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Exams - What to expect - stfrancis.cc

Exams What to expect What to bring You should always bring two BLACK BALL POINT pens to your exams and general stationery i.e. eraser/ruler/pencils etc. If your exam allows the use of a calculator you can bring one with you (we do supply one for you but you may prefer to use your own). It is your responsibility to ensure that nothing is stored in the memory. If you need any drawing materials for your exam

you MUST bring these with you What to bring You may bring highlighters to highlight key points in QUESTIONS but you must NOT write your answers in highlighter or gel pen You may bring water into your exam with you. It MUST be in a small clear plastic bottle with the label REMOVED (no fizzy pop will be allowed in the exam room) What not to take with you Mobile phones

iPods/mp3 and 4 players/smartwatches Watches (You will be asked to take them off and put them on your desk) Headphones No potential technological/web enabled sources of information.

These items must be turned OFF and handed to an Invigilator when you enter the exam room. Only clear pencil cases are allowed in the exam room and no calculator covers or glasses cases. Any outdoor coats, jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, including denim and leather jackets. Where to stand For exams in the New Hall, please wait in the tunnel. Gym Hall please wait in the Bridge Hall. Any other rooms please wait outside the room

until you are asked to enter. Seating plans are displayed on the Exams notice board in the Bridge Hall. You should be quiet and listen to all instructions given to you. If you dont know where you are sitting If you dont know where you are sitting you can find this out by looking on the Exams notice board in the Bridge Hall .

DO NOT go into the exam room until you know where you are sitting. Your names will be called out (a row at a time) and individual names cards are on each desk. If you have lost your timetable you must get a replacement from Mrs Burgess. Behaviour- As you enter the exam rooms. As soon as you enter the exam rooms you will be under exam conditions.

This means absolute silence. You should not signal or make any attempt to communicate with another student, this includes turning round. You will have had time to wish each other luck whilst waiting to be called into the exam room. Behaviour- In the exam hall When you are sitting your exam you should remain silent

You should not turn around this will be taken as an attempt to cheat You should not make eye contact with any other student If you require help you should raise your hand and an invigilator will assist you Behaviour In the exam hall Under no circumstances should you get out of your seat without permission.

When you leave the exam room you will do so in silence. There may still be students working. You must remain under exam conditions until you have collected your belongings and have left the exam area this applies to walking across the quad as exams may still be running in the Gym, and when you leave via main reception, exams may still be running in St Anthonys. What to do if the fire alarm goes off If the fire alarm goes off you must await instruction from the invigilator

You must not get up until told to do so The time remaining will be paused and will resume when you re-enter the exam room You must remain in silence at all times, during external exams our assembly point will be on the field. During mocks we join the rest of the school on top yard. What to do if you have any problems

You should raise your hand and an invigilator will approach you You must talk quietly to the Invigilator The Invigilator cannot help you answer a question or explain anything about question to you. Please make sure you go to the toilet before you enter the exam room, you are only allowed to leave the exam once it has started in extreme circumstances and you will have to be supervised by Mrs Burgess (No one should leave the exam

hall within the first hour of the exam, unless there is a serious medical problem ). What time should I get to my exam? You should be lined up outside the correct hall/room 15 minutes BEFORE the start time of your exam. Please make sure you ALWAYS check your FINAL timetable to confirm the correct start time (the provisional timetable you receive in February is for checking exams and dates only times are highly likely to change) Policies and exams

documents All policies and data protection information can be found on Firefly and the school website under Examinations. These pages will also include an overview of the main exam timetable and information regarding the collection of results and other useful exam information. LASTLY Any issues, problems and/or concerns please see Mrs Burgess straight away.

Try to relax and stay calm. GOOD LUCK!!

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