Leadership Styles - Loudoun County Public Schools

Leadership Styles - Loudoun County Public Schools

LEADERSHIP STYLES Introduction to Business & Marketing MANAGEMENT RECAP The purpose of management Skills needed by managers The functions of management The

levels of management OBJECTIVES Define leadership Determine qualities of a leader Recognize different styles of leadership FOOD FOR THOUGHT? Are

managers & leaders the same? WHAT IS LEADERSHIP? Leaders develop a vision for their organization Leaders organize, mobilize, and energize others to achieve a goal CHARACTERISTICS OF A LEADER MOTIVATION

Inspirational, Initiative, Goal-oriented CONFIDENCE Self-assured & decisive COMMUNICATI Ability to relate / ON SKILLS provide mentorship INTEGRITY Most valued quality being honest, loyal, fair ACTIVITY: CARE LEADERSHIP STYLES This activity associates leadership qualities with an easy-to-remember

acronym of the word CARE: C=CONGENIALITY Enjoy interaction Want to know how they can get others involved Want everyone to feel good and have a good time Want to fix it if youre not having a good time A=ACTION Want to know what you want and when you want it Seize the opportunity Think if its worth doing, its worth doing right now Need a variety of duties and responsibilities

R=REASON Would rather think now and act later Are good at analysis and critical thinking Want to know what the bylaws say Value accuracy, organization and preparedness E=EXCELLENCE Think if its worth doing, its worth doing right Want to know Is this the best way to do this? Want to make a difference Are motivated by helping others AUTOCRATIC

One person runs everything Give orders Expect orders to be obeyed without question Make decisions for others Not favorable in workplace DEMOCRATIC

Work with employees to make decisions Everyone: Meets Discusses Listens Develops group consensus Very favorable in workplace FREE-REIN LAISSEZ-FAIR

LEADERSHIP Leader sets goals Hands-off leader Delegate tasks: Managers do not have time to do everything Managers can focus on more important work Employees have more ownership Employees have a chance to develop their own potential

LEADERSHIP STYLES Autocratic Democratic Degree of authority used by the leader TELLING Free-Rein laissez-fair Degree of authority allowed to

followers PARTICIPATING DELEGATING ACTIVITY: THE LION, THE FOX, AND THE SAINT BERNARD This activity will help participants associate leadership qualities with the characteristics of the three animals: The Lion The Fox The Saint Bernard

Which animal do you relate with? Write the animal at the top of your paper before you start the activity Determine after the activity if your previous guess was correct If so, explain why if not, explain why it was different? Be prepared to share this information in class!

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