Latin American Independence - Loudoun County Public Schools

Latin American Independence - Loudoun County Public Schools

Latin American Revolutions Latin American Independence Revolution in Haiti Haiti was originally known as the French colony

of Saint Domingue and was a French colony. Its main product was sugar which was harvested on large plantations by African slaves.

Haiti Haitian Creoles Looking at this image of Haitian Creoles, how are they different from other

Latin American Creoles? Haitian Rigid Social Order Blancs (White Colonists) 2. Mulattoes (Mixed race offspring of white master and African slave) 1. - Many were free, educated, urban, and some had inherited

property 3. Creole black slaves (slaves born in the colony, offspring of African slaves) - Had the more prestigious, less hazardous jobs on the plantation. More able to obtain freedom than African born slaves. Some are educated. 4.

African born slaves due to high death rate, slaves had to be imported from African frequently Partner Discussion Questions Between the Creoles and Slaves, who had the most to gain from Haitian independence? Why?

Which of these two groups do you think would be most likely leaders in a revolt against the Blancs? Living in Fear White slave owners were outnumbered by slaves 10 to 1 so the plantation owners and other white colonists lived in constant fear of a slave rebellion Despite govt attempts to regulate physical

punishment and torture, white slave owners routinely beat or tortured slaves who dared to disobey or to set an example to others slaves Uprising in Haiti Inspired

by the French Revolution and the emphasis it placed on the equality of all men, slaves (and recently freed Creoles) began to revolt against white plantation owners. In 1794, the new French government abolished slavery in all French colonies including Haiti Additionally, extended French citizenship to all men, of all colors BUTother

European powers and the Blancs try to take control of Haiti and reestablish slavery Partner Discussion Question Why would other European powers want to take control of Haiti and re-establish slavery?

Francois Toussaint-LOverture ToussaintLOverture was: Creole Freed slave Educated Military skill (The Black Napoleon) Skilled politician

Uprising In Haiti Haitian Military Leader = Francois Toussaint-LOverture Defeated the armies of 3 European powers Spain, In

France, and Britain 1802, Napoleon attempts regain control and re-establish slavery in Haiti, sends 50,000 soldiers. Arrested LOuverture but revolt did not end. Most FR. soldiers die from yellow fever and malaria. Independence Comes to Haiti

Napoleon abandons his attempt to hold onto French colonies in the Western Hemisphere EX: Louisiana Purchase Haiti 1804

declares independence January 1, Latin American Independence Spanish South America L.A. Ruling the Colonies

colonies of Spain/Portugal = rigid social order Viceroy Peninsulares Creoles Mestizos Mulattos/Africans Native Americans Ruling the Colonies

Creoles played largest role in revolts against Spain Influenced by American/French Revolutions Influenced by Enlightenment ideals Believed power rested in the people not the king Did not believe these ideals extended to mestizos/other

lesser social groups Spanish South America Creole leaders raise armies to fight against Spanish colonial governments. Spain is weakened by Napoleonic Wars Spanish South America Simon

Bolivar leads several successful independence movements in S. America Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Bolivia, Ecuador Simon Bolivar Discussion Question: Knowing that

Bolivar is a Creole, what would you expect his view of democracy to be? Hint: Remember how Creoles typically viewed the ideals of democracy. Bolivar is a Creole but does believe in equality and liberty for all

BUThe believes the democratic process will take many years to develop. Letter from Jamaica "More than anyone, I desire to see America fashioned into the greatest nation in the world, greatest not so much by virtue of her area and wealth as by her freedom and glory. Although I seek

perfection for the government of my country, I cannot persuade myself that the New World can, at the moment, be organized as a great republic. Since it is impossible, I dare not desire it; yet much less do I desire to have all America a monarchy because this plan is not only impracticable but also impossible. Wrongs now existing could not be righted, and our emancipation would be fruitless. The American states need the

care of paternal governments to heal the sores and wounds of despotism and war." - excerpt from Simon Bolivar's The Jamaica Letter Spanish South America Chile gains independence led by Jose

de San Martin (a Creole) Peru gains independence led by Bernardo OHiggins (a Creole) Mexico Mexico Struggles for Freedom 1st Revolts led by Catholic priests Miguel Hidalgo and Jose Maria

Morelos Led armies of mestizos against Spanish troops and Spains Creole supporters Creoles did not support mestizo uprising = revolt is not successful Creole revolt (led by Augustin Iturbide) was successful Miguel Hidalgo

Execution of Miguel Hidalgo Classical Painting Modern Painting Mexico Struggles for Freedom Group Discussion Questions Why didnt the Creoles support the mestizo uprising?

Why did the Creoles themselves rise up against Spain for independence? Brazil Brazil Gains Independence Gains independence w/out a lot of bloodshed King Jao of Portugal flees to Brazil to

escape threat of Napoleonic Wars and sets up new kingdom Jao = enlightened despot King Jao returns to Portugal after Napoleons exile leaves his son Dom Pedro in charge Dom = A member of nobility of higher status Brazil Gains Indepenedence Dom

Pedro prevents Portuguese govt from trying to take back Brazil as a colony Dom Pedro declares Brazilian independence in 1825 (names himself King Pedro I) Establishes a constitutional monarchy King Jao and Dom Pedro

Partner Discussion Question How was Brazilian independence different from the independence movements in other parts of Latin America? Challenges to Democracy Terrain

Prevents close cooperation among people of Latin America Government Colonial govts same as home country govt = Latin Americans had no experience w/self govt, unfamiliar with democratic principles/practices Rise of caudillos (populist leaders

Challenges to Democracy Challenges to Democracy Social Order Rigid social/economic/political order gave too much power to Creoles, not enough to the mestizos Catholic Church

Strong influence prevented true separation of church and state Economy not diverse based mainly on mining of gold and silver, other natural resources Closure Did

the Latin American revolutions most closely resemble the French Revolution or the American Revolution? Explain your answer with specific similarities between the revolutions.

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