Introduction to Mass Media -

Introduction to Mass Media -

Introduction to Mass Media TV: Changing Channels 2 TV: what do you watch Program or advertisement? TV Delivers an Audience to Advertisers The most common misconception most people have about television concerns its

product. To the viewer, the product is the programming. To the television executive, the product is the audience. -----TV commentator Jeff Greenfield History of TV visual wireless, visual radio, electric vision Television: programs delivered by

antennas through over-the-air signals. First appear in 1907 Scientific American Morse telegraph (1835) and Bells telephone (1876) contributed to the invention of TV History of TV 1884, Paul Nipkow invented Nipkow disk to transfer pictures, electric telescope

History of TV Gugliemo Marconi put sound on airwaves (1899) De Forest invented Audion tube, amplified radio wave so people can hear it (1907) History of TV Vladimir Zwurykin from Westinghouse

developed an electronic system to transfer visual image. Farnsworth invented cathode ray tube, patented in 1930. History of TV 1939, First TV commercial about Worlds Fair in NYC David Sarnoff (RCA) displayed first TV sets 5inch and 9-inch ($199.50 and $600)

1939 TV sets David Sarnoffs talk at the launch of TV sets Network Network: A network is a collection of radio or television stations that offers programs, usually simultaneously,

throughout the country, during designated program times. NBC by David Sarnoff CBS by William Paley ABC (grew out of NBCs old Blue network) Television outpaces radio TV news add pictures

Most TV entertainment programming was derived from radio except talk show, which appeared first on TV and then moved to radio The situation comedy proved to be one of TVs most durable types of programming. TV programs Variety shows: America's Got Talent

Situation comedies: Friends Drama: Prison Break Detective Stories: CSI Movies Soap Operas: General Hospital Talk Shows: Late Show with David Letterman Quiz Shows: Are you smarter than 5-th grade?

TV at work Sales Programming (news and entertainment) Production Engineering Traffic: integrate ads with program, all ads on air Promotion: for the station

Public affairs: organize public events Administration Some Terms of TV Prime time: TV time period 7-11pm Rating: the percentage of the total number of households with TV sets tuned to a particular program. Share: The percentage of the audience

with TV sets turned on that is watching a particular program TV platform Free satellite (Free to Air, FTA TV, dominant) Pay satellite Cable Terrestrial

IP TV Major Broadcasting Groups in the region Some Facts Pan-Arab Audience Population: 250 million Pan-Arab Satellite TV channels: over 600

The MBC Group is the dominant broadcasting group, accounts for over 40% of viewing share and 50% of advertising. Why MBC? Range of channels, languages and genres 24-hour news channel, Al Arabiya, Drama and entertainment channels in

Arabic, English and Persia Anchor channel MBC1: general family entertainment. Pan-Arab Channel Viewing Share (FTA satellite) 22.00% 7.00%

53.00% 6.00% 7.00% 5.00% MBC 1 22% MBC 4 7% MBC 2 7%

Saudi TV 1 6% Al Arabiya 5% 469 channels 53% FTA market suffers from low advertising revenue 60% lower than western Europe. Audience is fragmented across 600 channels

Lack of accurate and widely accepted audience measurement systems to provide audience data. Pan-Arab FTA TV doesnt offer targeted Pan-Arab advertising spend by category of advertisers 23.00% 35.00%

15.00% 6.00% 8.00% 13.00% Hygiene/ House care

products 23% Communication/ Utilities 15% F&B/Tobacco 13% Government 8% Publishing Media 6% Other 35% Pay-TV

Free satellite and terrestrial are adopted by 95% TV households. 5% for pay-TV, one of the smallest Major Pay-TV Operators Arab Radio and Television Network premium sports and Arabic content

Orbit-Showtime Network (merged in 2009) premium Western and Arabic content, sports, news, kids, movies and series Al Jazeera bought premium sports from ART New Technology Expands TVs Focus

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) provides viewer what to watch and when HDTV offers better picture, industrial standardized in 2009 Apple TV (Video streaming) 3-D TV TV offers a new vision Cable, satellite and internet program

services are able to deliver program to screen as small as a cell phone In the future, TV will serve with unlimited program including 3-D programming. Television is exploding, telepresence a wave that is not possible to stop

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