Excellence in Technology and EPC Contracting Presentation to ...

Excellence in Technology and EPC Contracting Presentation to ...

An Introduction to Uhde Oil & Gas ThyssenKrupp Uhde - Engineering with Ideas . Agenda: Welcome and Introduction Corporate Overview Uhde Oil and Gas Business Line Uhde Group Resources Technology Downstream Capability Upstream Capability

Key Clients Uhde Oil and Gas part of the ThyssenKrupp Group Employees: Sales: Materials 177,350 42.6 bn Technologies Plant Technology Employees: Sales: 5,300 1.5 bn Uhde Oil and Gas ThyssenKrupp Group Employees: 177,350 Sales: 42.6 bn ThyssenKrupp AG Materials

Technologies Steel Europe Elevator Technology Steel Americas Plant Technology Stainless Global Components Technology Materials Services Marine Systems Business Services Uhde Plant Technology Business Area Companies: Polysius, Foerdertechnik, Uhde ID103 Uhde: Facts and figures History 1921 1952 1996 1997 1999 2002

Friedrich Uhde starts an engineering firm in Dortmund Friedrich Uhde GmbH becomes a subsidiary of Hoechst AG Acquisition of Uhde GmbH by Fried. Krupp AG Hoesch-Krupp Uhde and Krupp-Koppers merge to form Krupp Uhde GmbH Krupp and Thyssen merge to form ThyssenKrupp AG Name changes back to Uhde GmbH Business year 2010 (Uhde Group) Order intake 1,497m Net sales 1,450m * Globally Equity capital 556.3m * 1) Europe

Employees ~5,300 - of which Uhde GmbH ~1,570 Engineering capacity 2,700 Asia Pacific Uhde group (total) 5,300 approx. 6.1 million engineering hours/year 1,400 1,200 Other Regions Employees worldwide including all subsidiaries and associates 1) preliminary * acc. to IFRS

Uhde Structure Group Organisation L. Jungemann A. Hoffmann Ammonia & Urea Urea Granulation Hydrogen & Nitrates Coke Plants Technologies Gas Technologies Electrolysis / Uhdenora Organics Chem. & Polymers Uhde Inventa Fischer Research & Development A. Hoffmann H. Knauthe H. Knauthe Dr. M. Thiemann L. Jungemann Business Lines Business Segments and Product

Divisions Dr. M. Thiemann Dr. M. Thiemann (Chairman) Oil & Gas Offsites & Utilities Executive Board J. Schnewolf J. Schnewolf ID258 Uhde Group Engineering Resources (x1000 mhrs / year) 2,320 Germany Uhde, Dortmund and Bad Soden OOO Uhde, Dzerzhinsk Uhde India, Mumbai, Pune 410 1,400 Uhde Eng. Egypt, Cairo 75

Uhde Shedden, Bangkok Uhde Shanghai 500 90 Uhde Shedden, Melbourne 650 Uhde, Johannesburg 350 Uhde Mxico, Mexico City 430 Steam Reformer Amine Treating Vacuum Distillation Distillation Vacuum Crude oil

Atmospheric Distillation Distillation Atmospheric Technology Portfolio Oil Refining, Lubes, Waxes, White Oils H2 Partial Oxidation Visbreaker Lt. Naphtha HDT C5 / C6 Isomerisation Hvy. Naphtha HDT Catalytic Reformer Kero-/MDHDS Kero-/MDHDA Ethylene / Propylene LPG LPG

Separation Aromatics Complex BTX Gasoline Pool Steam Cracker Butane Dehydrogen Butane Isomerisation Catalytic Polymerisation Sulphur Recovery VGO Hydrocracker C4 Selective Hydrogenation MTBE / ETBE Alkylation

VGO HDS FCC FCN Selective HDS Merox Treater Lube Hydrocracker Catalytic Dewax/Isom White Oil Hydrogenation Solvent Extraction Solvent Dewaxing Hydrogen Finishing Wax Hydroisomerisation Wax

Hydrogenation H2 Solvent Deasphalting Diesel / Gas Oil Technical / Medical White Oils Lube Oil Blending Residue HDT / HC Thermal Cracker/Coker Lube Oils Food Grade Wax Heavy Fuel Oil Coke Uhde Technology References / Licensed by Others

Technology Portfolio Aromatics and Derivatives Selective Hydrogenation Deheptaniser Pyrolysis Gasoline Depentaniser C5 C6 /C7 C5 Fraction Non-aromatics Benzene C8 Full Hydrogenation Toluene Column Extractive Distillation Reformate Splitter

Reformate (Catalytic Reformer) Benzene Column Toluene Fuel Gas Disproportionation Transalkylation p-Xylene p-Xylene Adsorption C8 Uhde Technology References / Licensed by Others o-Xylene Column Hydrorefining o-Xylene

Xylenes Splitter Coke Oven Light Oil Deheptaniser C7 Xylenes Isomerisation C9+, Aromatics, to Gasoline Pool Our Fields of Activities Oil Refining Crude Oil Processing Atmospheric Distillation Vacuum Distillation Catalytic Processing Hydrotreating Hydrodesulphurisation Isomerisation Catalytic Reforming Benzene Hydrogenation Fluid Catalytic Cracking Hydrocracking Alkylation, Dimerisation

Residue Desulfurization Ethers Methyl / Ethyl Tertiary Butyl / Amyl Ether (MTBE, ETBE, TAME, TAEE) Selective Hydrogenation Oxygenates Removal Di-Methyl Ether (DME) Oil Refining cont Hydrogen, Cracking, Gas Processing Hydrogen / Syngas Gas-to-Liquids (Product Upgrading) Gas treating and Merox Gas / LPG Separation Thermal Cracking, Visbreaking Bitumen and Asphalt Off-Site Facilities Lube Oils, Waxes and White Oils Solvent Extraction Propane Deasphalting Solvent Dewaxing Wax Deoiling Lube Oil Hydrofinishing Lube Oil Hydrocracking Hydro-Isomerisation Catalytic Dewaxing

Wax / White Oil Hydrogenation Lube Oil Blending Aromatics and Derivatives Extractive Distillation (BTX) Reformate Hydrogenation Pyrolysis Gasoline Hydrogenation Coke Oven Light Oil Hydrorefining Aromatics Processing Divided Wall Column Fractionation Styrene Extraction Benzene alkylation (Cumene) Green Energy Biofuels Ethanol Biodiesel Fatty Acids and Alcohols Carbon Capture Gasification (Petcoke/Coal/Biomass) Syngas Cleaning Shift Reaction CO2 Removal/Capture Hydrogen Purification Uhde Refining Group - Technology Partners Technology Partners

Downstream Capability Top class in-house technologies: Lube oils, waxes, aromatics, hydrogen, ethers Broad experience in key service areas: Concept Development: Grassroots refineries or individual units as well as brown-field revamps Performance Improvement Programs: Capacity Expansion; De-bottlenecking; Bottoms Upgrading; Octane Enhancement; Distressed Crude Processing Integration & Optimisation: Value Improvement Practices; Energy Conservation; Hydrogen Management; Clean Fuels Bio Fuels: Concept Studies to EPC contracting General EPC Contracting

Track Record in Oil Refining Uhde Oil Gas Refining has: o Designed and built the first Euro 4 compliance project (10 ppm Sulfur) at PCK Refinery Schwedt, Germany; o Realised 70% of Australian Clean Fuels and Refinery Performance Improvement Programs; o Delivered some 50 Middle Distillate and Gasoline HTUs in Europe and Asia since inception of international clean fuels programs with focus on Europe, Australia and India; o Realized Hydrogen plans with high reliability which support the smooth operation of Up-grader projects in Canada and Venezuela Project Life Cycle Services Concept Development Configuration / Feasibility Studies Refinery Modelling Technology and Licensor selection

After-Sales Service, Maintenance FEED LSTK Construction Management / Commissioning EP / EPC EPCM Project Management / Global Procurement, Expediting, Inspection Laboratory Testing / Licensing Basic Engineering Authority Engineering Detail Engineering Uhde Global Refining Selected Recent References

Crude Oil Processing and Refining Clean Fuels Hydrogen Aromatics Lube Oil & Waxes Ethers Bio Fuels Revamps References - Conceptual Design Grassroots Refinery

Customer: Location: Contract: Capacity: Technology: Scope: Soukhna Refinery and Petrochemicals Co. El Ain El Soukhna / Arab Republic of Egypt E 208,000 BPSD Shell Global Solutions, Axens In co-operation with project partner Foster Wheeler as well as with licensors Shell Global Solutions and Axens the conceptual design basis and an environmental memorandum for a grassroots refinery was developed. References - Refinery Expansion Feasibility study Synfuel s Growth Project Customer: Location: Contract: Capacity: Technology: Scope:

Sasol Secunda, South Africa E Axens, Uhde, Badger Debottlenecking studies for Temane gas plant, Mozambique. Extended basic engineering for Cumene plant, reducing benzene in gasoline. Uhde as Sasols engineering partner of the Sasol Growth Programme undertakes to revamp the two Secunda refineries and to engineer additional new clean fuels units. References - Atmospheric & Vacuum Distillation Customer: Location: Contract: Capacity: Commissioning: Scope: Customer: Location: PCK AG Schwedt/Germany Contract: Commissioning: EPCM 1997 Scope:

Capacity expansion of 4 crude distillation plants by 30% to 7 million t/year Wilhelmshavener Raffineriegesellschaft (WRG) Wilhelmshaven/Germany LSTK 13,000 t/day of atmospheric residue 2004 Vacuum distillation plant to recover vacuum gas oils through the further processing of atmospheric residues from crude oil processing References - Visbreaking Project: Location: Contract: Commissioning: Scope: Mangalore Refining Co. Mangalore, India E 2002 Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning assistance for Visbreaker units I & II as engineering partners to Toyo Eng. Co. References - Deep Thermal Gas Oil Unit (TGU) Customer: Location:

Contract: Capacity: Technology: Commissioning: OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH Schwechat, Austria EPCM 2,000 t/day of vacuum residue Shell Global Solutions 2009 Clean Fuels Track record References - Hydrodesulphurisation Customer: Location: Contract: Capacity: Technology: Commissioning: Scope: MOL Hungarian Oil & Gas Co. Ltd. Szazhalombatta/Budapest/Hungary LSTK 6,700 t/day of SR gas oil Haldor Topsoe 2004 Planning and erection of a grassroot new Diesel Desulphurisation Plant to produce ultra low sulfur diesel with a sulfur content of < 7 ppm based on Haldor Topsoe

technology on a lump sum turn key basis. References - Hydrodesulphurisation Customer: Location: Contract: Capacity: Lukoil Neftochim Bourgas AD Bourgas/Bulgaria EP 3,360 t/day of FCC-naphtha 4,990 t/day of gas oil Technology: Axens Prime-G Haldor Topsoe Commissioning: 2010 Scope: Construction of a new FCC naphtha and a new diesel desulphurisation plant for the production of gasoline and diesel fuel with a sulphur content of < 10 ppm Customer: Location: Contract: Capacity: Technology: Commissioning: Scope: Petrom S.A. Petrobrazi/Romania

EPC 2,125 t/day of FCC-naphtha Axens Prime-G 2009 Construction of a new FCC naphtha desulphurisation plant for the production of gasoline with a sulphur content of < 10 ppm References - Hydrodesulphurisation Customer: Location: Contract: Capacity: Technology: Scope: Caltex Lytton, QLD, Australia Conceptual, Feasibility, FEED, EPCM 25,000 BPSD diesel (<10ppm sulphur) H2 system; SRU; SWS; OSBLs DHT: Haldor Topsoe Uhde worked in an integrated team with Owner to develop the project & concept, optimise capacity, internal integration and with 3rdrd parties, evaluate & select licensors. References - Hydrogen Customer: Neste Oil Porvoo Refinery

Location: Porvoo, Finland Capacity: 153,500 Nm3/h of hydrogen Commissioning: 2006 Scope: Engineering, procurement, construction management. Capacity expansion to 178,000 Nm3/h underway. Customer: Customer: Location: Location: Capacity: Capacity: Commissioning: Commissioning: Scope: Scope: Bayernoil Bayernoil Neustadt/Donau, Neustadt/Donau,Germany Germany 3 91,000 91,000Nm Nm3/h /hof ofhydrogen

hydrogen 2008 2008 Engineering, Engineering,procurement, procurement, construction constructionmanagement management ID230 References - Hydrogen Customer: Customer: Location: Location: Capacity: Capacity: Commissioning: Commissioning: Koch-Glitsch Koch-GlitschA.S. A.S. Novopolotsk, Belarus Novopolotsk, Belarus 3 39,000 39,000m m3/h /hof

ofhydrogen hydrogen 2004 2004 Customer: Customer: Location: Location: Capacity: Capacity: Commissioning: Commissioning: Customer: SINCOR C.A. Location: Jose, Venezuela Capacity: 2 x 98,000 m3/h of hydrogen Commissioning: 2001 Scope: Turnkey Lump Sum Shell ShellCanada

CanadaLtd. Ltd. Fort FortSasketchewan, Sasketchewan,Canada Canada 3 22xx129,000 Nm /h Hydrogen 3 129,000 Nm /h Hydrogen 2002 2002 References - Aromatics extractive distillation Customer: Location: Contract: Capacity: Process: Commissioning: Shell Eastern Petroleum Singapore E 210,000 t/year of benzene Uhde MORPHYLANE 2010 Customer: Location:

Contract: Capacity: GCW Anshang I&S Group Co. Anshan/China E, P 100,000 t/year of benzene 20,000 t/year of toluene 8,000 t/year of xylenes Process: Uhde MORPHYLANE Commissioning: 2009 References Lube Oil Project: Location: Contract: Commissioning: Scope: Turkmenbashi Lube Refinery Turkmenbashi/Turkmenistan E 2001 Engineering and construction supervision of a new lubricating oil complex comprising the following plants: Vacuum distillation plant 1,500,000 t/year Furfural plant 240,000 t/year

MEK dewaxing plant 115,000 t/year Hydrofinishing plant 78,000 t/year Blending plant 80,000 t/year Loading and unloading station 80,000 t/year Intermediate storage tanks Vacuum distillation plant Furfural distillation plant References - Heavy Oil Hydrocracking and Direct Coal Liquefaction Customer: Location: Contract: Technology: Scope: Ruhr Oil GmbH GelsenkirchenGermany Design Package Veba Combi Cracker (VCC) Technology Development project executed in close collaboration with the BP Engineering Team in a common task force at Uhde Bad Soden Office.

References - Biofuels Customer: Thai Oleochemicals Co. and Thai Fatty Alcohols Co. Location: Map Ta Phut, Thailand Capacity: 200,000 t/year of methyl ester (biodiesel) 100,000 t/year of fatty alcohol Commissioning: 2007/2008 Scope: Engineering, supply of all materials and equipment, construction and supervisory services References - Revamps Customer: Location: Contract: Capacity: Technology: Scope: Mobil Altona, VIC, Australia FEED, EPCM 25,000 BPSD diesel (<10ppm sulphur) H2 system; SRU; SWS; OSBLs Benzene Hydrogenation: CD-Tech Hydrodesulphurisation: ExxonMobil Existing unit was de-mothballed and modified for

catalytic hydrogenation of diesel and a new benzene reduction unit installed for gasoline product. Revamp included modification/upgrades to existing refinery units, utilities and OBL facilities Uhde Oil Refinery Projects Site-Seeing More than 450 refining plants built by Uhde on all continents Crude Oil Processing CDU, VDU 50 plants Ethers - MTBE / ETBE / TAEE / DME 30 plants Olefines and Solvents Hydrotreating / -desulphurisation 55 plants Lube Oil Processing 43 plants Other Process and Offsites 45 plants 70 plants Hydrocracking and FCC Reforming and Isomerisation 20 plants Wax and White Oil Processing

35 plants Aromatics 7 plants Hydrogen, Steam Reforming 20 plants 75 plants Studies more than 120 studies Uhdes Refinery BDH Technology The route to acid-free alkylation Alkylation Plant Replacement goals HF acid carries many HSE issues and costs H2SO4 better, but only a matter of degree! Need a non-acid route to 98 RONC gasoline Oligomerisation cant convert butane, isobutane

New refinery applications to avoid acid alkylation process Existing refinery retro-fits to replace acid alkylation units Existing refinery gasoline pool octane uplift Uhde Refinery BDH Alkylation Plant Avoidance for new refineries Convert (all) butanes and propane to butenes and propylene Install Refinery BDH (simplified Uhde STAR process) Install new Oligomerisation plant Integration with FCC gas plant

No HF/H2SO4! No decaying alkylation unit reaction sections No more acid logistics/effluents/hazards/insurance! Uhde Refinery BDH Alkylation Plant Replacement w/ Refinery BDH Re-use HF and H2SO4 Alkylation feed preparation hardware Convert (all) butanes and propane to butenes and propylene Refinery BDH (simplified Uhde STAR process) New oligomerisation plant Re-use old Cat Poly units Integrate with FCC gas plant & debutanisers No more HF/H2SO4! No more decaying reaction sections No more acid logistics/effluents/hazards/insurance! Uhde Refinery BDH simplified STAR process Example Process Configuration (C3) / C4 Raffinate DIB BDH FCC

gas plant Gasoline Oligomerisation FCC Main Fractionator Ovhd - Oligomerisation e.g. Axens Polynaphtha - Gasoline RON ~98, MON ~83 - Oligomerisation liquid yield approx. 89% Gasoline, 11% Kerosene Middle Distillates Upstream Capabilities A Global Business Oil Sands Processing, Canada Gas Plant Upgrade, Mozambique Gas Processing Plant, Australia Production Topsides, Thailand Gas Processing Plant, Vietnam FPSO Conversion, Singapore Upstream Capabilities From Planning to Production Field Development Planning

Concept Studies Front End Design Project Delivery Key Clients Thank You

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