JWID 02 Brief - University of Edinburgh

JWID 02 Brief - University of Edinburgh

C-CINC 21 Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration KSCO 2002 Toulouse, France Riki Barbour, Ref Delgado Bob Beaton, Scott Fouse 04MAR02 1 AGENDA PART 1 CINC 21 Overview PART 2 - CINC 21 Coalition JWID 02 Summary 04MAR02 2 CINC 21 Background FY00 NEW START Approved by JROC February 2000 Congressional Approval March 00 Implementation Directive Signed November 2000 Management Plan Signed February 2001 Management Organizations

Operational Manager - USCINCPAC Technical Manager - ONR Deputy Technical Manager - DISA (AITS-JPO) Transition Manager - SPAWAR 5 YEAR PROGRAM 3 Years of Development/Integration/Demonstration 2 Years of Residual Support & Transition 04MAR02 The Operational Problem CINCs Lack Adequate Decision Support Environment Current Systems: Do not integrate Crisis Operations, Theater Security Cooperation, and Daily Operations in one environment Do not support multiple simultaneous crises Inundate CINCs\staff with information but they need knowledge Provide insufficient collaboration across physical and organizational boundaries distributed team must act as one Are insufficient at synthesizing information and managing Battle Rhythm across all organizations Do not provide sufficient Theater C4I monitoring and NETOPS capabilities No program provides this integrated capability for Joint Force Commanders 04MAR02 4 Critical Operational Issues

Ultimate Operational Issue: Does CINC-21 provide better decision making capability, evident in improved processes, thereby increasing overall headquarters readiness, efficiency, and mission effectiveness? COI 1: Can advanced visualization technology empower individuals to process, digest, and assimilate large volumes of information, enabling faster, more effective decisions? COI 2: Can knowledge management technology integrate information, context, and rules to increase understanding and improve decision-making? COI 3: Can collaboration tools be employed to overcome tyrannies of time, distance, and system disparity? COI 4: Can collection of networks, databases, and applications be enhanced to optimize the flow of information, with security assurance, across multiple network enclaves? 04MAR02 5 CINC 21 Technical Architecture-Interoperability Decision Space Manager (Business Rules and Services) Knowledge Core Decision Space Schema Organization Services Process Services Decision Focused Visualization

Collaboration Spaces Portal Configurations Decision Support Tools Enterprise Workstation (XML-Enabled) XML XML COI-2 Tool Specific XML J2EE COM Legacy Systems (Web-Enabled) XML Data Services Enterprise Database Server Defense Collaboration Tool Suite

HTML XML SQL Enterprise Application Server(s) Legacy Systems (non-Web-Enabled) HTML Decision Makers Display Wall Tri-Panel Display Portal Server EWS Legacy Wrapper HTML

SQL COI-4 04MAR02 COI-3 Portal Specific COI-1 Open standard interfaces (XML, HTML, J2EE) among all major components Operator Control of Visualization environment via Portal technologies Network Monitoring Services Capabilities extended by third party development of new Business Rules and Advanced Services Designed to function across organizations 6 CINC 21 Objective PROVIDE A TAYLORED RENDERING OF RELEVANT INFO TO CINCS, THEIR STAFF, JTFS, NGOS AND COALITION FORCES TO FACILITATE DYNAMIC DECISION MAKING THROUGH DISTRIBUTIVE COLLABORATION SERVICES, ENHANCED BY KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT, WITH PRIORITIZED TRAFFIC OVER CONTROLLABLE, SECURE AND OR PRIVATE NETWORKS. 04MAR02 7

Final Deliverables C2 Mission Solutions Rapid Force Employment Mission: Stand up a JMF in response to a Theater Crisis User: CINC/JTF - PACOM Assessment Venue: Terminal Fury 03 Consequence Management /Response Mission: Support to a major Consequence Management event User: J3 - STRATCOM Assessment Venue: STRATCOM Experimentation Coalition Non-Combatant Management Mission: Response to a NEO involving significant non-combatant management issues User: Coalition JTF - UK, CA, AS Assessment Venue: JWID 02 TCCC NETOPS

04MAR02 Mission: Operation of a TCCC in support of a Geographic CINC experiencing IW attacks User: J6/TCCC C.O. - PACOM Assessment Venue: Terminal Fury 03 8 CINC 21 Portal Concept Operational Support Cells TCCC C2 Enterprise Services DCTS JICPAC OPT CAT DTRA Web Parts Content and Layout Dynamically Controlled to support CINC and Key Staff members 04MAR02 Organizational Elements and Knowledge Requirements Dynamically Specified by the CINC and Key Staff members and expressed as Web Parts

Battle Staff, OPT, CAT 9 How is it Done Today? C2 by Phone, MS Office, and Web-Pages Decision Maker Decision Making Battle Staff Command Activities Battle Rhythm Decision Points CCIRs Decision Shaping Manual Integration Power Point Decision Support Activities Action Officer

Excel Web Browser CCIR Producers Decision Support To the Mission Synthesis 04MAR02 Analysis and Production 10 CINC 21 Advanced Concept Decision Focused Operations Decision Maker Decision Making Decision Space Battle Staff Command Activities Battle Rhythm Activity

Decision Support Officer Organization Battle Rhythm Processes Decision Points CCIRs Decision Point Decision Focused Visualizations Decision Shaping CCIR Collaboration Spaces Decision Support To the Command CCIR Producers Decision Support Cells

Action Officer Decision Support To the Mission 04MAR02 Operational Packages Analysis and Production 11 Decision Focused Operations Decision Space Management 04MAR02 12 AGENDA PART 1 CINC 21 Overview PART 2 - CINC 21 Coalition JWID 02 Summary 04MAR02 13 CINC 21 Coalition Participants United States

United States Commander-In-Chief Pacific Command (USCINCPAC) Nation Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Canada Defence Research Establishment Valcartier (DREV) Defence J2 Geomatics and Imagery (Ottawa) Defence Research Establishment Ottawa (DREO) Director Joint Force Concepts (DJFC) Australia Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) Headquarters Australian Theatre (HQAST), Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation (DIGO). United Kingdom 04MAR02 Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) Permanent Joint Headquarters (JHQ) Defence Geographic Imagery and Intelligence Agency (DGIA) Director of Equipment Capability (Command Control and Information Infrastructure) (DEC (CCII))

14 Management CINC 21 Coalition Management Board AU: Greg Chase UK: Maj Andy Churchill CA: LtCdr E. Woodliffe US: Riki Barbour JWID Systems Engineering Team 04MAR02 AU: Greg Chase CA: Denny Goin UK: Jonathan Williams US: Ref Delgado AU: Peter Asenstorfer CA: Adel Guitouni UK: Paul Owen US: Doug Wood Group #2

Group #3/5 Group #4 Group #6 Pete Firey Dr. Richard Furze Dave Meckelor Peter Drewer 15 CINC 21 Coalition Groups Originally composed of six project Groups: Decision Focused Visualization Distributed Collaborative Planning Knowledge Management Geospatial Imagery and Info Services Ontololgies Information Enterprise Management (Netops) Focused on four project Groups in JWID 02

04MAR02 Decision Focused Visualization Distributed Collaborative Planning Knowledge Management GeoSpatial Imagery Systems and Information Assurance 16 CINC 21 JWID 02 Objectives Demonstrate Distributed Collaborative Planning Tools Among the Four Nations Provide collaboration and distributed decision support tools to improve distributed operations. Demonstrate the Sharing and Distribution of Structured Information/Knowledge Provide visualization and knowledge management tools and services to improve situational awareness and understanding for decision makers. Demonstrate Portal-Based Coalition C2 Capabilities (US Core Program) Provide flexible tailoring of C2 Environment to Suit National Needs. Provide enterprise management tools to improve control of C2 infrastructure. Improve information exchange among Nations. 04MAR02 17

JWID 2002 Demonstration Country HTML Country Apps Country Portal Australia Country HTML Country Apps Country Portal Canada CFBLnet United States United Kingdom Shared DCTS Server Country HTML 04MAR02

Country Apps Country Portal Knowledge Core Coalition Country HTML Country Apps Country Portal PACOM - STRATCOM - DTRA - DIA - NIMA 18 Coalition use of the Knowledge Core The CINC 21 Knowledge Core is being Exploited to Enhance Coalition Interoperability The Coalition Version is named COalition INteroperability Service It allows XML data to be exchanged across multiple countries Countries retain their native C2 systems and planning tools A Prototype of COINS is Operational on CFBL

Countries Involved: US, UK, CA, AU Exchanging Information on Country Non-Combatants Country Unique C2 Systems and Planning Systems Native Data Format Country Unique Data Bases and Data Formats 04MAR02 Country Specific Data Conversion XML Queries (across Countries) XML Format Country COINS COIN-COIN XML Object Exchange

CFBL 19 CINC 21 Major Events JWID May 2002 Delivery of Portal to PACOM CAT, OPT Sept 2002 Stratcom Demonstration Oct 2002 TF03, Major CINC21 Assessment Event December 2002 04MAR02 20

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