FALL 2006 Abstracts - Barren County Schools

FALL 2006 Abstracts - Barren County Schools

Roman Civilization Life in Ancient Rome Roman Culture Greek statues, buildings, and ideas difference What was Roman Art Like?

Greek style statues Greek style porches and rows of columns Adding arches and domes Roman firsts Make full use of the arch concrete

Colosseum Parthenon Aqueducts and buildings Roman Literature

Based mostly on Greek writings Virgil

Horace Ovid Catullus Seneca Plautus and Terence Roman Science and Engineering

Galen Ptolemy Roads

Aqueducts Volcanic ash , lime, and water Daily Life in Rome Rome 1 of largest cities in world Forum

Wealthy houses Poor apartment buildings Bread and circuses

How was the Forum important to the ancient Romans? List some pros and cons of holding sports figures up as heroes and the responsibilities that

major sports figures have to the public. What was Family Life like? Large families Father head paterfamilias

Becoming a man Women in Rome

Some rights Not full citizens Freedoms Couldnt sit with men Empress Livia Treatment of Enslaved People

Grew with conquered lands

40% by 100 B.C. Jobs Greeks Life Revolt Spartacus Roman Religion

Gods and goddesses Roman emperors Altars

Philosophy Review 1. What were some of Ptolemys scientific achievements? 2. How were the Roman and Greek religions similar? 3. Explain the importance of the language of

the Romans. 4. Describe the education of Roman children. Greek Art Roman Art

Greek Architecture Roman Architecture Greek Art Roman Art

Sculptors tried to show an ideal image. Sculptors made realistic statues. Greek Architecture Roman Architecture

Used porches and colonnades Borrowed Greek styles; used the arch, vault, dome, and concrete The Fall of Rome

The Decline of Rome Marcus Aurelius Commodus Severans Political and Social Problems 22 different emperors Corruption Talented people

refused to serve in govt Fewer honoring the old ideals of duty, courage, and honesty. Attending schools

Large # enslaved Economic and Military Problems Law and order broke down Roman soldiers and

invaders seized crops and destroyed fields. Grew less crops Businesses closed Leave jobs and serve in army Plague

Inflation Inflation

Less gold in coins Make extra coins Pay for more things People find out. Barter Write a journal entry

describing life in a Roman city during the 200s A.D. (React to at least one of the political, social, economic, and military problems that led to disorder and decline.) How do the social,

economic, and political problems of Ancient Rome compare to the current problems in the USA? Invasion

Germanic tribes W Persian E Couldnt enlist and pay Roman soldiers Used Germanic warriors not loyal

Diocletians Reforms AD 284 emperor

Reforms Divided empire into 4 parts Set prices of goods Workers Constantine

Emperor AD 312 Orders Byzantium Hippodrome Constantinople

Empire after Constantine Theodosius Western and Eastern Roman Empire Invasion of Rome

Germanic groups Huns Visigoths Battle of Adrianople

Visigoths invading Rome What leader did the Visigoths overthrow to take control of Rome? More Germanic tribes

Rhine River froze Alaric Romes capture Vandals Vandalism

The fall of Rome Odoacer

Romulus Augustulus Theodoric Western Roman Empire fades Byzantine Empire The Legacy of Rome

Language Ideas about govt USA system of laws Buildings

Peace and order allowed Christian religion to spread. Roman Ideas and Government Today 1st written laws (Twelve Tables) All people are equal under the law. Judges decide fairly.

Innocent till proven guilty Republic made of equal citizens is best form of govt. Republic works best if citizens do their duty, participate in govt, and work to make their society even better.

First Twenty Roman Numerals I=1 II = 2 III = 3 IV = 4

V=5 VI = 6 XI = 11 XVI = 16

VII = 7 XII = 12 XVII = 17 VIII = 8

XIII = 13 XVIII = 18 IX = 9 XIV = 14

XIX = 19 X = 10 XV = 15 XX = 20

Numerals by 10s X = 10 XX = 20 XXX = 30 XL = 40 L = 50 LX = 60

LXX = 70 LXXX = 80 XC = 90 C = 100 Numerals by 100s C = 100 CC = 200

CCC = 300 CD = 400 C = 500 DC = 600 DCC = 700 DCCC = 800 CM = 900

M = 1,000 My Dear Cousin Loves eXtra Vitamins: Roman Numeral: Translated:

My M 1,000 Dear

D 500 Cousin C

100 Loves L 50

eXtra X 10 Vitamins

V 5 Tricky Numbers You would think that the Roman Numeral for 4 would be IIII. But, it is IV.

When a smaller number is in front of a larger number such as IV you subtract only those numbers. I-V= 5-1= 4 Tricky Numbers

IX= 10-1= 9 XIX= XLIV=

XCIX= 10+101= 50-10+51= 100-10+101

19 44 99 Translating What is the Roman numeral translation for

CMIV? For this you have to add the numbers. CM+IV= 900+4= 904 Translating What is the translation for MCDLXXX?

First break apart and add. M+CD+LXXX= 1000+400+80= 1480 Question: What is the translation for CLIV? A. 1515 B. 154

C. 2525 D. 254 Question: What is the translation for CDXX? A. 1520 B. 150 C. 520

D. 420 Influence on Culture Latin alphabet Latin phrases used by doctors, scientists, and lawyers. Literature: Virgil, Horace, Livy, and Tactius Buildings

Concrete Architectural styles Christianity 1 of major religions in the world Adopted Christianity in 300s Helped it grow and spread

Review 1. What social problems helped cause the empires decline? 2. Why did the Roman government use Germanic warriors in its army? 3. How did inflation affect Rome? 4. Who were the Visigoths, and how did they contribute to the fall of the empire?

5. Give examples of Roman ideas in language and architecture that exist today. Write a paragraph discussing whether or not you agree with the following statement: The United States owes more to Roman culture than to any other

civilization that has ever existed. (Support your answer with reasons and evidence from the text, power point, or discussion.) Roman Legacies languages

Rule of law Roman Legacies Roman architectural styles

Christianity The Byzantine Empire Rise of the Byzantines

Byzantine or Eastern Roman Empire 500s high point Italy west Egypt south Arabia east

Importance of Constantinople Capital of Byzantine Empire 1 of worlds greatest cities

Location Trade routes Influence of Greek Culture

1st followed Roman ways New Rome Honored Greek past Egyptians and Slavs Persians

500 1200 AD = 1 of the worlds richest and most advanced empires 1. Located in eastern Mediterranean only 2. Spain, North Africa Emperor Justinian

527 A.D. 565 A.D. Policies made empire strong Strong leader Controlled military, made laws, and was supreme judge Theodora

Read the following information and write at least five things you might reflect on as you read this information. In A.D. 532 Theodora helped save Justinians throne. Angry taxpayers threatened to overthrow Justinian and stormed the palace. Justinians advisers urged him to leave

Constantinople. Theodora, however, told him to stay and fight. Justinian took Theodoras advice. He stayed in the city and crushed the uprising. Justinians Conquests General Belisarius Controlled most of

Italy, northern Africa, and Persia Justinians Law Code Tribonian Justinian Code

Byzantine Civilization Lasted 1,000 years Constantinople largest/richest city in Europe Highly educated and creative Gave a new methods

in arts Spread Christianity to people in Eastern Europe Importance of Trade Center of trade between Europe and Asia Asia spices, gems, metals, and cloth Merchants furs, farm goods, honey, and

enslaved people Very Rich Byzantine Art and Architecture Hagia Sophia Mosaics Byzantine Women

Family center of social life Importance of marriage and family Divorces

Regent Byzantine Education

Learning highly respected Govt supported Boys Tutors Girls Authors

Review 1. What is a mosaic, and where were mosaics found in the Byzantine Empire? 2. How did silk weaving develop in the Byzantine Empire? 3. What were some of the trade items that were exchanged between merchants in

Constantinople? 4. Why were divorces difficult to get in the Byzantine Empire? 5. What important service did Byzantine writers provide to the rest of the world? Which civilization do you think was the most

advanced --- that of the Greeks, the Romans, or the Byzantines? Why?

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