History of Film

History of Film

History of Film FROM 1830 TO TODAY 1927 Charles Lindbergh flies solo across the Atlantic. The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) is founded. The Jazz Singer is the first widely screened feature film with talking sequences interspersed into an otherwise silent film.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is founded. 1928 The first Oxford English Dictionary is published. Bubble gum is invented. Mickey Mouse makes his screen debut in the short cartoon film Plane Crazy.

The Lights of New York is the first all-talking film, and the first Warner Bros. gangster film. 1929 The stock market crashes; the Great Depression begins. Car radios are introduced. The first Academy Awards ceremony is held.

Dorothy Arzner directs The Wild Party, about Jazz Age youth. 1930 Sliced bread is first available. Josef Stalin begins collective farming in the Soviet Union. Pluto is discovered and

designated a planet. Silent Star Greta Garbo successfully graduates to talkies in Anna Christie. 1931* Al Capone is imprisoned for income tax evasion. The Empire State Building is completed. Pritz Lang directs the suspense thriller M*,

starring Peter Lorre. Bela Lugosi stars in the horror film Dracula*. 1932* Franklin Delano Roosevelt is elected president of the U.S. Air Conditioning is invented. The Lindbergh's baby is kidnapped.

Walt Disney shoots Flowers and Trees in the new threestrip Technicolor process.* youtube 1933* King Kong King Kong 1933 King Kong 2005 Starring:

Naomi Watts Fay Rey Jack Black Bruce Cabot Adrien Brody

Robert Armstrong Thomas Kretschmann Colin Hanks Jamie Bell Andy Serkis 1933*

1934 The Dust Bowl. The outlaws Bonnie and Clyde are killed in an ambush. The first cheeseburger is created. Leni Riefenstahl directs the Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will.

1935 Germany issues the antijewish Nuremberg laws. Social Security is enacted in the United States. Alcoholics Anonymous is founded. Rouben Mamoulians Becky Sharp is the first film

shot in three-strip Technicolor. The Museum of Modern Art Film Library opens. 1936 Hoover Dam is completed. King Edward VIII abdicates the British throne for the woman I love, American Wallis Warfield Simpson. The

Cinemathque Francaise, one of the worlds greatest film archives, is founded. Dorothy Wife. Arzner directs Craigs 1937* The Golden Gate Bridge is opened. Japan invades China. Amelia

Earhart vanishes during a flight. The Trail of the Lonesome Pine becomes the first Technicolor film shot entirely on location. Disney creates the first featurelength animated cartoon, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 1938 Nazi Germany takes over Austria without firing a shot.

Georges Melies dies. The Night of Broken Glass (Kristallnacht) in Germany. November 9, 1938 Night Sergei Eisenstein directs the epic Alexander Nevsky. 1939 WWII The begins in Europe.

first commercial flight over the Atlantic. Jean Renoir directs his masterpiece comedy of manners, Rules of the Game. 1939 cont. Gone The first two technicolor movies!! (in orange below) with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Ninotchka, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Stagecoach, and Dark Victory are all released in one of Hollywoods peak years

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