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MD Consult Features - NSU Library

NUTR 2111 Introduction to Nutritional Sciences Sandra A. Martin, M.L.I.S. Instructor of Library Services Health Sciences Resource Coordinator John Vaughan Library Room 305B [email protected] 918-444-3263 1 Knowledge is the Enemy of Disease Sir Muir Gray Existing Knowledge Can Prevent Waste & Errors Poor Patient Experience Adoption of low value interventions Failure to adopt high value interventions

2 Harmful practices once supported by expert opinion Time period Accepted practice Shown to be harmful Impact on clinical practice

From 500 bc Blood Letting 1820 Ceased in 1910 1957 Thalidomide for morning sickness in early pregnancy 1960 Withdrawn when first

case report of severe malformations appeared From 1900 Bed rest for acute low back pain 1986 Still advised by some doctors 1960s Benzodiazepines

for mild anxiety 1975 Diazepam prescribing fell in 1990s due to severe dependence and withdrawal symptoms Late 1990s Cox-2 inhibitors to treat arthritis 2004

Withdrawn following legal cases in the US Source: Adapted from How to read a paper: the basics of evidence-based medicine. 4 th edition. By Trisha Greenhalgh. 2010 Blackwell Publishing Sandra Martin Provides. Instruction

Research Assistance Small Group Consulting Database Searches Collection Development (Selection of print and online books, audiovisuals, journals and databases) Assistance with any health-related information need Office Hours: Tuesday 10 am to 4 pm and by appointment 4 5 6

From the NSU Libraries Home Page 7 From the Health Professions Page, Click on Nutritional Sciences 8 Remote Access

Enter NT-NSU user id and password to access the librarys electronic resources Contact your instructor if you have problems with your user id or password Contact Darren Tobey at [email protected] to report technical problems Contact Sandra Martin at [email protected] for search assistance 9 Technical Issues Check your browser

Chrome works best with our online resources Check your Internet Carrier Satellite Systems are frequently erratic or go down entirely during inclement weather Wireless Hotspot You need at least 3G

The library link from within Blackboard is sometimes slow. Please access the Library Resources for NS page directly from your browser 10 Interlibrary Loan/Document Services Delivery Delivery of journal articles, books, and other items not owned by

the library Delivery of books, audiovisuals, and journal articles in the librarys print collection Journal articles delivered electronically if possible ILL Requests Click on Interlibrary Loan link from Nutritional Sciences Web Page (link located under Library Info) Complete and submit the online registration form Complete the online request form Provide complete information about the journal article or book that you need and include your contact information If you have questions or need assistance, contact: [email protected] or 918-444-3278 Learning Objectives

To provide a mechanism for students to access the most current nutritional sciences and health care information To familiarize students with specific information resources and services to support the nutritional sciences curriculum To familiarize students with evidence-based health care and lifelong learning skills 12

Overview of Online Resources Research and Clinical Databases e-Journals Evidence-Based Summaries 13 Journal Article Databases

Clinical Key (includes MEDLINE), CINAHL Complete, Science Direct, and UpToDate are most frequently used resources to find journal articles on nutritional sciences topics. Search this section when you need articles on subjects, e.g., child nutrition disorders, diet therapy, etc. Databases in this section provide links to full text journal articles and other resources You must start at the librarys Nutritional Sciences web page to access our subscribed full text collegesh/healthpr/dn/index.html 14

Clinical Key All in one database with full text access to 1,000 books and 500 journals in every medical and surgical specialty Access to information at all levels from topic overview to evidence-based data in one search Includes full text journal articles, book chapters,

MEDLINE citations, videos, images, drug monographs No complicated search strategies or Boolean connectors View the brief video to get started Easier than Google but with reliable, evidence-based results MEDLINE U. S. National Library of Medicines premier database. Contains over 20 million citations to journal articles in medicine, nursing, allied health, and

basic sciences as they relate to health care from 1946-present Inclusion of a journal in MEDLINE is a quality measure. Indexed for MEDLINE denotes validation of journal legitimacy and quality. The decision of whether or not to index a journal for this service is an important one and is made by the Director of the National Library of Medicine, based on considerations of both scientific policy and scientific quality. Over 5,600 titles are indexed and included in the MEDLINE database. The LSTRC meets three times a year to review journal applications. Scientific merit of a journal's content is the primary consideration in selecting journals for indexing. The validity, importance, originality, and contribution to the coverage of the field of the overall contents of each title are the key factors considered in recommending a title for indexing, whatever the intended purpose and audience. 16

Databases - CINAHL Complete CINAHL stands for Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature Core research tool that contains full text of more than1,400 journals Not all journals are peer reviewed. Limit search results to academic journals

Check the box next to suggest subject terms and search CINAHL headings for best results, e.g., search pediatric obesity for childhood obesity View the brief video to get started 17 Databases - CINAHL Complete 18 Databases Science Direct

Scientific database produced by Elsevier Provides journal articles from over 2,500 peer reviewed journals and chapters from almost 20,000 books in all life sciences disciplines Useful to find full text articles on nutrition and dietetics topics in scientific journals across multiple disciplines Contains full text of journals published by the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 19 New Search Tools Target HighQuality Studies MEDLINE - major source of primary literature, BUT

Process of searching, selecting, evaluating original research can be time consuming and requires critical appraisal skills Filtered/Synthesized/Evaluated resources - secondary literature, evidence summaries, e.g., UpToDate and First Consult filter the journal literature and point to current studies of higher quality

include a formal system for grading the quality of the evidence and recommendations for practice increase ease of accessing and understanding clinical research information Evidence Summaries UptoDate Evidence based summaries of over 10,000 topics in over 22 specialties GRADE System used to score recommendations and strength of evidence Practice changing updates; Updated continuously Drug database; Patient education materials The Gold Standard of summaries Evidence Summaries

FirstConsult Search online in Clinical Key Concise summaries; sections on differential diagnosis and treatment (drug and non-drug) quality of evidence graded and links included to relevant literature Not updated as rapidly as UTD Search Multiple Databases Findings May Differ If you need Help, contact Sandra 24

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