Middle Ages

Middle Ages

Middle Ages The Crusades At the end of the Roman Empire much of the western world converted to Christianity. It was during this

time that an Arab man rose up as a self-proclaimed prophet preaching a new religion. The prophet Muhammad taught his people to belief in one God-Allah. His

followers were known as Muslims. The religion was Islam. The Muslims took over the Holy Land and pushed the Christians out claiming it was the mission land of Muhammad and sacred to

Pope Urban II calling for support in the Crusades. The Crusades A series of wars in which Christians

fought against the Muslims to take back the Holy Land. Pope Urban promised Christians if they joined in

the Crusades that their sins would be forgiven and they would be accepted into Heaven. Why did people join the Crusades?

Peasants: forgiveness of sin. Escape from harsh rulers. Knights: land, wealth, and forgiveness of sin. Pope: he was called by God to regain the Holy Land. Weapons of war used in the Crusades by knights--these weapons were expensive to

Greek fire being shot by a catapult Damage to a castle from a siege weapon

Peter the Hermit asks his people to join in the Crusades in service to God. He led the peasants in the First Crusade, also known as

the Peasants Crusade. The First Crusade set out from France and first had to conquer Antioch before the Crusaders could make their way into Jerusalem. Knights and peasants

were about to turn back when a man claimed to have found the Holy Lance. This story inspired the Crusaders and they continued to fight until they regained the Holy Land!

Success!! Peter Bartholomew and the Holy Lance. The Knights Templar-This special

band of knights was formed to protect pilgrims making their way to the Holy Land. They were also charged to collect sacred

relics of God, The Old Man of the Mountain The Second Crusade: Two great armies set out from Europe to take back the Holy Land. They made it as far as Damascus but failed. They spent more time fighting each other than they did

Saladin was the leader of the Muslim army. He was ruthless and cunning, yet merciful and compassionate. He was

responsible for taking the Holy Land back from the Christians after the First The Third Crusade, or the Crusade of the Kings, set out from England led by King Richard the Lionheart. They were closer to success than

they realized, but relented to Saladins army and failed. They made a treaty and Christian pilgrims were given certain rights. King Richard the Lionhear t

King Richard believed so strongly in the Crusades he was willing to sell London to finance the battle. He and Saladin became respected enemies. King Richard was captured on his return from the

Crusades by the Duke of Austria. He called for a ransom of 150,000 marks which was paid and the King then released. The people of England loved their king and

aided in paying the ransom. Christians had grown tired and poor from the first three Crusades and no longer had any interest in taking back the Holy Land. The Fourth Crusade was an attack on the city of Constantinople for money. The

Fourth Crusade The Childrens Crusade led by Stephen of Cloyes

Only one of the four major crusades are considered to have been a success. So what was gained from the Crusades? Outcomes of the Christian Crusades: 1)Cities grew through increased trade.

2)Crusaders brought home cotton, exotic foods, spices, and sugar. 3)Money began to be used over trade. 4)Civilization advanced and the Renaissance began.

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