Judaism A Brief Overview Abraham and the Patriarch Mt. Sinai- 10

Commandments Covenant with One God Supreme Creator

Basics Origin of Name YHWH

G-d Followers of Judaism Diaspora

Many types Orthodox Hassidic Reform

Six million in US Five million in Israel

Where do Jews live? Important Texts Hebrew Bible

Torah Talmud Haggadah Eating kosher

Prayer Matriarchal Feminism in Judaism Beliefs

Worshi p

Sabbath Day Synagogues

The Great Synagogue Budapest, Hungary Cymbalista

Synagogue Tel Aviv Israel Tempio

Maggiore Florence, Italy New Synagogue

Berlin, Germany Modern Synagogues American

Synagogues Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur

Passover Famous Jews

Joaquin Phoenix Natalie Portman Albert Einstein

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