iPhone Visualization - University of Houston-Clear Lake

iPhone Visualization - University of Houston-Clear Lake

Simplified Solar Power Plant Visualization For iPhone Capstone Team#5 Fall 2009 Table of Contents Topic Slide Number Team information 3

Instructor/Mentors Information 4 Company Information 5 Introduction to Solar Power Plant 6 Solar Power Plant Features 7

Requirement Specification ..10 Current Progress ..11 Demonstration ..16 Road Ahead ..17 Project Timeline

..19 References ..20 Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 2 Team Information Website: http://dcm.uhcl.edu/capf09g5 Yogesh Banchhod Team Leader Darshan Chipade

Email: [email protected] Major: Computer Science Role: Programmer/Research Email: [email protected] Major: Computer Information System Role: Programmer/Research/Webmas ter Syed Zaidi Mohammed Gooni Email: [email protected]

Major: Computer Science Role: Programmer/Documentation Email: [email protected] Major: Computer Science Role: Programmer/Research/ Testing Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 3 Instructor/Mentors Information Dr. Kwok-Bun Yue Professor, Computer Science and Computer Information Systems

Chair, Division of Computing and Mathematics University of Houston-Clear Lake Email: [email protected] Peter Armstrong Tietronix Software Inc. Email: [email protected] Dr. Michel Izygon Co-Founder, Senior Vice Preident, CTO, Tietronix Software Inc. Email: [email protected] Claus Nilsson Tietronix Software Inc. Email:

[email protected] Insiya Iftiqhar Tietronix Software Inc. Email: [email protected] Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 4 Company Information Tietronix Software, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Victor W. Tang, Michel E. Izygon, Ph.D, and Stuart S. Engelhardt, each of whom has worked on the development of some of the worlds most advanced software-based technology solutions.

Tietronix is a full-service provider of custom software applications and advanced technology solutions for the worlds most selective customers including NASA and Fortune 1000 companies. The core of Tietronix technical capabilities consists of an unrivaled methodology incorporating Unified Modeling Language and Object-Oriented Technologies, a formula that has led to the companys 100 percent software development success rate. Visualization iPhone Fall 2009

5 Introduction Solar thermal power plant generates electricity from energy of the sun. Field consists of a tower and heliostats. A receiver located on top of the

tower. iPhone/iPod Touch Application. Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 6 Heliostat The heliostat is composed of several mirror modules rather than having single large mirror.

Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 7 Shading Shading occurs at low sun angles when heliostat casts its shadow on a heliostat located behind it. Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 8

Blocking Blocking can be observed in a heliostat field by noting reflected light on the backs of heliostats. Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 9 Requirement Specification

Hardware iPhone/iPOD Touch Apple Macintosh Software iPhone SDK

Unity Indie 3D Game Engine Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 10 Current Progress Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 11 Implementation Task Specifications from user.

Compute sun and heliostat position. Formation of the field in a grid view. Display a single cell. Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 12 User Input

Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 13 Grid Layout Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 14 Cell View Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 15

Demonstration Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 16 Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 17 Milestones To Be Achieved Blocking & Shading Calculation

Dynamic Field View Deployment on iPhone/iPOD Touch Testing, Validation and Verification Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 18 Project Timeline Visualization iPhone Fall 2009

19 References An Algorithm for the Shading and Blocking Computations of a Field of Heliostats Arranged in a Grid Layout, Peter Armstrong,Tietronix Software, Inc;September 3 2009. Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 20 Visualization iPhone Fall 2009 21

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