Geography Revision - the "Life Cloud

Geography Revision - the "Life Cloud

Timetable Geography Best Way to Approach? Make your revision goal orientated. Rather than setting 1 hour of revision, take a section of the specification i.e. shield volcanoes. If it takes an hour, so be it, if it 20 minsbonus! ALWAYS stop revising at 9pm. Relax and let your brain have a rest! Devise a system where you revise and then on two later dates (the following week and the following month), see if you can recall the information. Start with physical geography first! Restless Earth, Coastal Zone and Rocks, Resources and Scenery When Should I Start Revising? The sooner the better. Short sharp bits of revision in the first instance and then scale up as you get closer. Month Revision Goals Recall Sessions Jan 3 x topic areas per week (physical) 1 the following week and 1 the following month Feb 4 x topic areas per week (physical)

1 the following week and 1 the following month Mar 5 x topic areas per week (Phy/Hum) 2 the following week and 2 the following month Apr 5 x topic areas per week (Phy/Hum) 2 the following week and 2 the following month May 4 x topic areas per week (Phy/Hum) 2 the following week and two the following month June Exam technique n/a Restless Earth (21)

The Basics The structure of the Earth Continental and oceanic crust Types of plate boundaries Feature found at plate boundaries and why? Fold Mountains Formation Human Use (Andes) Volcanoes Cross section Formation (constructive/destructive/hotspot) World distribution Predicting/monitoring volcanoes Reasons why human live on volcanoes Case Study: Mt St Helens (cause/effect/response) Supervolcanoes (characteristics/effects) Earthquakes Formation Earthquake features Measurement of earthquakes (Mercalli/Richter) Case Study: San Fran 89 (cause/effect/response)

Case Study: Haiti 2010 (cause/effect/response) Why are earthquake impacts different? Predict, protect and prepare Tsunami: Case Study Japan 2011 Revision Weekly Recall Monthly Recall Coastal Zone (17) What Shapes the Coast What are waves and how do they form? Constructive and destructive waves Marine processes (erosion/deposition/transport) Land processes (Mass movement/weathering) Erosional Features Wave cut platforms Cave, Arch and Stack Headlands and Bays Depositional Features Spits and bars Beaches Case Study: Holderness Coast

Why is Holderness rapidly eroding Impact of erosion on humans Sea Level Rise Causes of sea level rise Economic/social/environmental/political impacts Management of Coasts Hard engineering (sea walls/groynes/rock armour) Soft engineering (Beach nourishment etc) Case Study: Coastal Management of Holderness Salt Marshes Case Study: Keyhaven salt marshes Revision Weekly Recall Monthly Recall Rocks, Resources and Scenery (16) Geological Time Rock Types and Characteristics Igneous Metamorphic Sedimentary Rock Cycle and How Rock Types Link

Weathering Freeze-Thaw, Exfoliation, Chemical, Carbonation, Biological Distribution of Rock in the UK Granite Landscapes: Case Study Dartmoor Landscape characteristics Granite features (tors, moorlands) Economic and land uses (Building material, Aberdeen) Limestone Landscapes: Case Study Yorkshire Dales Landscape characteristics Limestone features (surface and underground) Economic and land use (Tourism in Malham) Quarrying and conflict (case study Hope Quarry) Chalk and Clay Landscape characteristics Chalk and clay features (Chalk escarpment, clay vale) Economic and land use (London aquifer) Revision Weekly Recall Monthly Recall

Population Change (14) World Population Change World population graph Effects of population growth Demographic transition model Population pyramid Population Issues in MEDCs Case study: Russia, Sex Day falling population Case Study: UK, Ageing population Case Study: France, Pro Natal Policy Population Issues in LEDCs Case Study: China, One Child Policy Case Study: Uganda, rapidly rising population Migration Types of migration Causes of migration (push/pull factors) Impacts of migration Case Study: Mexico - USA Case Study: Poland UK Revision

Weekly Recall Monthly Recall Globalisation (17) Basics Case Study: Slazenger Industrial Change Influence of IT Footloose industry: Case Study McLaren Call centres: Case Study: India TNCs: Case Study Ford Motors Reason for world manufacturing change Case Study: China Industrial Giant Increasing Cause and Demand for Energy Reasons for growing demand Effects of increasing energy demand Sustainable Energy Renewable energy Case Study: UK Wind Energy International directives Sustainable development at different level

Global Food Production Environmental Effects (Food miles) Political Effects (Irrigation in India) Economics Effects (Farming in the UK) Social Effects (Cash crops in Kenya) Revision Weekly Recall Monthly Recall Tourism (12) Tourism Global tourism Factors affecting tourism Importance of tourism in countries Tourism in the UK Importance of tourism in the UK The Butler model Case Study: Lake District (attractions/impacts/management) Mass Tourism Advantages and disadvantages of mass tourism

Case Study: Jamaica, mass tourism in a tropical area Extreme Environments Tourism What, where and why? Case Study: Antarctica (attractions/impact/strategy) Sustainable Tourism What is it? Case Study: Amazonat, sustainable tourism Revision Weekly Recall Monthly Recall What Support is Available in School? Every Friday: Mr Morrissey revision class in E6, focusing on exam technique and physical geography Every Thursday: Mentoring with Mr Hulme and Mrs Avanessian (check your times!) Every Dinnertime: Staff available for advice and guidance!

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