Le Sport en France - ILEP

Le Sport en France - ILEP

Le Sport en France List of the 20 sports counting the biggest number of players in France in 2007.

1: le football

2: le tennis 3: lquitation 4: le judo 5: le basket-ball 6: le golf 7: le handball 8: la ptanque marins 9: le rugby

10: la voile 11: la natation 12: la gymnastique 13: le cano-kayak 14: la randonne 15: le karat 16: le tennis de table 17: lathltisme

18: les sports sous19: le ski 20: le tir Le Football

Its the most famous sport in France, the one that counts the biggest number of players in France. There are famous players like Zinedine Zidane and Thierry

Henry who played in Equipe de France France has won the World cup in 1998 against Brazil (3-0), but has lost the 2006 final against Italy. Thanks to the different landscapes in

France, French people can do a lot of different sports in nature like rockclimbing, skiing, snowboarding, rowing, sailing, kayaking, mountaineering Le sport lcole

Athletics: jump, hurdle race, javelin, running Swimming

Gymnastic Team sports: volleyball, basketball, Handball, football, rugby Individual or pair sports: badminton, rock-climbing, table tennis Art: dance, juggling Wrestling, French boxing Depending on the school and the region you can also have: kayaking, rowing, skiing, baseball After school or on Wednesday afternoon we can also join AS=Association sportive organised by schools to join some

team, practice a sport and do some competitions with other schools. Famous competitions in France Le Tour de France: its a famous cycle race in France.

Le tournoi de Roland-Garros Le tournoi de Roland-Garros is a famous tennis championship in Paris. Les 24 heures du Mans

A car race that lasts 24 hours. Le Mans is located on the north western quarter of France (west of Paris). Olympic Games

France has been the host country 5 times for the Olympic Games: twice in Paris for the summer games (1900 and 1924) and three times for the winter games in Chamonix (1924), Grenoble (1968) and

Albertville (1992). French is one of the official languages of the Olympic games. London Olympics

The French Olympic Committee sent a total of 330 athletes to the Games, 183 men and 147 women, to compete in 24 sports. France left London with a total of 34 medals 11 gold, 11 silver, and 12 bronze finishing seventh in the gold medal standings and eighth in the overall medal standings. Most of these medals were awarded to the athletes in judo, cycling and swimming. Six French athletes won more than a single Olympic medal in London. France's team-based athletes proved successful at these

games, as the men's national handball team and the women's national basketball team won gold and silver medals, respectively. Furthermore, the men's national handball team managed to defend its 2008 Olympic title from Beijing. For the first time since 1960, France did not win an Olympic medal in fencing. Les symboles des quipes franaises

Le coq: La couleur bleue: Famous french sportsmen and

sportswomen Zinedine Zidane Thierry Henry Sbastien Chabal Alain Bernard

Laure et Florent Manaudou Amlie Mauresmo Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Gael Monfils Tony Parker

Tony Estanguet Teddy Riner Equipes franaises descrime Champions dpe (2008) (2008)

Champions de sabre Sports franais La Ptanque: it comes from Occitan (a french dialect from southern France) and it means that the feet shouldnt move.

La pelote basque Practised in the Basque country (South West of France and North of Spain). Played individually or in teams, the players have to throw the ball to the front wall and the other team has to hit the ball on the rebound. There are some places that are forbidden.

Players dont play with a racket but with a chistera.

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