Midterm Planning Meeting Presentation Template

Midterm Planning Meeting Presentation Template

Directions for this Template Use the Slide Master to make universal changes to the presentation, including inserting your organizations logo View tab > Slide Master Replace placeholders (indicated by brackets [ ]) with information specific to your exercise Delete any slides that are not relevant for your meeting Font size should not be smaller than 22pt Rev. April 2013 HSEEP-DD03

1 Exercise Name Midterm Planning Meeting [Date] Welcome [Name] [Title (e.g., Exercise Director or Lead Planner)] [Organization]

3 Administrative Remarks Safety and emergency information Restrooms

Cell phone etiquette Breaks and lunch Microphones (if applicable) 4 Introductions Name Organization 5

Trusted Agents Trusted agents are the individuals on the Exercise Planning Team(s) who are trusted not to reveal exercise and scenario details to players or third parties before exercise conduct. Trusted agents also develop pre-exercise materials, conduct exercise briefings, and support training sessions. Information in this document is intended for the exclusive use of the exercise planners and is not to be released to the public or other personnel who do not have a valid need-to-know without prior approval from an authorized sponsor organization

representative. This document is not releasable to any public website. 6 Agenda

[Time] Welcome and introductions [Time] Planning updates [Time] Exercise design [Time] Exercise development [Time] Action items and next steps 7 Meeting Objectives

Review planning updates Further develop exercise design elements Review and update exercise development items Address outstanding issues Discuss next steps and assign tasks

8 Planning Updates [Outcomes of the Initial Planning Meeting] [Additional updates] 9 Exercise Design Discussion Points Review and confirm exercise design elements Construct the scenario timeline

Review draft exercise documentation [Situation Manual (SitMan) or Exercise Plan (ExPlan)] [Facilitators Guide or Controller/Evaluator (C/E) Handbook] Exercise Evaluation Guides (EEGs) 10 Objectives and Core Capabilities Objective 1: [Objective] Aligns to: [Core Capabilities] Objective 2: [Objective]

Aligns to: [Core Capabilities] Objective 3: [Objective] Aligns to: [Core Capabilities] 11 Plans, Policies, and Procedures [Relevant plans, policies, and procedures to be tested or examined during the exercise] 12

Scenario Threat or hazard: [Threat/hazard] Conditions: [Scenario details such as locations, time, weather, etc.] Modeling and simulation: [Any models or simulations to be used Human-based Computer-based] 13

Scenario Timeline [Event] [Date/time] [Event description] [Related core capability/critical task] [Event] [Date/time] [Event description] [Related core capability/critical task]

14 MSEL [As needed] A MSEL contains a chronological listing of the events that drive exercise play Each MSEL entry should contain the following: Designated scenario time Event synopsis Controller responsible for delivering the inject Expected player response Intended player

Objective, core capability, capability target, and/or critical task to be addressed Notes section 15 MSEL Development Session [as needed] Participants suggest specific MSEL entries to support the evaluation of their organizations objectives, core capabilities, capability targets, and critical tasks 16

Exercise Participants [List of participating organizations] 17 Draft Exercise Documentation

[SitMan or ExPlan] [Facilitator Guide or C/E Handbook] EEGs [Other documents as needed] 18 Local Issues and Concerns [Any issues, concerns, or sensitivities for discussion and consideration]

19 Exercise Development Discussion Points Review and update exercise logistical arrangements Develop exercise schedule

Review and update exercise staffing requirements Review and update exercise planning timeline 20 Exercise Logistics Exercise location [Venue arrangements, including location(s), setup, etc.] [Any locations for designated exercise areas, such as exercise assembly area, observer/media area, etc.] A/V requirements

[A/V arrangements, such as screens, microphones, etc.] Badging and identification [Badging and identification arrangements] Parking and transportation [Parking and transportation arrangements] 21 Exercise Schedule Controller/Evaluator briefing: [Date/time] [Date]

Participant registration: [Time] Participant briefing: [Time] Start of exercise (StartEx): [Time] End of exercise (EndEx): [Time] Hot Wash: Immediately after EndEx [Date] Controller/Evaluator debriefing: [Time] 22 Exercise Staffing

Subject-Matter Experts [Any identified SMEs] Exercise control Lead or Senior Controller: [Name/organization] Safety Controller: [Name/organization] [Other controllers as needed] Exercise evaluation Lead Evaluator: [Name/organization] [Site- or function-specific evaluators as needed] [Other staff as needed]

23 Exercise Planning Timeline MSEL Meeting [if needed] : [Date and location] Milestones and deliverables before next meeting Final Planning Meeting: [Date and location] Milestones and deliverables before next meeting Exercise: [Date and location] 24

Outstanding Issues [Any outstanding issues to address] 25 Action Items Distribute MPM minutes: [Responsible organization/individual], [Due date] Revise draft exercise documentation [SitMan or ExPlan]: [Responsible organization/individual], [Due date]

EEGs: [Responsible organization/individual], [Due date] [Scenario or MSEL]: [Responsible organization/ individual], [Due date] [Other documents] [Additional action items] 26 Next Meeting [Date] [Time]

[Location] 27

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