Mayflies by: Sam Easterbrook - CCTT

Mayflies by: Sam Easterbrook - CCTT

Mayflies by: Sam Easterbrook 2,000 species of mayflies worldwide. One of the oldest known animals, has been around 300,000,000 years. These insects are very small adults only reach about 2cm in length.

Mayfly larvae spend two to three years in a pond or river before developing into an adult. For adult mayflies flight is very weak because of their very thin fragile wings. Unlike many other flying insects mayflies cannot

walk on the ground. Main purpose of adult mayflies is to reproduce. Mayflies die almost immediately after mating. Adult mayflies cannot eat because of degenerate mouth parts

and an incomplete digestive tract. The scientific name of mayflies is Ephemeroptera danica (meaning living for a day.) Mayflies also have well developed

compound eyes. Females always lay eggs in water. Mayflies are also used for fly fishing. Trout especially like mayflies for bate. In conclusion mayflies are an interesting insect

that live when young, become an adult, reproduce then die. Then the cycle starts again. Thank you for watching.

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