Keynote lecture -

Keynote lecture -

TIME 2012 Technology and its Integration in Mathematics Education 12th ACDCA Summer Academy July 10-14, Tartu, Estonia Adopting TI-Nspire CAS technology (handheld and software) A campus-wide experience cole de technologie suprieure Montral, Canada Gilles Picard* Chantal Trottier* Genevive Savard Michel Beaudin 1 ABSTRACT

In September 2011, our engineering school has adopted the TI-Nspire CAS CX calculator (and software) for all new students entering bachelor level. Although we started to use this new device in the classroom, we will have a transition period where both the TI Voyage 200 and the new CX handheld calculators can be on the students desks. In order to be prepared for the new academic year, we had to launch a new support website and needed to organize workshops and seminars during summer and fall of 2011. This talk will report on many of these activities and on the steps taken to achieve a smooth transition with a widespread acceptation by teachers. We will discuss in details the advantages in regards with the previous technology (which was very well implemented) and describe why students are now getting more bang for their money. Having a software-handheld bundle is also a big plus; we want the handheld in the classroom for teaching and exams but, we also need the software (with the same commands and possibilities) for them to better explore some aspects, graphics for example. But this comes at a price; we will show why teaching the use of a handheld calculator with a software is not always an easy task. We will present our support website and the multiple workshops offered to teachers and instructors, thus gaining interest even with science teachers, economics and project management colleagues. After 11 years of using TI-92 Plus/Voyage200, we had to show

the new avenues introduced by additional functionalities and graphical capabilities (spreadsheet, animation, dynamic geometry) in order to convince them to move to this new technology. Classroom examples of its use will be presented with some advice on the dos and donts. Adopting TI-Nspire CAS technology A campus-wide experience Overview Who are we? Our experience with CAS

Why change technology Whats new with TI-Nspire Campus-wide experience, difficulties and problems Getting people to use it, the plus and minuses The dos and donts Conclusion 3 About ETS : cole de technologie suprieure Engineering school in Montral, Qubec, Canada We hosted TIME-2004 and ACA 2009 (Applications of Computer Algebra) at our university Our students are mainly graduates from college technical programs More info: 4

About ETS : cole de technologie suprieure Almost 1 out of 4 engineers in Qubec comes from TS More than 6300 students (80% at undergraduate level) 1500 new students each year All maths teachers and students have the same calculator and textbooks 5 About ETS : ours tools

1999: TI-92 Plus CAS handheld CAS calculators are mandatory since 1999 2002 : TI Voyage 200 Other software (Derive, Maple, Matlab, DPGraph, Geogebra) are used by some teachers. 2011 : TI-Nspire CAS CX Only CAS calculators are allowed during math and science exams (no laptop). 6

From its introduction in 2006 up to 2011, the TINspire CAS product lacked some essential tools for us Voyage 200 was very well integrated in our courses (see previous conferences of Gilles and/or Michel) Then, in 2011 came the CAS CX model with a color display, rechargeable batteries, an improved touchpad, a new OS and added functionalities In March 2011, the decision was made to move to CAS CX handheld and software combo for the fall

trimester 7 Whats new with TI-Nspire CX? Compared to Voyage 200 2 platforms managing documents Spreadsheet faster processor (improved solving, Taylor, special functions, ) improved touchpad, rechargeable some CAS improvements (3.2 summer 2012)

new graphical capabilities animations : powerfull tool to teach mathematics and science geometry : experiment with mathematics multiple 2D plot window (functions, parametric, scatter plot, etc.) 3D 8

Fall 2011: more than 1,200 new students started using TI-Nspire CAS CX 45 different groups, in math and science over 25 different teachers, lecturers and assistants, just for these new students in math and science courses 60 different classrooms where the software needed to be installed, as well as computer labs and this product finally came out only in midsummer of 2011 9 Logistic nightmare: get the technology in the hands of the teachers, show them how to use it, have the classrooms and the computer labs ready for september. We did have a significant aid from Texas Instruments, they gave us 15 Teacher bundles (hand-held and software)

We also used the Technology Reward Program (TRP) of Texas Instruments 10 With the TRP program from TI you can get one free Teacher Bundle for - every 50 calculators bought by students at the High-School level - for every 300 students enrolled in a course where the calculator is needed at college or university level This program got us 20 Teacher Bundles and 24 handheld devices We bought site licenses for the classrooms and the computer labs

11 Getting people to use it Give the technology to teachers Create a support web site: Give seminars to teach them how to use it Explain to teachers that starting in the fall trimester, every math syllabus will have CASTasks that students have to be able to perform with their TI-Nspire handheld 12 Getting people to use it Keep an updated list all the seminars given with the subjects covered

Math teachers: show students how yo use TINspire technology and better illustrate some math topics Science teachers: take advantage of the CAS to go further in their topics Difficulty for many teachers to learn this new technology, especially those who are heavy users of Voyage 200 13 Getting people to use it

Look at an example of what student can now do using the software (devoir 1) But we still want to do exams with everyone having the same CAS calculator on their desks (no laptop allowed) and no communications between them In science and engineering, the sensors and probes you can hook up to the calculator gets a lot of interest at TS 14 The pluses and minuses Getting use to having a software and a handheld with the same CAS or the same commands but with different interfaces, much easier with a keyboard and a mouse With the CX handheld, getting the right command often demands more digging, the

CX calculates faster than Voyage 200 but can demand slower input 15 The pluses and minuses Voyage 200 was more a calculator in the usual sense TI-Nspire is more a computer software than a calculator: you create a document which contains problems in which you can put several type of pages (calculator, graphs, geometry, lists & spreadsheet, stat etc.). This gives us much more flexibility and we

tend to save our work (if we resist using the Scratchpad) Another big advantage: working on the computer with the display in computer mode 16 The dos and donts

Give the technology to teachers Show them how to use it (schedule a lot of time for this) If students have the handhelds in classe and you have the software version, you have a good advantage over them Handheld can be much slower than the computer Show the advantages of saving documents (one for math, one for physics, etc) Dont forget, the technology is an aid; you still need to teach math! 17 CONCLUSION

After a year, we can say it has been a big success Many colleagues have contributed to this Compared to our experience with the previous models, we have done more in a year than we did over many years with Voyage 200 Many colleagues found new interest in the technology, we have new followers Thank you! 18

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