Introductions - Swindon Teaching School

Introductions - Swindon Teaching School

Introductions Jackie Beard: NLG since 2011 NLG Advocate for South West, governor for over 17 years (including Chair). Based in Gloucestershire Keith Clover: NLG since 2011 NLG Advocate for South West, governor for over 17 years (including Chair). Based in Witshire Geoff Mountjoy: NLG since 2014 Governor for 6 years (including Chair). Based in N Somerset Workshop What does effective governance look like? Avoiding and resolving conflict The role of the NLG and how you can promote it and uncover NLGs in the future

Effective Governance In a single sentence please write down what you consider the role of the GB to be: The role of the governing body is.. The Role of an effective GB The role of the governing body is.. To ensure that all pupils receive the best possible education at all times Ensure: Safeguard

Guarantee Confirm Certify Make sure Check

Scrutinise All of this can be done through appropriate support, challenge and strategic planning What is all? Can governors identify all groups of pupils? What are the 15 vulnerable groups identified by Ofsted? Inspection is primarily about evaluating how individual pupils benefit from their school. It is important to test the schools response to individual needs by observing how well it helps all pupils to make progress and fulfil their potential,

especially those whose needs, dispositions, aptitudes or circumstances require particularly perceptive and expert teaching and, in some cases, additional support. Depending on the type of school, such pupils may include: how many can we name? What is all? SEN/D boys girls groups of pupils whose prior attainment may be different from that of other groups

those who are academically more or less able pupils for whom English is an additional language minority ethnic pupils Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children looked after children pupils known to be eligible for free school meals lesbian, gay and bisexual pupils transgender pupils

young carers pupils from low income backgrounds other vulnerable groups What is best possible? How do governors know what the best looks like? Reports from Headteacher, SLT and Subject Leaders Quality of Teaching judgement at last Ofsted and subsequent self evaluations An understanding of teacher development from NQT onwards Classroom visits to understand what happens in school (not making judgements)

Effective governance (in a nutshell)!! II I I Core functions: ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent Geoff Mountjoy How can conflict label us?

Conflict in Governing Bodies National Standards of Excellence for Headteachers Demonstrate optimistic personal behaviour, positive relationships and attitudes towards their pupils and staff, and towards parents, governors and members of the local community. Welcome strong governance and actively support the governing board to understand its role and deliver its functions effectively in particular its functions to set school strategy and hold the headteacher to account for pupil, staff and financial performance. Governors Handbook/Ofsted

Understanding their strategic role building a productive and supportive relationship with the headteacher while holding them to account for school performance and taking hard strategic decisions in the light of objective data Governors are not sufficiently diligent in holding the school to account for pupils achievement, the quality of teaching and the effective and efficient deployment of resources Why might conflict arise?

Roles are unclear not one team Personality clashes Lack of trust Fear of external review Lack of competence & overwork Power trip What are the possible reactions to conflict? Avoid Retaliate

Resolve Minimising the harm! Lets face it conflict is bound to occur and it is only damaging if it doesnt challenge school improvement and is left unresolved! Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional. Robust challenge sometimes is uncomfortable Minimising the harm! Have clear Role Descriptions and Terms of Reference

Agree a shared Strategic Plan Be constructive BUT open Seek feedback Enforce a Code of Conduct avoid being partial

Dont shy away from difficult actions Know that you can call in an expert for support! Jackie Beard IDENTIFYING NATIONAL LEADERS OF GOVERNANCE FOR THE FUTURE What is a NATIONAL LEADER OF GOVERNANCE (NLG)? An NLG is an experienced and highly effective Chair of Governors who is interested in supporting Chairs of Governors in other schools

to improve school and academy performance. The first cohort of NLGs were trained in March 2012 and to date NCTL have just over 300 trained NLGs across the country and plan to have over 500 by September 2016 What does an NLG do? NLGs focus on developing leadership capacity and in many cases will work in partnership with National Leaders of Education in the same school. The NLG may work with a new Chair to build confidence and understanding, develop working practices within the leadership group, or where a school has gone, or is at risk of going, into an Ofsted or LA category. The work as an NLG can involve any of the following types of support.

Improving school performance Support the chair of governors to focus on raising standards and leading improvement Help the chair to understand strategic school and academy data. Supporting the Chair of Governors and Headteacher Coach a chair of governors to challenge senior leaders.

Help the chair build their relationship with the headteacher or principal Improving governing body processes Help the chair of governors to evaluate their own performance and develop their effectiveness and confidence Observe a governing body meeting and provide advice on procedures and behaviours Identify priorities for development and draw up an action plan Provide expertise to help with a governing bodys work Organise additional training and support

NLG CRITERIA MUST - be an experienced chair of governors with: excellent leadership skills a track record of contributing to school improvement through the effective leadership of a governing body have at least 3 years of experience as a chair of governors in the last 5 years

have the skills to coach and mentor be able to meet the time commitment have the full support of their governing body and headteacher have a strong track record for leading school improvement and the development of the governing body

be from a school judged by Ofsted as good for overall effectiveness and leadership and management be from a school that shows consistently strong levels of pupil performance and progress or continued improvement over the last 3 years and be above current floor standards. How can you help? Headteachers: Recommend your chair of governors and liaise with an NLG Advocate

If you feel that your chair of governors meets the criteria, you may want to recommend that they apply. Your endorsement will form part of their application If theyre successful, your school will benefit from the professional development of your chair of governors Your school will receive a small grant that can be used to further develop your governing body and reimburse the NLGs expenses How can you help?

NLEs: Recommend your chair of governors and liaise with your NLG Advocate. Also liaise with your local NLG when supporting Leadership In some areas the NLE will always ask the NLG to attend a new deployment so that the meeting with Chair and Headteacher includes a conversation regarding governance. The NLE may commission an External Review of Governance to establish the strengths and weaknesses of the Governing Body How can you help? Teaching Schools:

Liaise with your local NLG ADVOCATE Use the NLG to support the work that you are doing in schools, identify potential NLGs and encourage NLEs to communicate with the NLG to ensure that governance in schools is strong and is appropriately supporting and challenging Senior Leaders How can you help? SW NLG ADVOCATES: Jackie Beard - [email protected] Keith Clover [email protected]

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