HSC Advanced: Module A

HSC Advanced: Module A

HSC Advanced: Module A Frankenstein / Blade Runner similar content in a pair of texts different times and contexts changing values (changing) perspectives comparing (rep. of) values and ideas language (and film!) forms and features meaning of each text significance of each text

The Rubric (content) Know well both texts. Know well both texts time and context. Be able to compare the treatment (=representation) of content (=ideas and values). This means you MUST create SYNTHESIS. Draw original, sophisticated conclusions (heightened understanding of meaning /

significance of texts). The Rubric (skills you need) Humanity Nature Science Values and Technology (Three big uns)

What defines a human? What is normal / aberrant human behaviour? What are we capable of? (good and bad) What motivates humans? Value: Humanity What role does Nature play in the lives of humans? (...its

effects?) Can humans do without the natural world / realm? How highly do we value the natural world / realm? Value: Nature Is S & T progress always good / bad? Can S & T solve humanitys problems? Can S & T answer spiritual questions? What detrimental cost are humans willing to pay for the advance of S & T?

S & T progress is only beneficial if it can be monitored / controlled...agree / disagree? Value: Science & Technology Enlightenment (late 17th late 18th C.) Romanticism (late 18th mid 19th C.) Itextual refs to and excerpts from Coleridge and Percy Shelley. Shelleys personal context

Her parents; death of her mother. Gothic Novel (a progressive form) Geneva group (writing collaboration) Industrial Revolution French Revolution (political / social upheaval) Context: Frankenstein Postmodernism Environmentalism / Global Warming

Late Capitalism, Post-Industrialism Rise of Totalitarianism / Autocratic political regimes in 20th C. Biomechanics, Robotics, Genetics Dystopia Film Styles: Scott as an Auteur (contrast with Shelley: Scott composes not in collaboration but alone) Film Noir (The film can be considered Future Noir) Context: Blade Runner The natural realm is characterised by juxtaposing attributes in the

pair of texts studied. Nature is a dominant force in Frankenstein where it is represented as both a domain for restoration and respite. In Blade Runner, however, Ridley Scott has chosen to marginalise nature to the point where it is only present in artificial forms, or else is absent. Both of these representations of nature reflect each texts contemporary context and values. Mary Shelley is responsive to the ideals of the Romantic period, which pursued a sublime connection between man and nature. This perspective of reverence for nature empowers the Romantic Individual when confronting conflicting societal shifts such as the Industrial Revolution. Ridley Scotts 1982 / 1991 (choose a year) film accentuates the negative effects on nature, spawned by Industrialism. He portrays a future city that is belaboured and derelict in the wake of Capitalist Industrialism that secured ascendency throughout the Twentieth Century. The distinctly postmodern thesis of simulacra pervades the film and enhances its

foreboding warning concerning the unsustainable effects of capitalist culture that wreaks disastrous effects on nature. Exemplar Introduction Get your quotes from both texts (and context!) Learn them. Identify and practise points of synthesis between texts (move beyond superficial comments!). Practise with different types of Qs. (Go back and have a look at 10 & 09 HSC Exam Qs) Practise expression: be clear and specific.

Identify relevant techniques / features of both texts (i.e.: a novel; a film) and refine your analysis. Final Tips...

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