Liveable Communities

Liveable Communities

s e i t i n u m m o C e l

b a Live i ty l i b a n i ta Sus

f o s e m e h T e Thre What is sustainability?

The ability to use something in a manner so it will exist in the future Meeting the needs of today without jeopardizing the potential for future generations to meet their own needs City Planning/Urban Planning The practice of long-term land use design which takes into consideration the sustainable

development for both urban and suburban areas Sustainable development deals with the interrelationship of society, economy, and the environment Government involvement is essential in the success of the development. Three Themes of Sustainability Environmental Economic Environmental

Economic Social/Political Social/Political Economic The objective of economic sustainability is to ensure equity among different groups in the society. E.g. the working poor Some solutions are to offer people reasonable wages and

affordable housing. Additionally, economically sustainable communities are not dependent on one source of income Social The objective of social sustainability is to harmonize the social relations and improve the living conditions of

all groups. The areas of concern are accessibility, public health, affordable housing, and homelessness. Environmental The environmental issues urban planners must think about are air

pollution, water pollution, waste management, urban sprawl and energy consumption. Sustainable communities are often liveable ones What do you think the definition of liveable might be?

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