Matteus 16:13-20 - Communitas

Matteus 16:13-20 - Communitas

Matteus 16:13-20 Ingenooi deur God

Ons raak bewus van ons diepste behoeftes, vrae en vrese en gee ons oor aan God Ingaan in God se tyd

Ons betree God se wreld en gaan in God se vrede in Wie is jy?

Wie is jou familie? Luister na God se Woord

Ons luister dieper na die Woord en ontmoet God Wie is ek?

Matteus 16:13-20 Luister na mekaar God maak ons n luisterende

gemeenskap en praat ook deur ander mense met ons Word on the street

Luister na ander en die tye Ons stel onsself oop om God van

onverwagse kante af te hoor Indeed we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. But

saved to what? We are saved to live Gods love in this world. Bonhoeffer

Luister weer na God se Woord Ons fokus op die Gees se beweging

in ons hart en gedagtes Wie is Jesus vir jou?

The answer is not pot luck-dinners, WWJD bracelets or pushy preachers. The thing that makes us who we

are, is who Jesus is. Jesus Christ is Christianity. Genade n Jesus

Jesus is hoe ek my God wil h. Jou belydenis moet klop met jou dade

Sesarea-Filippi is n simbool van enige risky en gevaarlike plek waar ons vandag

uitgedaag word om te reageer op Jesus, waar ons die Lewe leef en doen! God sonder altyd die

broses en breekbares uit Jesus, die Brose en Breekbare maak dit vir

my moontlik om ook Sy volgeling te kan wees Die kiesende God kies

MY! Ons is geroep not to be a chosen people so much as a

choosing people Today I said, 'Clean your room right now.' I failed to say, 'Thanks

for doing a neat job.' Today I said, 'You're late. Hurry up!' I failed to say, 'I enjoy

having you around.' Today I said, 'How in the world did you tear your jeans?'

I failed to say, 'You're more important than things to me.' Today I said, 'Look at

this mess!' I failed to say, 'I like the way you share with friends.'

Today I said, 'Don't talk so loud.' I failed to say, 'Your ideas are important to me.'

Today I said, 'Don't forget to empty the trash.' I failed to say, 'You

accept responsibility well.' Today I said, 'I wish you'd stop that silly

giggling.' I failed to say, 'I'm glad you're so happy today.'

Today I said, 'Have you finished your homework?' I failed to say, 'I'm glad you do your

best.' Today I said, 'I'm too busy.' I failed to say, 'Let's

do something together.' Today I said, 'I need some peace and

quiet.' I failed to say, 'I'm glad you're my child.' Today I said, 'Don't

ever do that again.' I failed to say, 'I love you.' J. A. Blevins, Words,

Fokus op wat God nou doen Ons fokus op wat God nou doen en waarheen God ons lewe rig

God kies ons oor en oor! Antwoord met ons

lewe Ons besluit op n gepaste reaksie op wat God gegee/ gedoen/ ges het

Here, neem my lippe en praat daardeur, neem my gedagtes en dink daardeur, neem my hart en steek

dit aan die brand met liefde vir U en ander W. H. Aitken

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