Lord of the Flies - PC\|MAC

Lord of the Flies - PC\|MAC

Lord of the Flies William Golding Background and Analysis Ms. Crystal Barbour Russell William Golding

Born Sept 19, 1911 Cornwall, England Attended Oxford University

Studied English Literature and philosophy Joined Royal navy in WWII Career as school teacher Published Lord of the Flies in 1954 William Golding LOTF - His first and greatest success After it was published, he retired from teaching and wrote full time Awarded Nobel Prize for Literature in 1983

Knighted in 1988 Died 1993 His books deal with darker side of human nature Writing Prompt Are people inherently good or evil? Or crazy? Lord of the Flies

Novel dramatizes struggle between impulse to have order, rules, and moral behavior AND the impulse to act self-indulgently, seek power over others, and behave amorally. Civilization/common good for society versus Anarchy/savagery/selfish instinct Major Themes Need for civilization

basic needs of society Fear of the unknown Blindness and sight Use and abuse of power Loss of identity Evil within human beings

Survival Betrayal Justice / injustice Violence / death Leadership Loss of innocence

Lord of the Flies Ralphs name counsel (Anglo-Saxon) Jacks name one who supplants (Hebrew)

Simons name listener (Hebrew) Rogers name spear (Germanic) Lord of the Flies Bart as Jack Two extremes represented by: Ralph protagonist Jack antagonist

Symbols Conch shell symbolizes order and authority; organization. When Piggy dies the conch is destroyed. Signal fire symbolizes common sense and light of hope and rescue Beast symbolizes evil both within and without; fear of the unknown

Symbolism Object/ Character Represents/Symbolizes Piggy, Clear-sightedness, intelligence. The glasses state represents Glasses/specs the status of social order. Science and technology

Ralph, The Conch Democracy, Order. Simon Pure Goodness, "Christ Figure Martyr Roger

Evil, Satan sadist (likes hurting others) Jack Savagery, Anarchy, selfishness The Island A microcosm representing the world 1 st chapter is life raft

The "Scar" Man's destruction, destructive forces The Beast The evil residing within everyone, the dark side of human nature.

Lord of the Flies The Devil, great danger or evil Symbols Huts civilization, basic needs of society, shelter Face paint loss of identity and loss of self-consciousness Sharpened stick evil intentions of murder

Night and darkness loss of sight, blindness Samneric loss of identity, normal people Allegory Social conch, signal fire, glasses, Piggy, Ralph, huts, Moral beast, Lord of the Flies, jack,

Roger, sharpened stick, Religious Simon, Lord of the Flies Two movie versions

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