Kf - University of Windsor

Kf - University of Windsor

Sunil Gurung [60-475] Security and Privacy on the Internet KFSensor Vs Honeyd Honeypot System Agenda Introduction Honeypot Technology KFSensor

Honeyd Features Tests Conclusion Introduction Good Defence is Good Offence Network security Firewall, IDS, antivirus. Traditional approach defensive

Today offensive approach Honeypot solutions Honeypot Technology A honeypot is security resource whose value lies in being probed, attacked, or compromised. - Lance Spitzner we want attackers to probe and exploit the virtual system running emulated services.

System no production value, no traffic, most connection probe, attack or compromised. Complements the traditional security tools. Fig: The basic setup up of the honeypot system. In the figure two

KFSensor are configured production honeypots. Figure taken from User Manual of KFSensor Help

TYPES of ATTACKERS 1) Script Kiddies - Amateurs, dont care about the host - Educate the inadequacy of the security policy 1) Blackhat - Focus on high value system, more experienced - More dangerous and operate silently

Types of Honeypot Interaction: level of activity Honeypot allows with attacker Low Interaction Emulated services, easy to deploy and maintain, less risk. Designed to capture only known attack High Interaction Setup real services and provides interaction with OS

More information, no assumption made give full open environments. Can use the real honeypot to attack others. Symantec Decoy Server, Honeynet KFSensor Commercial low interaction honeypot solution Windows OS Preconfigured services: ssh, http, ftp etc Easy configuration and flexible

Components of KFSensor Scenarios, Sim Server standard and banner Honeyd Low interaction, open source Developed by Niels Provos of U of M Features: service emulation and IP stack of OS Product Detail

Software: honeyd Version: honeyd 0.8 License: open source Download site: http://honeyd.org

OS: Windows, Linux, Unix Solaris Installation ARPD, Libraries Dependencies Libevent-0.8a.tar.gz, libpcap0.8.3.tar.gz Honeyd package Installation process: # tar -zvxf libevent-0.8a.tar.gz Compile the libevent:

# cd libevent-0.8a (Note: pwd is /honeyd_packages/ libevent-0.8a) #. /configure # make # make install Major Differences between the two software

IP address assignment Listening port OS emulation Open source advantage Financial value How it works

1. Configuration File 2. Nmap.print & Xprobe2 3. Script for running the services Explanation of Configuration file # Example of a simple host template and its binding

annotate "AIX 4.0 - 4.2" fragment old create template set template personality "AIX 4.0 - 4.2" add template tcp port 80 open add template tcp port 22 open add template tcp port 23 open set template default tcp action reset bind template

Nmap.print and Xprobe2 # Contributed by Felix Lindner ([email protected]) Fingerprint AXENT Raptor Firewall running on Windows NT TSeq(Class=TR) T1(Resp=Y%DF=Y%W=2017%ACK=S++%Flags=AS%Ops=M) T2(Resp=N) T3(Resp=Y%DF=Y%W=2017%ACK=S++%Flags=AS%Ops=M) T4(Resp=Y%DF=N%W=0%ACK=S++%Flags=AR%Ops=) T5(Resp=Y%DF=N%W=0%ACK=S++%Flags=AR%Ops=)

T6(Resp=Y%DF=N%W=0%ACK=S++%Flags=AR%Ops=) T7(Resp=N) PU(Resp=N) Test Environment Inside the router

1) University network 2) Home network: putting the honeypot system inside the router [] Various test performed: Testing Honeyd IP of honeypot: IP of host running the honeypot: 1) Running ARPD

#arpd\24 2) Running Honeyd #honeyd d f config.sample p nmap.print x xprobe2 l \Log File I 2 Test 1: FTP (KFSensor) Test 2: FTP honeyd

Other possible test (Network Topology) route entry route link route add net latency 55ms loss 0.1 route add net latency 20ms loss 0.1 route link route link create routerone set routerone personality "Cisco 7206 running IOS 11.1(24)"

set routerone default tcp action reset add routerone tcp port 23 "scripts/router-telnet.pl" create netbsd set netbsd personality "NetBSD 1.5.2 running on a Commodore Amiga (68040 processor)" set netbsd default tcp action reset add netbsd tcp port 22 proxy $ipsrc:22 add netbsd tcp port 80 "sh scripts/web.sh" bind routerone

bind netbsd Results take from the abstract $ traceroute -n traceroute to (, 64 hops max 1 0.456 ms 0.193 ms 0.93 ms 2 46.799 ms 45.541 ms 51.401 ms 3 68.293 ms 69.848 ms 69.878 ms 4 79.876 ms 79.798 ms 79.926 ms

Conclusion Both are low interaction Honey with better feature like IP simulation and OS IP stack simulation KFSensor better GUI easy configuration Can not replace the existing system. Work better along with it.

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