Jeopardy prompt and response template - Edl

Jeopardy prompt and response template - Edl

Vocab Unit 9 Jeopardy Eng 2 Definitions 1

Synonyms Definitions 2 Antonyms

Complete the Sentence 100 100

100 100 100 200

200 200 200

200 300 300 300

300 300 400

400 400 400 400

500 500 500

500 500 Definitions 1 100 Points Done for show, striving to

make a big impression Definitions 1 100 Points pretentious

Definitions 1 200 Points Inactive, sluggish, dull Definitions 1 200 Points

torpid Definitions 1 300 Points Extreme poverty

Definitions 1 300 Points penury Definitions 1

400 Points Praise or flattery that is excessive Definitions 1 400 Points

adulation Definitions 1 500 Points A greedy desire, particulary for

wealth Definitions 1 500 Points avarice

Synonyms 100 Points Gave pretentious speeches Synonyms

100 Points inflated Synonyms 200 Points

Grouped with the novices Synonyms 200 Points apprentices

Synonyms 300 Points To relieve their penury Synonyms

300 Points destitution Synonyms 400 Points

Nebulous in form Synonyms 400 Points murky

Synonyms 500 Points Irresolute about taking the trip Synonyms

500 Points vacillating Definitions 2 100 Points

Shrewd, crafty, showing practical wisdom Definitions 2 100 Points

astute Definitions 2 200 Points Vanishing, soon passing away

Definitions 2 200 Points evanescent Definitions 2

300 Points Unable to make up ones mind, hesitating Definitions 2 300 Points

irresolute Definitions 400 Points Conspicuous, standing

out from the mass Definitions 2 400 Points egregious

Definitions 2 500 Points Not on time, not prompt Definition 2 500 Points

dilatory Antonym 100 Points Offering her astute interpretation

What does astute mean? So, what is the opposite of that? Antonym 100 Points Empty-headed

Antonym 200 Points Delivered a stern anathema What is the opposite meaning of anathema?

Antonym 200 Points benediction Antonym

300 Points Admitted to being culpable What is the opposite meaning of culpable?

Antonym 300 Points blameless Antonym

400 Points As her anxiety abated What is the opposite of abated? Antonym 400 Points

increased Antonym 500 Points Embarrassed by the

adulation What is the opposite of adulation? Antonym 500 Points

ridicule Complete Sentence 100 Points Bears and other animals that hibernate for months each year become _____ over the long

winter. Definitions 3 100 Points torpid

Complete Sentence 200 Points The experience of childhood is _____, but memories of those years can influence a persons life forever.

Complete Sentence 200 Points evanescent Complete Sentence

300 Points England and Germany engaged in intermittent and _____ negotiations at the beginning of the twentieth century, but were never able to reach an alliance.

Complete Sentence 300 Points dilatory Complete Sentence

400 Points It was an____ lapse in judgment to ignore the safety guidelines, allowing so many passengers to squeeze onto the already overcrowded ferry. (what is the first letter of a word is going to follow an?)

Complete Sentence 400 Points A vowel! egregious

Complete Sentence 500 Points Major traits of dementia, the progressive decline of normal intellectual functions, include memory loss, confusion, apathy, impaired judgment, and _____ appearance. (Hint: how would someone look if he/she is

experiencing all of those symptoms?) Complete Sentence 500 Points slovenly

Please study for your test. The Daily Double

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