Hrd Manager: Roles and Competencies

Hrd Manager: Roles and Competencies

HRD MANAGER: ROLES AND COMPETENCIES Jayendra Rimal Roles and Competencies Role A set of task related behaviours required of a person by his or her position in the organization. Competency A competency is an area of knowledge, ability, skill and other characteristics which an

individual must possess in order to produce the outputs for his/her roles. Senior Executives Roles in HRD Instill a corporate HRD philosophy Develop a leadership style congruent with this philosophy Develop HRD strategies and plans Create organizational status for HRD function Staff HRD department with competent people Ensure availability of adequate resources

Develop a positive climate for HRD Develop professional competencies in HRD managers Do not expect immediate and visible results Line Managers Roles in HRD Identify developmental needs of staff Demand professional development services Develop staff on the job Create a positive HRD process and climate Motivate for development Utilise staff capabilities

Liaise and coordinate with HRD specialists HRD Managers General Roles Develop HRD policies and programmes Plan HRD functions Implement HRD mechanisms and processes Monitor and evaluate HRD practices Provide specialist/professional services Advocate HRD philosophy and approaches Establish linkage and coordination with managers and outside consultants

HRD Managers Specific Roles Manager Facilitator of learning Consultant Researcher Manager Manager of organizational learning systems Developer of HRD policies Operational management of HRD department (planning, organizing, leading, coordinating/controlling) Strategy development, long term planning and integration of HRD

Marketing, promotion and development of HRD within the organization Evaluation of the impact of HRD on organizational effectiveness Facilitator of learning Learning specialist: group facilitation, instruction, use of media and learning transfer Analysis of training and development needs Programme planning and design Developer of instructional strategies/materials Instructor Evaluation of learning achievement Dissemination of knowledge

Counselor Consultant Diagnosis of OD/organizational change needs Management of OD/change process Strategies development for organizational change Planning and designing of change programmes/interventions Marketing of OD programmes Evaluation of OD programmes Facilitation of change process Advocate

Researcher Knowledge seeker Conceptualizer Evaluator HRD Managers Roles, contd ASTD Model: Nadler Model: Evaluator

Group facilitator Individual development counselor Instructional writer Instructor Manager of training and development Marketer Media specialist Needs analyst Programme administrator Strategist Task analyst

Theoretician Transfer agent Supervisor of programmes Facilitator of learning Instructional strategist Administrator and manager Designer of programmes Arranger of facilities Core Competencies of HRD Manager Operational management competency

Strategic management competency Programme planning and development competency Programme evaluation competency Capacity development need assessment competency Learning programme design and evaluation competency Marketing competency Core Competencies of HRD Manager, contd Learning/group facilitation competency Change agent/OD practitioner competency

Consulting competency People management/relationship competency HRD professional and functional competency New Competencies for the HR Professional (David Ulrich) Credible Activist Delivering results with integrity Sharing information Building relationship of trust Doing HR with attitude Culture & Change Steward

Facilitating change Valuing culture Crafting culture Personalizing culture Strategy Architect Sustaining strategic agility Engaging customers Talent Manager/Org Designer Ensuring todays & tomorrows talent Developing talent

Shaping organization Fostering communication Designing reward systems Operational Executor Implementing workplace policies Advancing HR technologies Business Ally Interpreting social context Serving the value chain Articulating the value proposition Leveraging business technologies

Why HRD Fail in Organizations Failure to demonstrate need for the change Failure to establish viable competency development programmes for competitiveness Not viewed as strategic planning process Failure to measure and communicate impact on organizational effectiveness and efficiency Learning not viewed as an essential competitive advantage in the marketplace Poor image of HRD How to Respond? As a Manager

Utilize both the opportunity and position power to bring about needed changes regarding HRD importance and roles with accessibility to executive decision making As a Facilitator of learning Deliver and facilitate programmes and activities; planning, designing and developing training/development activities that improve skills and competencies As a Consultant Gain and mobilize power to influence the importance of HRD; analyse performance and recommend solutions; exhibit expertise

in subject matter; identify challenges and help in strategic planning As a Researcher Ensure that learning programmes provide a positive payoff; ability to correctly diagnose organizational ills; utilization of research skills Effective HRD Managers Ability to plan HRD activities targeted at the needs of main HR categories Ability to establish goal priorities for HRD over one-to-five year

time span Ability to identify the most appropriate organizational positioning for HRD Ability to communicate and influence within and outside the organization Ability to develop effective HRD management information systems Ability to develop HRD capacity within the HRD department Ability to provide model of management practices and competencies focused by HRD Ability to demonstrate professional and technical capability of HRD Ability to build confidence in HRD staff

HRD Program Design Strategy Establish a written HRD philosophy Establish a HRD policy Obtain support from the top management Integrate HRD into the long term organizational plans Conduct extensive needs assessment Encourage collaboration Establish criteria for participation in HRD activities Thank you !

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