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Communicating well Yvonne Weldon Dementia Clinical Nurse Specialist Key national drivers

National Dementia strategy - DoH 2009 Triangle of care Carers trust & RCN 2013 National CQUIN 2013 2016 F,A,I,R Dementia friendly action alliance DAA 2014 Prime ministers challenge on Dementia 2020 - DoH 2015 Care Act 2015 Fix dementia care - Alzheimer's. Society 2016 The key message from the primary prevention of dementia was Whats good for the heart is good for the brain.

NHS England GP health checks for >65yrs now includes; making people aware about Dementia and the signs and symptoms. In secondary prevention there is a growing body of evidence to promote a timely diagnosis of dementia and good evidence to support cognitive stimulation and peer support were identified. The review for tertiary prevention focussed on strategies to help people manage the condition such as supporting people to live alone, appropriate use of antipsychotic medication, supporting carers through

education and respite provision, and advance planning for long term care.(2016) I statements DAA 2016/17 reviewed and now We statements We have the right to an early and accurate diagnosis, and to receive evidence based, appropriate, compassionate and

properly funded care and treatment, from trained people who understand us and how dementia affects us. An analysis of stakeholders views in Central Bedfordshire (2016) identified a need for better communication with people with dementia, a lack of out of hours care, and a number of hidden populations (e.g. people with dementia living alone in rural areas). Qualitative research among people with dementia and their carers highlighted several key issues, including providing the right information at the right time and the

importance of having consistent care.(2016) GP resources NHS DoH Dementia revealed; what primary care needs to know (2014) NHS England Dementia diagnosis & management. A brief pragmatic resource for GPs.

A Doctors life A doctor's communication and interpersonal skills encompass the ability to gather information in order to facilitate accurate diagnosis, counsel appropriately, give therapeutic instructions, and establish caring relationships with patients. These are the core clinical skills in the practice of medicine, which are

essential for the effective delivery of health care. Patients want doctors who can skilfully diagnose and treat their sicknesses as well as communicate with them effectively. The importance of the carer The willingness to involve the carers & utilise their knowledge can increase the ability to get things right first time, saving resources & time, & using everyones expertise for the good of all (The Triangle of care. RCN 2013) Data protection GMC code of conduct suggests Drs

should not refuse to speak to someone close to the patient on the grounds of confidentiality. A Carers life Aim to build a partnership for care Engaging with the carer is as important as engaging with the

patient. If the patient is capacitous and can give consent, arrange cc. This will help to avoid DNA and maintain good communication between GP and carer. Most local authorities have carer support access. please refer the carer to local support services to avoid crisis. Carers Triangle of care (2013) Equip the carer

Knowledge is a wonderful thing; Delirium BPSD- what to expect Lasting power of attorney Encourage the carer to discuss future planning & advance wishes with their loved ones. The patient V The person Know the person;build a personal biography to

hold on file. Understand what is important for the person to live well at home. Give them time to articulate their needs. Listen to the carer. Consider any sensory loss - have some equipment ready;hearing amplifier, spare spectacles. Chunking use of short sentences, allow time for a response. Communication is more than just words: Gaining attention - Non verbal communication includes

good eye contact, touch, gaining their attention before engaging in care or conversation. Think about the environment too much stimulation, distractions, noise , too many people. The person living with Dementia Other things to discuss and consider;

Driving responsible for informing the DVLA Sharing info. set up CC if possible Voluntary and statutory organizations can offer support services; telecare, fire services, Herbert protocol, befriending, Age Concern. Communication with local hospital - additional support for appointments or procedures. Local support; Care home residents

DiaDem tool for diagnosing in care homes End of life - Gold standard framework Mental capacity assessment & consent to treatment. Recognising & preventing Delirium; - Effective Pain assessment & management.

- Bowel and bladder management - Nutrition not eating or drinking - Recognising end stages of Dementia Pain assessment There is evidence that pain goes undetected amongst people with dementia and in part this reflects difficulties with communication and the recognition of pain by clinicians (Marzinski, 1991; Ferrell et al., 1995; Cook et al., 1999). Abbey pain score non communicative patients unable to score their pain.


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