Grade 9 Social Studies Year End Review - Menno Simons

Grade 9 Social Studies Year End Review - Menno Simons

Grade 9 Social Studies Year End Review Unit 1: The United States as a Market Economy Unit 2: The Former Soviet Union as a Centrally Planned Economy Unit 3: Canada as a Mixed Economy UNIT 3: THE USA AS A MARKET ECONOMY What factors brought about the Agricultural Revolution? What is the significance of the the following events/concepts/ products/people, in moving society from the

Agricultural Revolution to the Industrial Revolution? Enclosure Acts Townshends Four-Year Crop Rotation Tulls seed planting machine Kays Flying Shuttle Hargreaves Spinning Jenny Arkwrights Water Frame Cromptons Mule Watts Steam Engine McAdams roads Cottage Industry vs. Factory System What are some features of cottage industry? How would these features affect both quality of life and standard of

living? What are some features of the factory system? How would these features affect both quality of life and standard of living? As society moved from cottage industry to the factory system, what are some of the major Industrial Revolution Spreads to America What were some incentives which may have encouraged Sam Slater to smuggle his work documents from Great Britain to America? What impact did Slaters actions have on the

Industrial Revolution in America? How did the small arms industry lead to mass production techniques? Eli Whitney was influential in developing the two ideas within mass production techniques: interchangeability of parts and division of labour. What do these terms mean? Developing American Industry What is a trigger industry, and which industries hold this title in Great Britain and in America? Why were incentives needed to develop the

railroad industry in America, and once developed, what all did this industry stimulate? Rockefeller had an enormous impact on the oil industry. What were his biggest contributions, both positive and negative, to this American industry? Ford perfected the assembly line techniques and mass production techniques. How did he use these concepts to bring high mass consumption? Industry Many Americans believed that it was their destiny to occupy and control the North

American continent; what name did this idea have? What are some of the factors to consider when locating secondary industries? The Homestead Acts of 1862 encouraged economic development in America. How did they do this and what were some negative sides to this expansion? Which industry (primary, secondary, tertiary, or quaternary) employs the most people? Government, Business and Labour What is the primary goal of business, of government, and of

labour? What are the two basic roles of government in America? How is the Federal Reserve System an example of the government affecting the American economy? What are the three main advantages of corporations? Who owns a corporation and who runs a corporation? What are the main concerns of American labour organizations in todays rapidly changing economy? The Market Economy What are the four basic economic questions all

societies must answer? What is the difference between producers and consumers? Economics is described as the science of scarcity; the basic rule of economics is that you cannot have everything. How does this relate to wants and needs, and supply and demand? Every society has three basic kinds of resources, called the factors of production. Describe each of the factors of production. Describe the relationship between supply and demand and equilibrium price. What are the three main advantages of the market economy, and what is the main disadvantage?

What do supporters of a free market economy value most? Entrepreneurs What is an entrepreneur? What are the major characteristics of an entrepreneur? What role do entrepreneurs play in the market economy? What does the term venture capital mean? What are some characteristics of a business manager? What are the main differences between an entrepreneur and a manager?

The Consumer What does the term Consumer Sovereignty mean? What are some arguments both for and against advertising in the market economy? What does the term Consumerism mean? Why does the government get involved in the economy by passing regulations for producers? Who has more power in the economy, the consumer or the producer? Economic Values

How does Adam Smiths idea of the invisible hand relate to a free market economy? What is the difference between quality of life and standard of living? How is quality of life for Americans affected by economic values? What are examples of decisions which negatively impact quality of life, while positively impacting standard of living? UNIT 2: THE USSR AS A CENTRALLY PLANNED

ECONOMY Nicholas II was the last What was the significance of Karl Marxs writing, The Communist Manifesto, to the Russian people? What policies did Tsar Alexander III implement that made the Russian people unhappy and contemplate revolution? What is the difference between a proletariat and a capitalist? Tsar of Imperial Russia. What policies did he continue from Alexander III that encouraged the Russian Revolution? What was the significance of Bloody Sunday?

How did WWI worsen the situation in Russia, just prior to the revolution? Revolution and Lenin Summarize the February/March Revolution. Summarize the Bolshevik Revolution (October/November Revolution). Why were the Bolsheviks successful in their revolution? What was Lenins policy of War Communism? Why did he decide to abandon War Communism? What was Lenins New Economic Policy

(NEP) which replaced War Communism? Stalin What made Stalins rule Totalitarianist? What were the major goals of Stalins Five Year Plans? What was collectivization and what impact did it have on the Soviet people? What was the impact of Stalins Five Year Plans on the Soviet Union? How did Stalins way of ruling the Soviet Union, make it a centrally planned economy?

Khrushchev and Brezhnev What was Krushchevs policy of deStalinization? What was the significance of the Cuban Missile Crisis on the Cold War? What was Brezhnevs policy of reStalinization? How would you summarize his policys of dtente and the Brezhnev Doctrine? Features of the Soviet System Explain the five features of the Soviet System How did state ownership and

control and central planning of production affect both industry and agriculture? How did the features of the Soviet System affect the social (living) conditions in the former Soviet Union? Gorbachev and Changing the System What problems existed when Gorbachev came to power? What does the term Perestroika mean, and what did Gorbachev hope it would accomplish for the Soviet Union? What four policies were the foundation of

perestroika? What does the term democratization mean, and what changes did it bring? What does the term Glasnost mean and what changes did it bring? Why did Gorbachevs policies of change not solve all the problems in the former Soviet Union? Collapse of the Soviet Union How were Yeltsin and Gorbachev similar, and how did they differ? What were the main reasons for the coup of August 1991, and who was taking power?

What were the main factors resulting in the failure of the coup? What were the significant events after the coup and leading up to the collapse of the Soviet Union in January of 1992? Unit 3: Canada as a Mixed Economy How has technology had both positive and negative impact on both standard of living and quality of life? How has changing technology affected the workplace? What is the definition

of technology, and is it always related to production? What are the three types of technology and examples of each? Politics and Technology What is politics? Canada is a democracy, whose government is controlled by rule of the majority. What does this mean? What are some factors that must be considered when making political decisions? What four things do all levels of government in

Canada need in order to take action? What does the term disparity mean and how does it relate to politics? What is the main goal of government? Responding to Economic Change What is an economy? What is a budget and how is it used by government? What are some ways the Canadian government deals with scarcity and inequity? What is the difference between private and public enterprise? What are commodities? What three things should

the government of a mixed economy provide according to Keynes? What are some examples of Crown Corporations and why are they in existence? What does the term privatization mean and why does it occur? Change in Industry, Politics, Environment and Society Some economists trace Canadas history using the staple thesis. What does this theory state? What are examples of innovation in all four levels of Canadian industry? What are some

examples of the public and private sector getting involved in creating change in Canada due to changing technology? What are the significant changes technology is having on society? Additional Key Terms and Concepts Global Village Capitalism, private enterprise, free market economy, laissez faire, private ownership Centrally planned economy, command economy, public enterprise, collective economy/ownership, socialism, communism

Capital Economic systems are based on different values about how resources are allocated. What are the key values of a market economy, centrally planned economy, and a mixed economy? Deficit vs. surplus Social services Automation, mechanization, innovation, efficiency

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