e-ISuite An Automated Incident Business Information and Support Tool 1.0-01-e-ISUITE-EP Introduction to e-ISuite 1.0-02-e-ISUITE-EP Welcome Introductions Logistics Class schedule 1.0-03-e-ISUITE-EP Topics Overview User Resources

Where to Get Help Differences between e-ISuite Enterprise and Site Security Common e-ISuite Application Features e-ISuite Roles and Functional Areas Roles Account Manager

Data Steward Check-in/Demob; Time; Cost; IAP; Training Specialist Functional Areas Overview 1.0-04-e-ISUITE-EP User Resources website: https://famit.nwcg.gov/applications/eISuite Helpful Resources Informational documents

User Guides Printable Hyperlinked, searchable On-line Tutorials Self-paced Narrated Quick Reference Cards 1.0-05-e-ISUITE-EP Where to Get Help e-ISuite Help within the application

Access the e-ISuite website https://famit.nwcg.gov/applications/eISuite IIA Helpdesk Contact the IIA Helpdesk 1-866-224-7677 1.0-6-e-ISUITE-EP Differences between e-ISuite Enterprise and Site Enterprise Web-based Internet required

Useful for Initial Attack, ABCD Misc, S&R, Training Support, Dispatch and Cache Support Can be used for any complexity of incident Housed at central location in Kansas City, MO Possible interface with other systems: ROSS, ICBS-R, agency payment centers NAP account required for all users.

Site Installed on local incident server only no need to install on client machines Internet not required Incident may begin at Enterprise and transition to Site Mostly used by Type 1 and 2 incidents All Site data transferred to Enterprise at incident closing

NAP account not needed. 1.0-8-e-ISUITE-EP e-ISuite Security Adhere to Rules of Behavior at all times Follow security principles in e-ISuite. Understand that e-ISuite may contain PII data, which must be protected. Follow the appropriate standards for creating user accounts in e-ISuite Site. 1.0-9-e-ISUITE-EP

e-ISuite Common Features Menu Buttons Home/Help/ Log Out Sub-menu Buttons Icons Filter Bar Incident Grid View 1.0-11-e-ISUITE-EP Common Features - Cont. View subordinate resources Incident Name Filter

buttons Handle Bars Resource Grid View Sub Menu Buttons Action buttons 1.0-12-e-ISUITE-EP Icons in the Application Customize Grid Columns choose columns and order Customize Data View Enterprise only choose incidents to view Search Incidents Enterprise only search list of incidents Refresh Grid Data Clear Grid filters Expand/Collapse Grid see more or less grid on screen NOTE: Not all Icons appear in each Module. 1.0-13-e-ISUITE-EP

Filters Common Grid filters to search for resources. Click title to reverse sort order. Forward search capability. Drop-down and date filters. Check-In, Demob, Time, Cost filters. Demob and Cost filter. Time filter. 1.0-14-e-ISUITE-EP E-ISuite Roles and Functional Areas Roles: Functional Areas: Account Manager Incidents

Data Steward Check-in/Demob IAP Time Cost

Check-In (Resources) Demob Incident Action Plan (IAP) Time Cost Custom Reports Training Specialist Training Specialist 1.0-16-e-ISUITE-EP Account Manager Role (Must have a PRIVILEGED user account ad.username)

This role creates and monitors user accounts. Assigns user NonPrivileged/Privileged roles. Administers user accounts. Resets user passwords. 1.0-17-e-ISUITE-EP Data Steward Role Creates and manages incidents/incident groups. Assigns/imports users/user groups to incidents. Imports ROSS Import files into e-ISuite. Prepares the Financial Export file.

Prepares/processes the Data Transfer file. 1.0-18-e-ISUITE-EP Check-In/Demob Role CHECK-IN enters resource data into the e-ISuite system. DEMOB prepares resources for release from an incident. Combined into one role that has access to the same screens, has same permissions. Add/edit both functions data. Common Data section (also accessed by users with Time and Cost roles) Quals data tab displays if person box checked to facilitate entering additional qualifications for a resource. Air Travel data tab displays based on selected demob

travel method. 1.0-19-e-ISUITE-EP Check-In Menu Diagram Quick Stats Settings Other Field Labels Default Check-in Date &Time Check-In Settings Add Resource Check-in Data Add Resource from Inventory (Enterprise only)

Edit Resource Delete Resource Quick Stats Group Check-In

Check-in Check-In Remarks Other Fields Qualifications (person) Roster Resource New/ Existing/ Res. Inventory (secondary function) Tenative Demob Tent Demob Remarks Actual Demob Actual Demob Remarks

Demob Data 1.0-20-e-ISUITE-EP Check-In Screen Common Data Area Check-In/Demob/Time/Cost Functional Data Area Note: If Person is checked, Quals Data Tab will show. Check-In/Demob 1.0-21-e-ISUITE-EP Demob Menu Diagram Demob Settings

Add Resource Add Resource from Inventory (Enterprise only) Edit Resource Delete Resource Quick Stats Group Pending

Group Demob Forms: Tentative Poster Available for Release Air Travel Request Checkout (ICS221) Actual Demob

Ground Support Customize Check-out Form Air Travel Questions Check-in Data Check-in Check-In Remarks Other Fields Qualifications (person) Demob Data

Tentative Demob Tent Demob Remarks Actual Demob Actual Demob Remarks 1.0-22-e-ISUITE-EP Demob Screen Common Data Area Check-In/Demob/Time/Cost Functional Data Area Note: Air Travel data tabs available based on Demob Travel Method. Check-In/Demob 1.0-23-e-ISUITE-EP Incident Action Plan (IAP)

IAP uses database information to create ICS forms for an Incident Action Plan. Create, copy, delete forms and Plans. Import PDFs to be added to an IAP. Export IAP files. Form data is input using drop downs and lists which will be inserted/formatted in each form. Depending on amount of form data, printed form will be adjusted to create form page(s) with complete data (headers/footers). 1.0-24-e-ISUITE-EP

Incident Action Plan (IAP) Forms included in IAP Module: ICS 202 Incident Objectives ICS 203 Organizational Assignment List ICS 204 (WF) Division/Group Assignment List ICS 205 Incident Radio Communications Plan ICS 206 (WF) Medical Plan Medical Incident Report Form ICS 220 Air Operations Summary

1.0-25-e-ISUITE-EP IAP Main Screen 1.0-26-e-ISUITE-EP IAP ICS 203 Screen ICS 203 Input Screen by Section ICS 203 Printout Page design is fluid, based on amount of data 1.0-27-e-ISUITE-EP IAP ICS 204 Screen ICS 204 Input Screen by section ICS 204 Printout 1.0-28-e-ISUITE-EP Time TIME allows the user to manage time records, create payment

documents and reports. Common Data area Add Resource Add Resource from Inventory Edit Resource Delete Resource Enter/view a resources Time Data

Post Time Post Adjustments Create Invoices Run Time Reports Time Settings drop down menu allows user to enter information to be used by any other user: Admin Offices for Payment Contractor/Contract data 1.0-29-e-ISUITE-EP Time Data Screen

Common Data Area Check-In/Demob/Time/Cost Functional Data Area Time only 1.0-30-e-ISUITE-EP Post Time Screen 1.0-31-e-ISUITE-EP Post Adjustments Screen 1.0-32-e-ISUITE-EP Cost COST analyzes and reports cost data. Access to Common Data area Cost settings

Add Resource Add Resource from Inventory Edit Resource Delete Resource Enter/view resource costs

Enter/view Resource Other Costs Update Rates Run Cost Accruals Projections Cost Groups Cost Rates Incident Cost Setting 1.0-33-e-ISUITE-EP Cost Screen 1.0-34-e-ISUITE-EP

Training Specialist TNSP tracks all trainee assignment requirements to populate forms and reports. Create Incident Assignment for trainees Can create more than one assignment for same trainee Track Trainee Priority Programs, Trainee Totals View other Qualifications entered by Check-in Enter Objectives, Home Unit Contact and Evaluator Contact information Ability to have more than one Evaluator for a trainee

assignment Can enter a non-incident Evaluator to a trainee assignment Default incident information provided for Assignment Closeout Choose forms from Assignment screen to autofill data in forms Generates TNSP reports and mailing labels. Trainee Incident Assignment Screen 1.0-35-e-ISUITE-EP Plans Reports Resource Reports

All Resources ICS-209 Resource Count Qualifications Strike Team/Task Force Demob Reports Check-Out Form Demob Planning Tentative Poster Available for Release Air Travel Request

Last Work Day Actual Demob Ground Support 1.0-36-e-ISUITE-EP Time Reports Time Invoices OF286 Invoice OF288 Invoice Other Time Reports Shifts in Excess of Standard Hours

Personnel Time Report (Print/Fax) Work/Rest Ratio Summary of House Worked Missing Days of Postings Crew Roster Vendor Resource Summary 1.0-37-e-ISUITE-EP Cost Reports Daily Cost Group Category Summary Summary By Resource Summary for Current Day Detail By Resource Group Category Total

Aircraft Detail Analysis Cost Share 1.0-38-e-ISUITE-EP Training Specialist Forms/Reports Trainee Forms Autofill with Data Trainee Data Form 2 pages Evaluation Record last page of Taskbook Performance Evaluation fills in header, footer Home Unit Letter Exit Interview fills in

header Reports/Forms/Labels Training Assignment List Incident Training Summary Home Unit Mailing Labels All TNSP Forms - can print blank forms if desired Custom Reports Custom Report Module allows users to create non-standard reports. Query Building Screens Report Information Adds

Column Builder Sets general report characteristics column parameters for report Criteria Builder Creates report canned SQL statements Sort Builder Provides sorting criteria SQL Viewer Able

to view created SQL statements View as PDF Download data as Excel spreadsheet Copy, Export and Import Reports 1.0-39-e-ISUITE-EP Custom Reports Screen 1.0-40-e-ISUITE-EP WELCOME to -- 1.0-41-e-ISUITE-EP

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