Heal Yourself

Heal Yourself

Soul2Soul Educare presents: Heal Yourself from Illness & Live Dis-Ease Free Allopathic Medicine/Modern Medicine Overcoming sickness through managing the body by external means Healthcare management not healing A few important aspects that allow Healing to take place:

Mind & Emotion Control Astrology Environment Food Numerology

Colors Gems/Crystals Mind & Emotion Control In Vedanta Entire Universe is known as chitta or mind stuff Entire Universe is the reflection of the mind of a person There is no external it is all internal

The Mind Serves 4 purposes Enables us to interface with and perceive the physical world through sense objects Stores sensory input in the form of mental impressions Carries out tasks that it is trained to perform in a robotic, almost autonomic way Selects, from all of the possible quantum events in the universe To make your mind your friend to help you to heal

Meditative or Visualization techniques to reprogram the mind. Deciding that you are going to be healthy and will take the steps necessary to get there. Counterclockwise by Ellen Langar Scientific Proof: The Mind is responsible for illness Experiment: See if one can improve ones eyesight just by changing ones mindset Harvard University

Psychology Professor & Research Scientist, Ellen Langars research published in April 2010 in Psychological Science proved this Dr Ellen Langars findings: When subjects were primed to believe they had excellent eyesight, their vision improved. When subjects were told their eyesight would improve with practice, it did.

When people adopted a try and you will succeed mindset -- they tried, and their vision successfully improved. Researchers said ERSTA XPDEF HEJP

P R T E Because letters get progressively smaller on successive lines, people expect that they will be able to read the first few lines only. When participants viewed a reversed chart and a shifted chart, they were able to see letters they

could not see before Common Illnesses & Their Emotional Causes & Affirmations to facilitate healing (see handout) Heal Your Body by Louise Hay Techniques for Healing:

Affirmation: I am not this I am that Smiling into your body So Hum Breathing Healing Room Healing Session at Telos

Healing Song Removing Negative Thought Forms (evil eye) Chakra cleaning and balancing Healing Song Come down Lord, I am ill, Wracked with sore throat the livelong day. All my sorrowing will be stilled If you but say if you but say. Lord please come to my house, I am worthy. Speak and the promise is sealed. For when your word Oh Lord is spoken,

I shall be healed, I shall be healed. Removing Negative Thoughtforms Chakra Cleansing & Balancing using sound: Environment Affects Health Feng Shui or Vastu Cultural Influences

Food Affects Health Food includes everything you take in through your senses Defects in mind arise from Defects in Food Lust Jealousy Greed

Pride Attachment Anger Dr. Max Gerson Cancer Therapy Astrology & its part on Health Touch with He whonot

practices medicine without iron that part of the benefit of the the body ruled movement of the by the sign the

stars and planets is moon a foolis transiting Moon Transitting Each Sign of the Zodiac Ignoring Hippocrates advice can result in: Complications & Infection Slow & Painful Healing

Death Sun Sign Rulerships of the Body Jeff Chandler & Bertha Todd died from unknown causes Astrology affects: The Sensitivity of body parts

The Mind Your Birth Chart indicates the Weak Links in your body: which diseases or accidents to which parts of your body you are inclined to suffer If you are a Fire Sign Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Fevers Maladies which strike suddenly

If you are an Earth Sign Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Deep rooted physical ailments becoming chronic Emotional depression If you are an Air Sign Gemini, Libra or Aquarius Mental stress & psychological

disturbances Breathing Difficulties Circulatory Problems If you are a Water Sign Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces Peculiar illnesses Severe Melancholy For a Complete Health Analysis you will need your own

personal horoscope You can go to http://astro.cafeastrology.com TO PREPARE YOUR OWN HOROSCOPE Lets learn how to read our health horoscope Place Sign Symbol Deg. Asc Cancer a

15 2 Leo b 8.6 3 Virgo c 5.5 4 Libra d

6.5 5 Scorpio e 10 6 Sagittarius f 14 7 Capricorn g

15 8 Aquarius h 8.6 9 Pisces i 5.5 10 Aries ^

6.5 11 Taurus _ 10 12 Gemini ` 14 The Planets in the Chart Zodiac in degrees 0.00

Sun Capricorn 4.15 Moon Sagittarius 8.23

Mercury Capricorn 9.16 R Venus Scorpio 20.27

Mars Scorpio 12.32 Jupiter Scorpio 26.31

Saturn Taurus 16.09 R Uranus Libra Neptune Sagittarius

Pluto Virgo 29.42 Lilith Virgo 12.41

Asc node Aquarius 24.47 13.19 1.49 Lets learn how to read our health horoscope

1. 2. 3. 4. Look at the sign opposite your Sun Sign Look at your Ascendant sign Find the planet Saturn in your chart Check the signs that are at at the cusp of Sixth house that is the line that divides your Fifth and Sixth houses and the cusp of your twelfth house the line that divides your

Eleventh and Twelfth houses How Numerology, Colors & Crystals/ Gems affect/help your Health The Number Can Suffer From: Heart problems in some form, such as palpitation and irregular circulation. Lower back pain Spinal injury

High blood pressure Astigmatism Sexual disorders The Number Physical weakness intensified by: Sense of pride & ego Physical Weakness can be diluted by: Positive emotions Forgiveness Cheerful attitude Being more tolerant and flexible.

The Number Months to be more vigilant: October, November & December Foods that can help: Raisins, barley, oranges, lemons & dates Herbs that can help: Saffron, chamomile, St. Johns wort, cloves, nutmeg, lavender, bay leaves, thyme, myrrh The Number Colors that you should wear:

All shades of sunny or golden yellow, bright orange and royal purple Crystals/Gems that you should wear: Topaz or amber The Number Colors that you should wear: Light green, pale yellow, silver, violet and lavender Crystals/Gems that you should wear: Emeralds, pearls or moonstones

The Number Colors that you should wear: All autumn colors, such as yellow, burnt orange, rust, turquoise and sky blue & purple Crystals/Gems that you should wear: Turquoise The Number Colors that you should wear: Electric blue and cobalt blue, silver gray and ocean green

Crystals/Gems that you should wear: Sapphire, quartz or a stone containing azurite and malachite The Number Colors that you should wear: Pearl gray, light green, and silver. Avoid dark colors Crystals/Gems that you should wear: Aquamarine, silver or platinum The Number

Colors that you should wear: Pastel shades of every color, especially pink and blue sometimes earth tones, such as chocolate brown and deep green Crystals/Gems that you should wear: Opal and copper The Number Colors that you should wear: Sea green, light yellow, aqua, pink and white. Avoid black or dark colors Crystals/Gems that you should wear:

Amethyst or emerald The Number Colors that you should wear: Indigo, all shades of brown, dark green and navy blue Crystals/Gems that you should wear: Diamond or onyx The Number Colors that you should wear: Crimson or ruby red (with no orange tones),

true blue and pure white Crystals/Gems that you should wear: Ruby Colors & Gems of Zodiac Signs Sun Sign Planet Color

Gem Aries Mars Ruby/Crimson Red, True Blue & White Ruby Taurus

Venus Rose pink, all shades of blue, brown & deep green Sapphire Gemini Mercur y Pearl grey, light green & silver

Aquamarine Cancer Moon Light green, pale yellow, silver, violet & Lavender Moonstone & Pearls

Leo Sun Sunny yellow, orange & sometimes purple Topaz Virgo Mercur

y Pearl grey & silver, forest green & white Green or White Jade Libra Venus Rose pink, Pastel shades of every color esp.

Light blue Opal Scorpio Pluto Black, blood red, burgundy, wine & Maroon Bloodstone

Sagittarius Jupiter Autumn colors, eg yellow, bring orange & rust, turquoise, & purple Turquoise Capricorn Saturn

Indigo, navy blue, all shades of brown, & dark green Diamond & Onyx Aquarius Uranus Electric blue & Cobalt blue, Silver gray & ocean green

Mixed Azurite/Malachite Pisces Neptun Emerald green, light yellow, pink & white Emerald &

Thank you for your interest in our workshop material Check out our website for spiritual development www.soul2souleducare.org 2011 Soul2Soul Educare Inc. - All rights reserved. Permission granted to reprint this presentation for use in spiritual circles. Reprints must include Soul2Soul Educares name and contact information - www.soul2souleducare.org. No part of this presentation may be altered or changed in any way.

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