Floury Food Safety Training From Vıirtual To Reality For ...

Floury Food Safety Training From Vıirtual To Reality For ...

Floury Food Safety Training From Virtual To Reality For Youth/FFS 2016-2-TR01-KA205-036086 Funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. However, European Commission and Turkish National Agency cannot be held responsi ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein Monitoring and evaluation of FFS Lead partner: Uluslararas Hayat Boyu renme Dernei and each partner will take place actively in the monitoring evaluation activities. Outputs: During the Project; 7 progress reports, 7 financial reports,

7 quality assurance (QA) reports, 7 national dissemination reports, 1 international common dissemination report will be prepared. We monitor; We evaluate; to review progress and/or lack of progress to assess overall project performance,

to improve project design, to make necessary adjustments in the implementation of activities, to make decisions based on concrete evidence, to increase knowledge of what works, what does not work and why,

to be accountable beneficiaries, to assess the cost effectiveness of the project,( By ZGIDA ) to provide evidence for future resource mobilization, to identify successful strategies extension, expansion, replication to gather information

evaluation purposes. for to project for Monitoring evaluation activities and objectives during Project period; Quality evaluation in the Project management process will be done through questionnaires and reports and the data obtained will be used to increase the quality of the progressing process, Evaluation of workshops by means of web based evaluation tools, The training module through pretest posttest reward evaluation

activities and reports in international educational activities, Monitoring evaluation in dissemination, with reports and target mass volume reached at, Quality and availability of outputs web page, by means of reporting the results obtained from the E learning system feedback mechanism, Effective monitoring evaluation will prevent the potential risks of project quality; Project management risk; Questionnaires will be prepared to detect in advance the possible risks in the Project management, to take measures and to evaluate the management quality. These questionnaires will be applied on the Project partners and participants and will determine the negative and positive aspects of the management process. The possible problems determined through the evaluation reports of the questionnaires, will determine the measures to be taken in the progressive process of the

Project management and ensure to experience a management process of higher quality. Quality risk in Project outputs; The quality of the Project outputs will be taken under guarantee by making pretest posttest evaluation of the training tool (Module) prepared in line with the need analyses of the pilot trainings to be made in TURKEY, by establishing feedback mechanism in the on line and mobile pilot application in the E learning system. During the beginning phase of the Project; QA (Quality Assurance) report drafts will be produced and the results obtained from evaluation of outputs will be reported. The regular and constant monitoring evaluation activities will determine to what extent the project has reached at its objectives and expected results. The target indicators of the FFS project; The number of target mass reached at in need determining works and the analysis reports, LTTA acquisition reports(Pretest and posttest method awareness tests)

The number of stakeholders, participants who have participated in the workshops, opening closing meeting and evaluation reports, The evaluation reports obtained from the feedback mechanism of the E learning system, The number of documents uploaded and downloaded to/from the web page, The quality of the interim and final reports,, The dissemination reports produced by each partner at national scale and the final dissemination report,

The number of institutions/organizations/persons joined the FFS linkedin network, Preparation Templates of monitoring and evaluation will be prepared by Uluslararas Hayat Boyu renme Dernei. The monitoring evaluation activities will be carried out through questionnaires, feedback mechanism, activity reports, awareness reports, dissemination, communication and finance reports. At the beginning of the each activity, report drafts will be

prepared and Standard will be established and shared among the partners. We wish you a successful management process For Lifelong Learning [email protected] [email protected] www.illla.org https://www.facebook.com/illla.org/ https://twitter.com/ILLLATR https://plus.google.com/u/0/101166329232978217816

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