Introduction of Week 2 - Franklin University

Introduction of Week 2 - Franklin University

INTRODUCTION OF WEEK 3 Assignment Discussion Turned in: 1-2 (SQL Review) and 1-1 (Proctor) Due this week: 2-1 (Installation of VM) and 2-2 (Research paper on DBA roles) Review of previous week and module Follow the instructions under Action Items Review Grading Criteria ITEC 450

2011 Fall DBMS architecture: DBMS strategy, selection, components (disk, CPU, memory, network) Oracle architecture: physical and logical db structures, background processes, and memory (SGA, PGA) Overview of this week DBMS standards and procedures Oracle installation 1 2011 Fall ITEC 450 MODULE 2 DATABASE INSTALLATION

AND CONFIGURATION 2 Section 1 DBMS Installation DBMS INSTALLATION BASICS Understand the prerequisites for the specific version of DBMS of the operating system Hardware components: cpu, memory, available storage Related software: java, network ITEC 450 Version 2011 Fall Read the installation guide

Understand the installation process and procedure Follow the explicit instructions Mechanics of the installation process is a relative simple affair 3 HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS 2011 Fall Basic CPU requirements: minimum processor speed Storage requirements: available free space, backup DBMS software itself: 1 2 GB depending on OS Database: size of applications and data ITEC 450

Memory requirements: amount of memory Memory structures: data cache, data dictionary, SGA Application data request -> read the data in the disk -> copy the data to the memory -> process the data -> write the modified data from memory to disk Available swap space 4 DBMS CONFIGURATION 2011 Fall Understand DBMS components Installation

Define the initial settings Inputs during the installation process Installation configuration file ITEC 450 user privilege: Windows administration role; UNIX unlimited resource, a special group Licensed DBMS components: partition, spatial, enterprise Platform version requirement: Windows XP, HP-UX 11, Solaris 10 Operating system requirement: patches, kernel parameters, message queue, DLL files Program requirement: C++, Cobol, Perl 5 DBMS INSTALLATION VERIFICATION 2011 Fall

Ensure the clear understanding of all error messages or popup windows Take screen shots of all questionable error messages or popup windows Review installation log files Run tests if possible ITEC 450 6 UPGRADE AND PATCH 2011 Fall DBMS version major change, such as Oracle 11g or SQL Server 2008 Release major function enhancement Patch bug fixes Example: ITEC 450

Oracle 11.2.1 (Version 11, Release number 2, Patch release number 1) SQL Server 2008 SP1 CU6 (Version 2008, Release of Service Patch 1, Patch of Cumulative Update package 6) 7 DBMS CHANGE CONSIDERATION 2011 Fall Database structure changes, application features changes Planning for DBMS changes ITEC 450 Testing environment establishment Regression testing of applications: functions, performance Downtime and lost business opportunities during the

DBMS change. Supporting software products may lack immediate support: purchased applications, DBA tools, query tools, interface programs Cost of Change Cost of the new version might be changed Planning, installing, testing, and deploying in both DBMS and applications using databases 8 DATABASE STANDARDS AND PROCEDURES Database naming conventions Names of database, data files, objects (table, index, procedure, trigger, etc.) Length of names Abbreviation

ITEC 450 Standards common practices that ensure the consistency and effectiveness of the database environment 2011 Fall Roles and responsibilities Database application development standards: coding standards, performance tips and techniques Procedures scripts and processes for handling specific events Application migration procedures Design review process

9 2011 Fall ITEC 450 MODULE 2 DATABASE INSTALLATION AND CONFIGURATION 10 Section 2 Oracle Installation OPTIMAL FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE (OFA) 2011 Fall ITEC 450 Organize large amounts of complicated software and data on disk, to avoid device bottlenecks and poor performance Facilitate routine administrative tasks such as software and data backup, which are often vulnerable to data corruption

Facilitate switching between multiple Oracle databases Adequately manage and administer database growth Help eliminate fragmentation of free space in the data dictionary, isolate other fragmentation, and minimize resource contention 11 FILE STRUCTURES FOR ORACLE 2011 Fall ITEC 450 Windows Take defaults as much as possible UNIX Company standards, examples Software - /u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0 Administrative files - /u01/app/oracle/admin/ hrdb Database files /u02/oradata/hrdb/control01.ctl 12

INSTALLING THE SOFTWARE 2011 Fall ITEC 450 Advanced Installation Select Installation Type: Enterprise Edition Select Configuration Option: Install database software only 13 WRAP UP ITEC 450 Assignment 3-1: Database Administration Handbook 3-1-1: Installation of DBMS Software 2011 Fall

Note on Oracle installation: Installation options - follow the instruction on the previous page Please dont create the database as a part of installation When you get any errors, please post your question on Bulletin Board. 14

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