WELCOME TO CURRICULUM NIGHT! Kristina Atia, Whitney Hemker, Nadia Jessa, Crystal Coldiron Bellevue School District Mission & Mission: The mission Vision of the Bellevue School District is to serve each and every student academically, socially, and emotionally, through a rigorous and relevant education that is innovative and individualized. As a learning

community that values one another's humanity, we provide courageous support for an equitable and exceptional education for all students. Vision: To affirm and inspire each and every student to learn and thrive as creators of their future world. Elements of Thought Whenever we are thinking, we think for a purpose, within a point of view based on assumptions leading to

implications and consequences. We use concepts, ideas, and theories to interpret data, facts, and experiences in order to answer SOCIAL STUDIES

Examining Founding Documents Defining Race, Microaggressions and Stereotypes Geography of North America & World

Causes/Effects of European Exploration, Conquest, Colonization, and Devastation Enslavement of Indigenous and African Peoples Development of European Colonies in the Americas Tensions between England and the Colonies Declaring Independence - Revolution & Declaration of Independence development Balancing Powers, Developing branches of government Individual Impact & Taking Action Goals of Our Recently Revised

Curriculum Attempts to decolonize US history and analyze various stories and perspectives from different groups of people. In this, we are aiming to capture the unseen and bring awareness to the complexity of history, people and culture. Emphasizes connection to self, critical thinking, and student-driven learning and our goal is to connect learning to present day, developing the skills and tools within our students to talk about race. Increases resources, primary source documents, and relevant articles to present multiple perspectives and empowering our students with a greater depth of knowledge.

Educates and empowers our students to participate in healthy dialogue about race. We want to help our students to navigate their world and be cognizant of the impacts of race, culture and history. SCIENCE TOPICS Physical Science Types of Energy Energy Transfer Temperature Earth Science Climate/weather

Global Warming Human Impact Cycles Life Science Plant and Animal Cells (Unicellular and Multicellular) Asexual and sexual reproduction in plants and animals Structures and Functions within Systems FLASH - Human Growth and Development SCIENCE RESOURCES One Note

Science Notebook On-line Textbooks - CK-12 (links in One Note and www.g5rocks.weebly.com) English Language Arts Writing (Narrative, Opinion, Informative, Creative) Word Study (Caesars English & beyond) Reading: Novel studies, guided reading,

close reading, read alouds, short story analysis, poetry Grammar and Spelling Cursive and Typing Math IMT 1: Kristina Atia, Nadia Jessa IMT 2: Whitney Hemker Algebra: Crystal Coldiron These are credited courses (Middle

School courses) therefore students need to take the full course to receive the credits. We believe that in G5... - Kids have the opportunity to build responsibility and autonomy. They build these through various ways, including but not limited to:

- - Shared workspaces, marketplace money, organization of cubby space, critical thinking opportunities, transitions and rotations, teamwork, independent problem solving Our homework policy: Reading daily is essential for learning. We expect all students, to read each night at

home. Other than reading nightly, if homework or projects are given, it will be an intentional connection to Who we are individually... Who we are together... General Info PTSA Parent Volunteers (Math, Parties, Library, Field Trips, etc.) *volunteer application

Class Parties ParentVUE Online Student Data Verification Fall Conferences in October Contact Information Kristina Atia: [email protected] Whitney Hemker: [email protected] Nadia Jessa: [email protected] G5 (AL) Website: g5rocks.weebly.com

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    Made up of heat (q) and work (w), apply magnitude of vectors in a diagram. Heat: Exothermic is negative and heat/energy is released from system to surroundings. Endothermic is positive and heat/energy is absorbed by system. Work: Work is positive...
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    Mark Dimondstein, President Debby Szeredy, Vice President Clerk

    Since the Service failed to provide the Union with all the requested data, a presumption that the missing data would not have favored the Service's position can be assumed." Arbitrator Holden / B10C-4B-C13257552 / AIRS 58475 "It is clear that...
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    The second, the appearance in 1974 of the standard of the encryption system DES (Data Encryption Standard) and finally with the appearance of the study in 1976 made by Whitfield Diffle and Martin Hellman about the application of mathematic functions...
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    AZTEC BELLWORK What did the Aztecs use as

    Inca Economy. Agriculturally based using terrace farming. Different crops grown based on location and altitude. Lots of labor/workers necessary for transport of goods. Excellent Roads/infrastructure for transfer of goods from coastal desert to jungle to mountain villages. Trade from different...