Master Meal Planning and Preparation

Master Meal Planning and Preparation

Master Meal Planning and Preparation Summary Meal Planning and Menus

Menu Planning Principles Variety Contrast Balance Nutrition Eye Appealing

Color Other Considerations Food Preferences Holidays/Other Occasions Climate & Seasons Product Availability Available Equipment Cycle Menus

Simplifies planning/ Time Saving Assist with Purchasing Review periodicall y

Seasonal Menus Cycle Menu Planning Steps Select the main dish Choose other components to complete the meal Check for meal pattern compliance Sample

Meat/MA menu for 5 week cycle Monday Cheese Cod Yogurt Ham Beans

Tuesday Chicken Cheese Haddock Eggs Pork Wed Beans Turkey Cheese

Tilapia Yogurt Thurs Pork Beans Chicken Cheese Tuna Friday

Eggs Gr Beef Beans Turkey Cheese The Institute of Child Nutrition 10 Care Connection Curricula for Child Care Providers

which includes handouts and videos on: CACFP Meal Patterns Menu Planning Family Style Meal Service Nutrition Needs of Young Children How do you know if its creditable?

Menus Menus must be: Posted Dated Detailed Available for each meal/snack claimed Document substitutions Maintain a copy on file

Menu Documentation Document specific: Fruits and vegetables Broccoli, kiwi Names of cereal(s) Cheerios, Life, Corn Flakes Type of milk served Fat content and if it is flavored

Whole grain-rich foods (bold) WW bread , WG English muffins Summary - Menus Review your menus Check for meal pattern compliance Make sure items are creditable The meals served and claimed must meet ALL CACFP meal pattern requirements

Meal Preparation 17 Records Production Purpose Shopping List Resource Ensure

enough food prepared Complete prior to meal prep Use to determine what & how much to

purchase Use by staff filling in Control costs Decrease leftovers Production Record

Excel, Word Weekly (breakfast, lunch, snack 1/wk) Daily (all meals 1/day) Production Record Instructions Week of/Prepared by Number and Ages of Children Served

Prepare enough food for: Children (by age) Adults, if served ADULT MEALS CANNOT BE CLAIMED FOR REIMBURSEMENT Projected Meal Counts Estimated number, not actual number of children being

served Foods to be Served Components listed should reflect what is on your menu Ground Beef Lettuce/Tomatoes Strawberries

Tortillas 1 Whole Skim Amounts Required Amount needed to meet the minimum amounts per the 7 Meal Pattern 13

9 Requirements 0 5 Meal Requirement Calculator GM 12 Gives you Amounts Required

Amounts Required Amounts to be Prepared Record actual amounts of food prepared based on packaging that items 7 were purchased in

13 9 (i.e. can size, pounds, 0 5 ounces, and gallons) Amounts to be Prepared Gives you

Amounts to Prepare Servings Size Exact Quantity Purchase Quantity

Purchase Unit Serving Description (EP) Item # Food Item (AP) 1

68 1 Oz Chicken boneless, fresh or frozen, tenders, tenderloins (boneless, chicken breast pieces without skin) Cooked chicken meat

5.82 6.00 lb 2 11 1 cup

Vegetable, mixed, frozen, California blend, broccoli, cauliflower and carrot blend Cooked drained mixed vegetable s 4.15

4.25 lb 3 11 1 cup

Strawberries, fresh, whole Raw whole strawberri es 5.57 6.00

Pint (111/2 oz) 4 13 1 cup Pasta, (group H), spaghetti, regular, dry

Cooked to al dente, boiled 8 minutes 2.48 2.50 lb

5 5 1 cup Milk, fluid--Whole Fluid milk

0.31 1.00 gallon 6 29 1 cup

Milk, fluidSkim Fluid Milk 1.81 2.00 gallon

Amounts to be Prepared Whats Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl Access recipes Create a cookbook Browse other Cookbooks Make a shopping list Fact Sheets on foods

Standardized Recipes Whats Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl http:// www.whatscooking.fns.usda.g ov/ Standardized Recipes CACFP Recipes 25 or 50 servings Central and South America North America Africa Europe Asia and Pacific Islands Recipes for Healthy Kids Child Care Centers

Recipes for Healthy Kids Crediting Chart CN Labels and Product Documentation Store-Bought Combination Foods Here are a few Store-Bought Combination

Items 40 Required Documentation Child Nutrition (CN) Labels OR Production Formulation Statement On file PRIOR to serving item

Store-Bought Combination Foods Child Nutrition (CN) Label Example Product Formulation Statement (PFS) Manufacturer Name Product Formulation Statement

A serving of 3 chicken tenders provides 2 ounces of meat/meat alternate. 44 Proper Documentation NOT Nutrition Facts Labels or Ingredients Lists X X

Processed Meat/Meat Alternates Need CN label if product is not 100% meat Hotdogs Lunch meat Burgers Sausage (breakfast, polish) Creditable Bacon o Regular: Not Creditable


Creditable Activity: Crediting Chicken Nuggets Activity Answers Step 1:

Meal Pattern Serving Size Requirement 1&2 Year Olds 3-5 Year Olds 6-18 year olds, Adults

1 ounce m/ma 1.5 ounces m/ma 2 ounces m/ma Number of 5 2 = 2.5 x 1 = 2.5 5 2 = 2.5 x 1.5 =3.75 Chicken Nuggets 3

4 5 2 = 2.5 x 2 = 5 5 How many to serve? Step 2: 3

4 5 105 220 25 350 Activity Answers Step 3:

5 51 5 x 51 = 255 350 / 255 = 1.37, 1.5 bags Document on Cheat Sheet Pierce Chicken Nuggets (5 chicken nuggets = 2 oz M/MA & 1 grain)

3 chicken nuggets 4 chicken nuggets 5 chicken nuggets Common Serving Amounts

Reference GM 12 Comments section Record CN info or name of menu item if has multiple components (i.e. tacos)

5 nuggets = 2 oz MMA & 1-2 = 3 nuggets 3-5 = 4 nuggets Purchase of Meals from Vendor Agency CACFP requirements are met Monitor the meals delivered Maintain required documentation

Vendor Maintain Production Records, CN labels Provide delivery records Leftover Food Plan & prepare with objective of providing one meal/snack per child Leftovers: Refrigerate/freeze to use next day or at a later date Donate to a non-profit organization (Tax Exempt) Food pantry, homeless shelter

Food cannot go home with staff or families Questions Menu Activity

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