Lower Moreland High School

Lower Moreland High School

Lower Moreland High School CURRICULUM FAIR FEBRUARY 1, 2017 WELCOME! : Program Agenda Introduction and Program Objectives - Mr. Miles II. Credit Requirement and Sample Schedule - Ms. Quinn III. Course Levels, Offerings and Timeline - Ms. Dilks & I. Mr.Veneziale IV. Special Programs - Mrs. Specht V. Building College and Career Readiness- Mrs. Romano VI. Closing - Mr. Miles

Program Objectives 1. To highlight academic pathways, as well as other pertinent information, referenced in the Program of Studies in order to help students (and parents / guardians) make well-informed decisions throughout the course selection process. 2. To provide logistical information about the course selection process so that students and families know what to expect between now and September. 3. To provide parents with access to department chairpersons in order to ask general questions about course content and curriculum. Academic Credit Requirements: 24.0 credits are required according to the following distribution: 4.0 credits 3.0 3.0 3.0 1.0 0.5 1.0 1.0

0.5 0.5 0.5 6.0 English Social Studies Mathematics Science Physical Education Health Fine / Practical Art Humanities Art, Music & Culture Personal Finance Critical Writing Additional Electives Note: 1.0 credit reflects quantitative recognition of completion of 120 hours of instruction in a given course Recommended Minimum Credits: Grade 9

6.50 Grade 10 5.75 6.25 Grade 11 6.00 Grade 12 5.75 6.25 Sample Ninth Grade Daily Schedule: Period Course Marking Periods Room Time Forum Forum HR-48 108

7:25 AM -7:35 AM 1 World Studies English - CP 1132-1 218 7:38 AM 8:23 AM 2 World Studies Cultures - CP 2132-1 218 8:26 AM 9:11 AM 3 Fresh. Chem & Physics - CP 4522-1 206 9:14 AM 9:59 AM A-4 Geometry - College Prep 3242-2 214 10:02 AM - 10:47

B-5 Critical Writing 1136 -6 102 10:50 AM - 11:35 AM C-6 Physical Education - 9 8135-2 Gym 11:38 AM - 12:23 D Lunch D 0001-4 cafe 12:26 PM - 12:49 PM 7 Computer Graphics I 7577-2 103 12:52 PM - 1:37 PM 8 Spanish III - CP 5332-2

124 1:40 PM - 2:25 PM AM PM High School Course Levels and Offerings: Core Academic Courses Students are recommended for courses based on careful consideration of both aptitude and past performance Advanced Placement (AP) Honors College Preparatory Additional Levels

Electives Refer to course descriptions and pre-requisites in Program of Studies 0.5 credit or 1.0 credit All course descriptions and relevant pre-requisite listings may be found in the Program of Studies. www.lmtsd.org/lmhs -- Info Program of Studies OR on Guidance webpage Timeline for Course Selection: FEBRUARY / MARCH APRIL / MAY Grade 8 / Murray Avenue

Grades 9, 10, 11 / LMHS Program of Studies available Program of Studies available LMHS counselor visits (1 of 2) Students choose electives LMHS Curriculum Fair Teachers make recommendations Teachers make recommendations Students choose electives LMHS Curriculum Fair Course verifications are mailed home Course verifications are mailed home JUNE

JULY / AUGUST SEPTEMBER Recommendations for course placement are finalized LMHS counselor visits (2 of 2) Request for Change of Course Recommendation forms due AUG 1 Student schedules mailed home

Drop / Add period N/A N/A Recommendations for course placement are finalized Request for Change of Course Recommendation forms available Special Programs - DUAL ENROLLMENT - VIRTUAL HIGH SCHOOL - EASTERN CENTER FOR ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY College and Career Readiness BUILDING THE ACADEMIC

TRANSCRIPT --- GRADE POINT AVERAGE --- Grade Point Average and Class Standing Determined by assigning a numerical value to each subjects final letter grade, adding them up and dividing by the total number of credits All full and half year courses that meet during the regular school day count (Health and PE will count beginning with Class of 2018) Weight value of .075 is given for every credit of honors Weight value of .15 is given for the first 8 AP credits with a final grade of C or better GPA calculated for the first 7 semesters Personal / Social Growth ATHLETICS

CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES Baseball Basketball Cross Country Field Hockey Football Golf Lacrosse Soccer Softball Swimming / Diving Tennis Track & Field Winter Track Wrestling Academic Decathlon, Animal Rights Club Art Club, Asian Cultures Club Band, Buddy Club, Cheerleading Chess Club, Choir / Honors Choir Class Officers, Concert Band Debate Team, Drama Club

Environmental Science Club, French Club Future Business Leaders of America, Gay Straight Alliance, German Club, Interact (Rotary), Jewish Student Union, Lions Roar (Newspaper), Literary Magazine Mock Trial, Mountain Bike Club National Honor Society, News Studio Ping Pong Club, Science Club Spanish Club, Stars & Stripes Students Against Destructive Decisions Student Council President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Representatives TASC, Tech Crew Vocational / Industrial Clubs of America World Affairs Council, Yearbook (Elmleo) PRIMARY RESOURCE: Lower Moreland High School Website

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