Lab Safety Rules - Richmond County School System

Lab Safety Rules - Richmond County School System

Lab Safety Rules With help from Sponge Bob and the Bikini Bottom Gang Conduct yourself in a responsible manner at all times in the laboratory. This is NOT the playground.

Never run, horseplay, play practical jokes or push someone else in the lab. This rule applies at all times. Whats the safety rule? Never run or

horseplay in the lab. Follow all written and verbal instructions carefully. Its a good idea to check off each step of a procedure as you conduct it.

LISTEN to your teacher carefully. ? When you dont understand

directions, ask the teacher for help. Keep your notes with you when doing

tests or experiments. They were created to help you. Clear the

Directions desk of anything unnecessary, and Read the

board for directions. Do not touch anything

until you are given directions to do so. Always wear safety goggles whenever you are working

with chemicals or other substances that might get into your eyes. Dress properly during a laboratory

activity. Roll up loose sleeves. Always tie back long hair before working with lab equipment.

Students are NEVER Store roo m

permitted in the science storage closets unless GIVEN specific permission by the teacher. All chemicals in the laboratory are

to be considered dangerous. DO NOT touch, taste or smell any substances unless specifically instructed to do so. ALWAYS clean up your work area and equipment after an experiment is

completed. Equipment MUST be returned to its proper place. ALWAYS clean up spills IMMEDIATELY, whether they are on

the lab table or floor. Spills can cause DO NOT eat food or candy, drink beverages or chew gum in the laboratory.

Notify your teacher if any chemical or substance gets on your skin or clothing to find out what to do to clean it off. Immediately

notify your teacher if you get cut or have another injury when performing an experiment.

NEVER perform any tests without your teachers permission. Keep lids on bottles and containers when not in use. Never use broken, dirty or

chipped glassware. Report damages to teacher immediately. Whats the safety rule? Always

sweep up glass; NEVER pick it up with your hands. Sharp Objects

Always cut away from fingers and body. Always carry sharp objects with points and tips facing down and away. Never try to catch falling sharp instruments.

Grasp sharp instruments only by the handles. HANDLE ALL EQUIPMENT CAREFULLY! Lab equipment is used by every student.

You are almost ready! Lab Safety Symbols Lab Safety Symbols APPLICATION:

What did you learn? Which lab safety symbols (rule) are used when animals are present? Which lab safety

symbols (rule) indicates that a dangerous substance is being used? Which lab safety symbols (rules) should you follow in each and

every kind of lab when no chemicals, fire, plants or animals are being used? CONGRATULATIONS!!

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