Geological and biological evolution

Geological and biological evolution

#74 Geological and biological evolution Warm-up Define the root words: Geo Bio Explain what geological factors prove evolution has taken place on Earth. What

about biological factors? Warm-up Explain in detail how this represents superposition. Tell the order in which came first to the most recent Car, motorcycle, bike, man with dog, woman

*Evolution The process by which different kinds of living organisms have changed and branched out from earlier forms of life throughout the history of the earth. How can we prove evolution happened? This brings us back to a certain law we learned back in

September Think back to our Geology unit in the 1st Quarter We learned Geological Evolution *Geological Evolution is ?how the EARTH changes

over millions of years!!! *What THEORY do we follow regarding GEOLOGICAL EVOLUTION? The THEORY of PLATE TECTONICS!!!!!! The theory states that the Earth is made up of pieces of crust called PLATES that slowly move

around the earth due to convection(heat from the earths core). The Theory of Continental Drift All the continents originated from one supercontinent, and then drifted apart. The Law of Superposition Each rock layer is older than the layer above it.

Youngest Top, Oldest Bottom! Unless something happens. *What about BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION? Biological Evolution is how ? life changes

over several thousands of years! *What THEORY do we follow regarding BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION? Jean Baptiste Lamarck Lamarcks proposed a theory of Acquired Characteristics which said Living things can acquire (get) new

traits throughout their lifetime to help them carry out and make certain tasks easier. And when the individual reproduced, those new changes would be passed down to their offspring Another Lamarck Example Lamarck believed elephants all used to have short trunks. When their was no food or water that they could reach with their short

trunks, they had to do something in order to survive. He believed that they stretched out their trunks a little bit, and then were able to reach more food and water. When they had babies, he said they were born with their trunks already stretched out a little longer, and the next time they needed to reach food and water they could continue to stretch their necks a little further each time and eventually over many generations evolve to become the long

trunked elephants that we know today Explain in your own words Whats the difference between geological and biological evolution? Explain Lamarcks theory of Acquired traits Major Biological and Geological Events Classification

Event The earth began Oceans form and cover the earth Bacteria appeared Shallow seas cover most of land Great explosion of invertebrates in the sea Geological or

biological? Event Hot, dry conditions dominate Pangea Dinosaurs appear Pangea splits Widespread volcano activity Dinosaurs become extinct Pangea forms

Land plants appear Rocky Mountains and Himalayas form Insects and spiders appear Continental glaciers cover over Antarctica Age of the fish begins

Mammals and flowering plants dominate Humans appear Geological or biological? Extra So evolution, how do we prove it?

Well theres this scientist named Richard Lenski and in 1988 he started an experiment to prove that evolution can happen. This experiment was called the E. coli long-term evolution experiment. So what is the E. Coli Long Term Experiment?

Its exactly what it sounds like: Take some E. Coli bacteria Place them in their own individual incubators and take 1% of their population out each day to place in a different environment (to see how it evolves). Also, every 75 days, freeze large majorities of a population with similar traits (to compare to the original as well as other types later)

E. Coli Long Term Experiment So after 20 years, whats the verdict? Between the 12 original populations, there were about 10-20 beneficial mutations. Additionally, all populations evolved to be much larger than the first generation. But what if you want some other kind of evidence? Well it wont be as recent or easily observable Whats your Evolution Of

Literacy Activity 1.Writing Prompt (create a timeline of your evolution of ) a)Evolution of Dance or b)Evolution of technology c)Your choice 2.Evolution of Earth a)6-8 facts about Earths past 3.Compare and Contrast a)Compare and contrast the evolution of EARTH to the evolution

of DANCE OR TECHNOLOGY 4.Essay a)Write a 3 paragraph essay comparing and contrasting the evolution of Earth to your evolution of. b)Each paragraph must be a minimum of 5-8 sentences each. c) Evolution Writing Prompts Choose ONE of the following topics and write a 3 paragraph essay to answer ALL of the bullets for that article. Be sure to provide a short introduction and conclusion to your essay. Be sure to use information

from the video clips as well as information from our class discussion when writing your essay. Evolution of Dance Explain how each of the dancing styles have evolved over time. (movement, music, clothing). Explain why each these dance styles may have been popular during their time. Explain why these types of dance styles may have been replaced with new styles of dance. Evolution of Technology Explain how technology has evolved over time (from your childhood, your parents childhood, maybe even your grandparents childhood).

Explain how each of you may have had to adapt to changes with technology. Some questions you might want to answer include but are not limited to: What are some ways technology has changed education? How has communication changed? How has travel become easier? Brain Pop - Mutations Visual Vocab (definition and pics)

Geological evolution Biological evolution Evolution Mass extinction Isolation (evolution)

Natural selection Speciation Variation overproduction Vestigial organs

Selection (competition) adaptation Darwin vs Lamarck Explain both theories Give examples of each in way you can remember (besides the ones I gave) Include pictures of both

Captured thoughts In a MINIMUM of 3 well developed sentences EACH, explain the following: 1. Explain the main idea 2. Explain how this connects to your life 3. Explain what you found interesting and why 4. Explain anything you wonder or want additional information on.

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