Grote 101

Grote 101

Grote 101 Module 9 Marine & RV Lighting Mastery Statement Our goal is to help you provide your customers with the most demanding, most profitable, trailer lighting product mix for all trailer markets. You should be able to serve all owners of any trailer who are seeking to replace, maintain, or upgrade their lighting.

Boat Trailer Market Data Currently there are over 8 million boats registered in the US In average years there are 130,000+ built require trailer towage Grote does not currently hit the on boat market, but our focus is the boat trailering segment Boat Trailer Market Data Registered Trailers by Boat Type

Classification O/B I/B Stern PWC Sail Other Misc Total # of Trailers 3,554,124

734,463 755,568 599,389 675,368 1,067,926 223,829 7,610,666 *Source: NMMA and USCG % 47%

10% 10% 8% 9% 14% 3% Over 80" 2,665,593 661,016 226,670 59,939

337,684 533,963 111,914 4,596,779 Under 80" 888,531 73,446 528,898 539,450 337,684 533,963

111,914 3,013,886 Boat Trailer Market Data

EZ Loader Shoreland'r Tracker Load Rite Karavan Yacht Club (Eagle) Boat Mate Venture Less than 10% Market Share

Light Kits 440 style Under 80 Unsealed (econo) with and w/o markers Submersible w/o markers LED kit w/o markers Hi-Count LED kit w/o markers

Marker Lamps 15% of revenue Grote product offering Offer all markers used in kits Offer all markers common to boat trailers We have positioned the Micro Nova as a market solution 15 Series

Marker Lamps Lamp only, kitted w/ bracket & grommet, and LED kit ID bar lamp version Rectangular markers Econo, over 80, stud mount Wedge marker The Ultimate Solution

The ULTIMATE LED BOAT TRAILER KIT New Products Ultra Seal Corrosion Preventative Sealant Custom engineered by Grote for trailer lighting systems High dielectric strength, plus added tackifiers for mechanical stability and wash-out resistance Products - Reflectors Boat Reflectors made of reflective film rather

than molded plastic Cant be broken Higher strength adhesive Can be applied to curved surfaces Conspicuity Tape Standard 11x7 red/silver conspicuity tape used on larger trailers Triple Coverage - Versalite Single Double

Triple RV Product Sell your new RV market White Lighting Towing Kits The unforgotten option LED and incandescent options High end compared to industry and economy models available

Customer 101 Module 9 Marine & RV Lighting Please consult your Grote Technical Specialist if you have any additional questions Thank-you for your valued time

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