Making evidence used and usefulTara LamontDeputy ... -

Making evidence used and usefulTara LamontDeputy ... -

Making evidence used and useful Tara Lamont Deputy Director, NIHR Dissemination Centre EVIDENCE LIVE 18 June 2018 Right evidence, better decisions Our aim is to get good research evidence to decision-makers in NHS, public health and social care. Dedicated NIHR

Dissemination Centre since April 2015 Research Policy + practice NIHR Dissemination Centre About dissemination theory and practice

Pointers for good dissemination WHO WHAT HOW WHEN What we have learned NIHR Dissemination Centre Theories of dissemination Diffusion of innovation (Rogers)

Social marketing Persuasive communication (McGuire) Source Channels Message Audience Setting NIHR Dissemination Centre Knowledge to practice

Different conceptual models: Instrumental Enlightenment - Carol Weiss (1979) and others NIHR Dissemination Centre `What works (NICE) vs `How would this work here (+ context) Should we expand our inpatient eating

disorder service? How can we modernise our outpatient services? NIHR Dissemination Centre Could virtual wards on discharge be a good idea?

How can we manage transition from child to adult services better? NIHR HIGHLIGHTS NIHR Dissemination Centre

Managers using evidence Managers find it hard to make sense of and apply evidence in their everyday work Studies show that managers tend to make less use of formal research. They value examples and experience of others and local intelligence Evidence does not speak for itself. Having skilled individuals, like public health staff, on the spot to identify, contextualise and interpret a range of relevant research helps managers use evidence when making decisions about systems and services NIHR Dissemination Centre Changing ideas of knowledge transfer PUSH PULL EXCHANGE Knowledge transfer and exchange is collaborative problem-solving between researchers and decision-makers Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

NIHR Dissemination Centre Be bi-lingual OLD POWER NEW POWER Like currency Held by few Closed Leader-driven

Professionalisation Like current Made by many Open Peer-driven Participation NIHR Dissemination Centre GOOD DISSEMINATION - pointers

WHO WHAT HOW WHEN NIHR Dissemination Centre WHO Identify primary audience Know where they go for information and insight Identify opinion leaders Engage stakeholders early and often Co-produce outputs which will have impact message and context NIHR Dissemination Centre NIHR Dissemination Centre 1336 downloads NIHR Dissemination Centre WHAT

Our scoping review on format of evidence emphasises: Clear core findings what did your study add? Language active, simple, vivid Arresting opening story, quote, question

What matters to audience eg benefits/harms Images and infographics Action-oriented messages one page Add context for primary audience Use of opinion leaders TOP TIP: READ OUT LOUD NIHR Dissemination Centre NIHR Dissemination Centre NIHR Signals important recent research summarised Declarative title findings upfront Clear messages for target audiences Context, implications and alignment with

guidelines Appraisal of evidence quality Commentary by opinion leader NIHR Dissemination Centre Prolonged versus short-term intravenous infusion of antipseudomonal lactams for patients with sepsis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised trials 2196 articles were identified and screened, and 22 studies (1876 patients) were included in the meta-analysis. According to the Grading of

Recommendations Assessment, Development, and Evaluation tool, the quality of evidence for mortality was high. Carbapenems, penicillins, and cephalosporins were studied. Patients with variable age, Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation (APACHE) II score, severity of sepsis and renal function were enrolled. Prolonged infusion was associated with lower all-cause mortality than short-term infusion (risk ratio [RR] 070, 95% CI 056087). Heterogeneity was not observed (p=093, I2=0%). The funnel plot and the Egger's test (p=044) showed no evidence of publication bias. NIHR Dissemination Centre

I would refer to this when making decisions here and discuss with colleagues Nurse manager, acute trust This is a thorough review of great interest to practitioners and commissioners given move towards early supported discharge from hospitals. Physiotherapist, community trust

Rating process Given the current focus on DToC and red bed days, an important study to share. Hospital manager NIHR Dissemination Centre Scores 6/6 6/6

6/6 Editorial meeting between Wessex & Bazian Evidence sift of recently published studies Early discharge hospital at home

NIHR Dissemination Centre HOW Multi-faceted approaches Face to face meetings and exchange Seek expert input from communications colleagues Use trusted platforms Target professional and trade publications Infographics and visuals Engage with twitter and social media but simple often best

NIHR Dissemination Centre NIHR THEMED REVIEWS NIHR Dissemination Centre

Using multiple platforms RCN chief executive at frailty event Open space discussion #NIHRfrailty: 377 tweets reaching 250,000 users NIHR Dissemination Centre Increase reach with trusted partners

NIHR Dissemination Centre WHEN Timing is key - having good enough evidence at the right time trumps perfect research which arrives too late for decision-makers Interim findings Find `hooks and relate to topical debate

NIHR Dissemination Centre NIHR Dissemination Centre Final thoughts for organisations Ask yourself:

Is it worth disseminating? How does it sit with other evidence? How does it fit with practice/policy context? Who needs to know? Where do they go? Who do they listen to? Pull and partnership more effective than simple `push Research findings most likely to be used and useful when

they are synthesised, contextualised and packaged for the needs of the user NIHR Dissemination Centre and for individual researchers Audience, audience, audience Spend time on the message being true to the science, but audience in mind Power of `enriched output, with context Develop a dissemination plan who, what, how, when

Embrace social media Stay networked and keep talking! NIHR Dissemination Centre Further information Follow us on Twitter @NIHR_DC Join our mailing list & receive regular Signals Download our products

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