, AXXV, oil on canvas,1926

Moholy-Nagy, Bauhaus master replaced Johannes Itten as the instructor of the preliminary course in 1923 Varvara Stepanova (Russian, 1894-1958) with her designs for sportswear, both 1923 The New Woman and production (Constructivist) aesthetics

Meret Oppenheim (German, 1913-1985), Object (Luncheon in Fur) 1936, fur covered cup, saucer, spoon, two views, Surrealism 1936 photo of Object by Dora Maar Man Ray, Minotaur, 1933

Surrealist formlessness: challenging the duality of sex Brassai, Nudes, 1933 Phallus-female torso Constantin Brancusi, Torso, 1924 & 1926

Modern Art in Africa, Asia, and Latin America: An Introduction to Global Modernisms . . . .every Museum of Modern Art in the United States and Europe should be required, in the spirit of truth in advertising, to change its name to Museum of Western Modernism until it has earned the right to do otherwise. Holland Cotter

NYTimes, 2012 Open link below to follow the geographical history of European colonialism, 1492-2008 (left) Unknown Aztec artist, The Miraculous Mass of Saint Gregory, Mexico City, 1539, feather on wood, 26 x 22, commissioned by the first

colonial governor of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) as a gift for Pope Paul III (center right) Giovanni Pietro Birago, Mass of Saint Gregory, painting, Milan, c. 1490 , typical source for feather painting (right) Pre-Conquest Aztec feathered shield, c. 1500 CE Yoshikazu, Picture of Foreigners Enjoying a Banquet, December 1860, Yokohama, color

woodblock Children dance at the May Festival Ball given in honor of the Japanese ambassadors Frank Leslies Illustrated Newspaper, June 6, 1860

(left) Yorozu Tetsugoro, Self Portrait with Red Eyes, oil on canvas, 1912 Expressionist / Cubist / Futurist / Global avant-garde modernism (right) Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (German Expressionist, 1880-1938), Self Portrait with Model, oil on canvas, 1910 Transformative influence of African tribal sculpture Picassos epiphany in June 1907 at the ethnographic museum in Paris

Georges Braque: It is as if someone had drunk kerosene to spit fire." My first exorcism painting. For me the masks were not just sculptures. They were magical objects...intercessors...against everything - against unknown threatening spirits....They were weapons

. . . to keep people from being ruled by spirits. To help them free themselves. . . . If we give a form to these spirits we become free." (left) Aina Onabolu (Yoruba-Nigerian, 1882-1963), Portrait of a Lawyer, oil on canvas, 1910 (right) Egungun Mask, unknown Yoruba carver, Nigeria, late 19th/early 20th century Picasso, Les Demoiselles dAvignon, 1907, icon of Western avant-garde painting

(left) Aina Onabolu, Portrait of a Man (Self Portrait?), oil on canvas, 1954 (right) Onabolu, Nude Study, drawing, 1920(?) The 20th century avant-garde style and theory of Joaqun Torres Garca, Universal Constructivism, was influenced by Andean pre-conquest art based on geometric patterns. Compare Inca woven tunic (left), c. 1476-1534 with Torres Garcia, Composition, 1932 (right)

Wifredo Lam (Cuban-born French Painter, 1902-1982), The Jungle, 1943 gouache on paper mounted on canvas, 94 1/4 x 90 1/2 . . .beings in passage from a vegetal state to that of an animal still charged with vestiges of the

forest - Wifredo Lam Strategy of Re-appropriation

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