G-Invoicing GT&C and Order Overview and Demo

G-Invoicing GT&C and Order Overview and Demo

Biography Lena Napolitano is an Agency Implementation Team Lead of the Treasury Division, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. In her role, she is responsible for leading agencies in activities related to government wide G-Invoicing program implementation. Before joining the Federal Reserve System in 2013, Lena was working for U.S. Department of Defense in support of the IT systems management, audit, program and financial operations. Lena holds Master of Business Administration degree in project management and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification from Villanova University. G-Invoicing GT&C and Order Overview and Demo

Breakout Sessions Tuesday, July 9, 3-4 PM Wednesday, July 10, 2-3 PM Lena Napolitano Agency Implementation Team Lead Treasury Division, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis G-Invoicing System Environments QA-C PROD Quality Assurance Current (QA-C) URL: https://qa.igt.fiscal.treas

ury.gov/ Production (Prod) URL: https://www.igt.fiscal.tr easury.gov/ The U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bureau of the Fiscal Service policy prohibits the use / storage of production (real) data in nonproduction QA-C (test) environment Please modify the data so there is no real data in QA-C G-Invoicing System Modules Intra-Gov Disburser Disburser Administra tor

Trading Partners GT&C Agreements Orders Performance IPAC Status for Funds Settlement Account Configuration Reference data management and maintenance of data access groups Creation of users Assignment of roles and data

access groups G-Invoicing Implementation Work with the Agency Implementation Team (AIT) Leads Identify your stakeholders for G-Invoicing implementation Establish Working Groups Review reference materials on G-Invoicing Fiscal Service Website Compare your IGT As-Is Model to the Federal IGT Data Standards Identify SMEs involved in IGT (Support Agreements Managers, Orders, 7600A/B Forms, DISB/COLL, IPAC) Establish data access groups and users in G-Invoicing QA and Production environments Prepare Implementation Project Plan Work with your software provider(s) to comply with G-Invoicing and FIDS requirements Join the Intragovernmental Transactions Working Group (ITWG) meetings Sign up by e-mailing [email protected] G-Invoicing User Training Train the Trainer approach for training of initial agency users

Onsite training of Admins and Users Training material are available to support training approach Computer Based Training (CBTs) Available on Fiscal Service Website Creating a GT&C Creating an Order Establishing an Access Model Structure Signup available on Fiscal Service Website for: G-Invoicing Workshops in Crystal City, VA and Webinars https://www.fiscal.treasury.gov/g-invoice/training.html G-Invoicing Treasury Contact Information For IGT Program Management and Agency Outreach Support Chris Beck Manager, General Ledger and Advisory Branch, Bureau of the Fiscal Service (304) 480-7122; [email protected] Keith Jarboe IGT Agency Outreach Engagement & Onboarding Staff

Bureau of the Fiscal Service Fiscal Accounting 202-874-7818; [email protected] For Intragovernmental Transactions Working Group Information [email protected] Alex Abshire ([email protected]) Wesley Vincent ([email protected]) https://www.fiscal.treasury.gov/g-invoice/ For Intragovernmental Reporting Point of Contact List for Agencies https://www.fiscal.treasury.gov/gtas/intergovernmental-contact-list-for-agencies.html The Financial Reports Division has provided each agency with an assigned review accountant to answer questions about the Intragovernmental Transactions (IGT) G-Invoicing Implementation Team Agency Onboarding and Implementation, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Robert Mattison, AIT Manager (314) 444-3943

[email protected] George Pierce, AIT Lead (202) 759-0701 [email protected] Doug Larson, Senior Project Manager (202) 759-0700 [email protected] Will Beedie, AIT Specialist (314) 444-8797 [email protected] Lena Napolitano, AIT Lead (202) 759-0702 [email protected]

Shelley Sadler, AIT Specialist (314) 444-3969 [email protected] If you need your password to be reset, please contact Treasury Support Center at e-mail: [email protected] and/or phone: (877)-440-9476, Monday Friday, 7:00am - 8:00pm G-Invoicing System Demo https://qa.igt.fiscal.treasury.gov/

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