Map Information Tool (MIT2)

Map Information Tool (MIT2)

Map Information Tool (MIT) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Operated by Battelle for the US Department of Energy May 14, 2008 Stacy Austin Agenda Challenges Solution Video Benefits Implementation Conclusion 2

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Advances science & technology frontiers in energy, environment & national security Reports to the Department of Energys Office of Science $760 million business volume 4,000 staff Two million square feet 3 Challenges Limited integration of space and attribute data Difficult to display Limited spatial data input into decision making process Problem scenario examples Where is that room? Emergency situation

Space utilization and billing 4 Scope Over 100 buildings across Washington State Two million square feet 8,000 individual spaces 200 Autodesk Map drawings 350 different organizations 7,500 instances of tracked hazards 50,000 chemicals in various groups 300 recycle locations Much more 5 Prior to MIT Multiple business systems and logins

Permissions issues Expensive software and training 6 MIT to the Rescue 7 MIT to the Rescue Integration of spatial & attribute data Intuitive presentation Web-based Cost efficient 8 MIT Walk Through Map Tab

9 MIT Walk Through Report Tab 10 Video ConferenceRoom.wmv 11 MIT Benefits End User Responsive web-based application Availability of CAD spatial data Integration with multiple business systems Minimal learning curve

Near real-time data access 12 MIT Benefits - Company Mitigates operational risk Low maintenance; cost efficient Role-based access control No client install Can be deployed anywhere Extensible 13 Architecture Facility Source

Systems Automated data processing HR Property Data Warehouse Reporting datamart App N Workstation For map administration

and AutoCAD maps MapGuide Server MIT2 Event Handlers (Could be on Web Server) users Source CAD Files CAD Map files (poly-lines) Automated refresh process Map files

Web Server MIT2 Application Code 14 Project Team and Tools Project Manager DBA Any enterprise-class relational DB Draftsman Autodesk Map GIS knowledge

CAD developer Autodesk Map, MapGuide, GIS, .NET Web and UI developer C#, AJAX, JavaScript, MapGuide, YUI 15 Milestones and Budget July 06 January 07 July 07

January 08 July 08 t en es m p n of o ty r i o s

n v ot art h rt ent n t io . r a e s a p t s t m t S rim ide

n ata n re ata efre die e e e a u u m dd p G m st s w dd cr x e p l

e p l e n y t ti p elo bilit cep ly Ma dd e an ma m ty a ing i i r v m s

d ali st to Ea with e De Usa con u e u id h o d a as tion r te I u h U P nc use G are an p a

fu ta w M ta map Be Da ite S led u ed h Sc ut o l l ro

1.5 FTEs $10K Autodesk software SQL Server Database Hardware 15 Lessons Learned Requires robust infrastructure Re-use or leverage existing data Talk to users early Abstract everything Plug-and-play business systems Re-usable map components Plan for growth and integration

17 Path to Growth Ability to add new data categories Ability to add new modules Componentized software Plug and play source systems Integration with Google Earth Integration with Outlook Calendar URL API 18 Questions? Stacy Austin [email protected] (509) 371-7708 Norm Carr

[email protected] (509) 372-6063 19

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